Thursday, December 02, 2004

If You Can't See It, Does that Mean It Isn't There?

I forget who said it, maybe Cronwell, maybe Paracelsus, though probably both. Whatever they ‘actually’ said it was probably something like, “you’re surrounded by fortunes you can’t identify”, or, “within a few feet of you lies something you could turn into a fortune if you could recognize it”, or “men throw away as worthless the thing of ultimate value.” Now I made these saying up so the quotes are probably unnecessary but just in case I got lucky with remembering, what the Hell.

When I refer to ‘a fortune’ I am meaning both physical and metaphysical. I doubt any of us makes it through a day without hearing someone complain about something. People complain all the time. I complain, get frustrated, kick the family dog (just kidding) and demean my own capacity for success by naysaying it. We all do. It’s human nature in the way it has been developed in a world of seeming problems and obstacles to success. Few among us possess that rigorous, patient tenacity that just keeps going.

We’re surrounded by failures and the evidence of bad magicians. Everything is magic. Unfortunately so much of it is bad and therefore it seems to possess no magic at all, but it does.

The wonders of technology are magic. Sadly, so much technology is devoted to creating armies of drones who are sacrificed on the wheel of privilege. We have the capacity to translate the world into Eden but we lack the morality and wisdom to groove it in the best interest of all. Make no mistake; there is certainly a cabal of powerful individuals who work to keep humanity enslaved and in darkness. It’s a high profit item. Now whether all of these individuals are all members of the same club, or whether they have a concentrated plan that is relentlessly preformed is not at issue. It could be there are many cabals, unconnected. It could be that the enslaving darkness is ubiquitous in every heart and mind to varying degrees and by degrees susceptible to the machinations of the profiteers. The point is, in one fashion or another it is so. Take a look around. That is something you can certainly see in action, even if you can’t identify motives and source.
You don’t have to know how lightning kills you to be aware that it can.

Everywhere in the midst of this confining, preferentially regulated monster that eats its servants and its young, lay portals to freedom. Everywhere there are exits and entrances into another state. We can’t see them though can we? How often are we caught in circumstances we cannot see our way out of? And why is that? Why does architecture work against the natural passage of living harmony? Why is alcohol king? Why do most doctors treat symptoms and not causes? Why is there so much red tape in the way? If frustration, rage and desperation are more abundant that sand then what’s the purpose of it? It’s some kind of milk from mad cows isn’t it? Who drinks it?

Every human practices the same miraculous form of continuous creation that is applied by the divine. We do it every day but we do it wrong. It’s not like anything is wrong with the principles. The principles are sound. It’s the way we do it. We get perfect results; we just get the wrong ones. Our conscious minds are image generating engines. These images are dropped into a well. Call it the subconscious. Think of your self as a factory. At the top level are the executives who determine WHAT will be made. Then there are the draftsmen and technicians who sketch out the patterns for the product, who determine the elements of which the product will be composed and in what amounts and combinations. Then there is the foundry where the engines move and the steam, or electricity or whatever the power may be, are applied to the process of fabricating the physical result. The completed product is then shipped to the showroom that is the life you live. Everything comes into being this way. You can now look at the results of what your image generation has conceived.

So where is the problem? The problem must obviously lie in the types of images we are creating. We must be creating the wrong images if the results are not what we actually want. Who is responsible for this? Is it just that we don’t know any better? Are we unclear as to what we want? Is it because this is the way we always did it? Is someone lying to us? Are we lying to ourselves... and to our associates and friends and to our children? Look at the world. Look at history. Think about it.

You’ve heard of meditation. Maybe you know what it is and maybe you don’t. I want to tell you that whether you do or not you practice it all the time. You just don’t practice it consciously. Even when we think that we are trying our hardest we are often unaware of the things we do which continue to guarantee our failure. After awhile it’s just the wheel going round repeating. There isn’t anything new. Most people are just playing a tape over and over. Life is no longer being lived. It is just being repeated.

Now, it doesn’t matter if there are bad men doing your programming. It doesn’t matter if the devil made you do it. It doesn’t matter if it is entities from the inner planes. There are arguments for and proponents of all of these excuses. The point is that not only do you practice exactly the same processes that God does; you also have as much power as God in a relative way as regards your own life. If you take control of the process then nothing and no one can stop you. I guarantee this. I’m not sure that my guarantee is the imprimatur you are looking for but you got it anyway.

The key is, once you have started generating positive images, persistence. It is law that where ruts have been made the cart tends to fall back into them. You have to pull the cart out of the ruts over and over until you have made new ruts. As much as habit can work against change it can also ensure change. Nearly every one who fails manages to quit right at the critical point of transition. You have to persevere. Life is full of the examples of people who have done this. There’s just no reason that you can’t do it too.

Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve. Some things may take longer but the result is certain. Even where one life is not enough, you will find you are right where you were, maybe even a little more ahead and more favorably assisted, in the next go. It starts here. Sure it’s hard. But think of the joy and satisfaction as you see your world change; as you see the whole world change around you.

It doesn’t matter whose fault it was and it doesn’t matter what seems to stand in your way. You want to be one of The Beatles? You want to solve the mystery of cancer? You want to comprehend and apply the law of electro-magnetism? You want to fly? What do you want? Let’s get it done.


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