Saturday, November 20, 2004

NOT Moving Right Along...Apparently.

Most of the content in this post was deleted due to unacceptable concentration of bullshit per hundred words as well as gratuitous violence and a general irrelevance to anything of importance.

P.S. If anyone is interested in developing tremendous skills, pushing the boundaries of the possible and generally becoming a more effective human being, join The Builders of The Adytum and take their lessons course. It goes on for years and it has had the single greatest transforming effect on me. Many abilities I possess have come through following their direction You will thank me later. It will change your life. If the idea of The Western Mystery Tradition is not for you then I suggest the course on Kriya Yoga from The Self Realization Fellowship. Either of these will enhance your life and guide you through the dark days that may lie ahead. Both of them can be found online. If you are anywhere near Lakemont Georgia then stop in at the Center for Spiritual Research and spend some time with Roy Eugene Davis. Take a look at what right livelihood will do for you. If you are anywhere near Edmonton drop in and see John De Ruiter. Also both online. There are good teachers around. Go find one.


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