Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fascinating Things You won't Hear About on TV

I imagine you have heard of Ripley’s “Believe it or Not”, possibly even the companion volume, “Stranger than Fiction”. Then there’s that line from Shakespeare about more things in heaven and Earth than Heraclites ever dreamed of in his speculations. Jesus, as The Christ, says at one point, “In my Fathers house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

Those of you raised in the Christian religion are raised to worship Jesus as a thing apart. Even when you are told about having Jesus in your heart, it is always as if it were a force apart; something greater and cleaner than you will ever be. Oh sure, you can aspire to it but you can’t get there. However, Jesus said, “Call me not Master, for a servant does not know what a master is about. Rather call me ‘friend’”. He was good enough to also say, “Greater things than I have done you shall do, for I go now unto my father,”

It’s funny how you get different impressions of Jesus the Christ. It’s further amazing how people who purport to represent Christ can behave so badly; so very un-Christ-like. Certainly it requires a amazing amount of self-deception to be able to define G.W. Bush, Gerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and so many others as having even the remotest connection to the ‘real’ Jesus Christ. It does seem as if everything is turned upside down. Black is made to appear white, up is made to appear down, shit is served as caviar; but of course it is served warm. I suppose it’s not such an impossible feat to teach yourself to believe that it isn’t shit and that it does taste like caviar. After all, look at the people you’ve accepted as being representative of Christ. There’s no difference here.

“By their works ye shall know them.”

There are people walking around on this planet; they look like me and you and they’ve been here for centuries. There are people who can perform feats that are truly astounding. It’s nothing for them. There’s a clue in that last sentence. Perhaps you have heard about the need to be kind to the poor and unfortunate. Maybe you have heard the phrase about “treating with angels unaware” A great majority of us would be extremely surprised to find that the world that we live in is nothing like it appears to be. Dragons, vampires, werewolves... oh, they’re definitely around... you just don’t recognize them as such.

Many men dream about being in the company of beautiful women; dream about having their hands on them. Some men are able to achieve this with ease. This is not to say that they do so, just that it is abundantly and freely available. Often these men are not rich, or powerful, or even good looking. It’s a secret that hides in plain sight. Of course, beauty...hmmm what’s that? There are quite some secrets hiding in plain sight.

Real love, as abundant as it is in the universe, is in scarce supply in the usual human interactions and applications. Most people don’t even know what it is. Everyone has felt it at some point. And some feel it more than others. It seems as if we’d all like to be in Love and be surrounded by Love; be drunk on Love, but... it costs too much. You say otherwise but, in fact, if it did not ‘appear’ to cost too much you would be deeply in Love right now. There really isn’t anything like it and every effort, witting or no, is directed toward getting it.

If you’ve ever been in the presence of a spiritual master there are certain things that are common to all of them; to all of them who are genuine. They seem to get along with everyone in a way that none of the rest of us are able (or willing) to. And they seem to have no personal history. Sure they had a personal history but it’s not in their minds or on their lips. They’re here now, not there now.

One thing they no longer are; since becoming (or recognizing) a Master- is whatever they thought they were before. They woke up in a particular way and were finally able to step back, to take a back seat, so to speak. Strangely, this also served to put them front and center (in some cases) as well.

Most of these people are capable of doing all sorts of marvelous things. Yet they seldom choose to. You would hardly catch most of them combing their hair like Donald Trump; except in the very strange case of Krishnamurti. Mind you, there are a great many imposters out there. Some actually believe their own bullshit and some are hyperaware of what they are about.

Let’s say you wanted to get next to the secret fountain. We’ve all got a wellspring within. Finding the portal, saying the magic words, walking the lonesome mile- that’s where we fall short or lack the direction sheet. Well, there are portals aplenty. The martial arts can be a portal; the occult sciences, religion, sex, knowledge (Faust anyone?), Love, selfless effort, self inquiry, constant remembrance... All of these are a portal AND a blind. There are others as well. Love is the recommended way in some combination with another, or by itself. For, though you can do without any of the others, you can’t do without Love.

Now, it’s possible, if you knew what you were doing, to effect the necessary changes in a mere 90 days or thereabouts. We generally take longer than that and, in the mass estate, MUCH longer.

Isn’t it interesting that, inasmuch as wonders and miracles abound, inasmuch as magic is a living reality; let’s call it the practical application of Love into the manifest realm (when it’s on the positive end...) Isn’t it amazing that it’s not on TV? Why is so much of what is on TV so banal and humiliating to the human estate? Might that be its job? It’s the monkey in the mirror isn’t it? It’s the constant distracting of the mind away from self contemplation. Entertainment is an escape away from the one thing that is truly entertaining. We hear about the riddle, the enigma that is life. It can be known but it cannot be said. It can be indicated but it can’t be directly pointed at. It’s there but it isn’t there but... but...

The real question any sane person should have is; why does it hurt?

I wish with all of my heart that I could transfer what I feel directly into every waiting heart. This doesn’t mean I don’t hurt sometimes. But I am certain I hurt far, far less than most people. But I know why it hurts. If you know why it hurts you can stop the hurt. You know where the hurt is and what is hurting. You know what that ‘what’ is.

You might be surprised to know that your hurting is a very important part of the economy. The belief that you can die is an enormous cash cow; fear of death, fear of injury, fear of the truth and fear of anything are big money makers. I don’t suppose I have to address appetite do I? Fear and appetite; you will see ‘them’ addressed on TV. But when it comes to the truth and all the good things in God’s treasure chest; why are the proponents all wearing Donald Trumps hair? Why are they such terrific liars? ...such incomparable hypocrites? Isn’t the truth wonderful enough? Then why lie? Think about it... cui bono.

Hey, we’re not going to find out something new later on. It’s just like Mr. Ecclesiastics said a long time ago. What is profound and wonderful is not locked up in a safety deposit box in Switzerland. The most incredible wealth, power- you name it- if it’s fabulous- if it is truly valuable- it is locked up inside of you. Yeah, yeah, you heard it all before. Yeah, yeah, you know, YOU KNOW! I don’t know...ah yeah, there’s that riddle, that enigma again.

And you know, all the time you’ve been reading this, you’ve been missing something on TV.

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