Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Chattering Monkeys in the Stationary Trees.

Well, here we are again; somebody writing and somebody reading and somebody thinking. Next thing you know somebody says something to someone else and complexity ensues; funny thing complexity, it all comes out of something too simple to ever explain or expound upon. One can talk around the thing forever; many people do.

There is so much talk. And sure, we can consider this just more of it. I used to read a lot of different people, trying to get a handle on what was happening. I found a few resources that never disappointed me and, as time passed, most everything else has become chatter. Some of it is beautiful chatter and some of it is convoluted arcane chatter and some of it is agenda driven chatter. Eventually most of the chatter just falls into the backdrop of the hum underneath. Some of the chatter crystallizes into temples and institutions which promote specific chatter for the benefit of those seeking some sort of a home in the midst of the ongoing change that is life. Unfortunately, life being what it is, no home can be more than a temporary location. It’s good to get some fuel if you’ve found such a rest spot. One hopes that fuel doesn’t add confusion to the next stage of the journey.

I’ve formed the opinion that chatter is basically irrelevant to anything meaningful. Leaning on a more powerful personality is a carry over from early dependencies of our childhood when we had the idea of protection from the elements in our parents, or whatever gave us some idea of safe harbor. But the ship sails eventually, doesn’t it? We find we are on our own, sailing through a world of dreams we can’t seem to wake up from. Eventually we reach an age where we have wound up somewhere, puzzled, reflecting back, wondering how we wound up where we did and why. Death looms. For many the television and radio, or any number of chatter mechanisms are employed throughout the day as a distraction from looming death.

We had this life; we went there, we did that, we worked or skated, had and lost relationships, or wished we could have lost them. What did it all mean? It’s a curious phenomenon. There are very few people for whom the intention to solve life’s mystery is preeminent over available distractions. For those in whom such intensity burns there is always the greater distraction of setting themselves up as captain of the ship; the need to play daddy or mommy on a grand scale.

What I’ve found is that you have to meet someone along the way. Try to think of yourself as a house in a neighborhood. Seen from above, in the night, each house is different depending on the degree and quality of light emanating from it. A certain light is attractive to the watcher above. In business, certain people stand out according to their energy and intelligence. These people are earmarked for promotion. Quite often as they progress they are faced with tests that challenge their inherent morality. Ambition is very important too. Ambition is usually not associated with morality; of course we might be at pains to determine the definition of morality- but let’s say morality is what is generally accepted as being the right thing to do. This may not be the most helpful choice when advancing in business. So, if you’re interested in meeting someone then you need to be concerned with the quality of your light.

Religion and all of the new constructs that are emerging as alternatives would also be businesses. Either an organization prospers or grows or it dies. So many people feel that it is important to disseminate the truth they have found. One wonders how the truth managed before their arrival. Maybe you have heard the name Sanat Kumara. He has alternatively been called, ‘The Planetary Logos’, ‘The Ancient of Days’, it’s said he came from Venus. I won’t be getting into all of the history associated with the name. You can google that. What I want to do is create an image. Let’s say that this Sanat Kumara is the grand body of aggregate humanity in which each one of us is a cell. Think of your own body. If you think of your foot you instantly feel it. If you think of any part of your body your mind goes to that location. There are power centers in your body; your brain, your heart, your abdominal brain, your sex organs. Each of these could be considered a virtual city of cells with a specific intelligence that rules that zone. If you think about it you can see where one city might be in opposition to another. Wars could take place between these cities over differing goals. We all know people where one city seems preeminent. We shed cells in every location every day. A process of refinement is taking place. Life is growing itself.

Many of us find ourselves in cities that are uncomfortable for us, or perhaps where ‘the thrill is gone’. You would think that the idea of migration to another city might be attractive. There are problems with that though. Maybe you don’t know anyone there. Maybe you don’t know where to go. This brings us to things like faith and determination. If you don’t grow, you will die. Of course, consonant with this are many good arguments that will tell you, you can find everything where you are; don’t worry it will all come to you, when the pupil is ready the master is waiting; that sort of thing.

I’ll tell you what I think. I think you have to try very hard so that the light of your sincere intensity will attract someone who may be watching. I think you strive and aspire and do not quit; because nothing, NOTHING is so very important as this. You try and you try and then you surrender. There’s a dynamic. You can’t just surrender without having struggled. I don’t know, off hand, of any teachers who did, or that they got very far.

It is certain that your struggle will lead you to a place where, for a time, nothing will make sense. In this place may be feelings of despair and desolation. It’s been referred to as The Dark Night of the Soul, among other things. I can tell you that you don’t need to join any organizations, although you may pass through many on your search. I tell you that many opportunities to stop searching will appear in ever newly emergent guises. I can tell you that it is impossible to fail if you do not give up and that when you must give up you will still be uncertain but it will turn out well.

We do not know how consistently we are watched. We are not in a position to know this. That is why faith is so important. Unless we get past the chatter we will not go anywhere. We may even begin to chatter ourselves. How can one distinguish one monkey from another in a forest of chattering monkeys?

Real teachers are out there. They fill every need and are specific to each personality. Frauds wait in every location along the way. Someone has set themselves up to chatter at every location. This is a world of magic and fun house mirrors; a labyrinth of boxwoods; a place of many faces. Because the essential light of divine intelligence is seated in every human heart, though- for purposes of demonstration- the journey seems to be outward, it is always moving in two directions at once and will arrive simultaneously in both of them at the given moment.

You can’t actually get lost but you can think you are. You can’t actually die but you can think you do. Focusing of the mind and controlling thought is key; opening the heart to an ever greater Love is key. All of the challenges that beset as a result of this effort are for the purpose of strengthening. You would never survive the winds higher up without strengthening.

I like to think of weaving the chatter together and making pleasant musical nonsense out of it. If you can imagine that something has everything under control and that your job is to play the conductor in terms of harmonizing your life, you won’t go far wrong. Of course you won’t actually be conducting but it will look like it… (Grin).

Love blends everything into one. The mind attempts to divide the unity. It’s fairly simple until it becomes complex. It’s always simple again though, so long as one is capable of resolving back into the love when they realize the emergent complexity has resurfaced again. Watch this particular feature in your heart and mind and see what you think.

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