Sunday, May 29, 2005

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose- Part One.

One of the strange ironies of life is in how the simplicity becomes so complex. Even stranger is how we can go through permutations of the same thing over and over again and continue to be deceived, not just day after day but lifetime after lifetime.

We have the mind and the emotions, reason and desire. The emotions are in the mind though we seem to experience them in the chest and visceral area; perhaps other locations as well. Why is it that we don’t know what’s going on when it is going on right in front of us? Why can we not step outside of ourselves, step apart from our feelings and reactions and view with dispassion our circumstances and surroundings? Why do people fail to see; refuse to see, insist and prohibit, control and punish, demand and destroy?

Although there are certainly more than 2 worlds, for the sake of argument, I am going to deal with two. There is also very good argument that no worlds exist at all; that everything is mind- but lets not concern ourselves with that right now.

Two worlds; one is ruled by what we would call The Devil and his/her agents. The other is ruled by God and his/her agents. One is the deceiver into bondage and the other is the liberator from. They are both the same force. This is why, in The Lord’s Prayer we ask, “Lead us not into temptation.” The worlds interpenetrate and may simultaneously be the same place while appearing to be one or the other to those so disposed. As I have said before; The Devil is God in the way that he appears to the wicked. You are of course familiar with the phrase, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

Donald Trump; Rupert Murdock, David Rockefeller, The Bush Family, members of Bilderberger, scads of celebrities and pornographers of all stripes, merchants, stockbrokers, doctors, priests and lawyers- the list is enormous... all work for some aspect of The Devil’s corporation- “you got to serve somebody”. This corporation is a living thing and it is sensitive to your every thought, word and deed. It is a living web with a spider at the center that is intimately aware of everything that takes place upon the web. One of the names for this web is The Sub-Matrix. Some might call it Maya.

One often sees images of Buddha within a lotus, upon a lily pad. The root of the plant rises out of the murk below yet rests above it, untouched. We have heard the phrase, “in the world but not of it.” We have heard some form of the phrase, “Where your heart is, there your treasures are also.” We’ve heard a lot of things, seen a lot of movies; live in a movie but don’t recognize the fact; watch life unfold in its timeless outworking of the same moral tale within a million rooms where the furniture is different. There is only one life.

We’ve heard some permutation of the phrase about how wide the highway is that leads to destruction and how narrow is the path that leads to life and how few there are that find their way. We actually see it taking place in front of us; hear about it on the radio, see it on TV, watch it passing in the streets, live surrounded by it and just don’t seem to see it or make the connection.

We have observed History and seen what terrible things leaders have done with the support of the people and often without the support of the people or with the support of some of the people. It is very clear what was right and wrong. The exact same thing is taking place in front of us right now but we don’t see it. The behavior of people in private and in public and upon the highways; in the workplace, at recreational pursuits and in organized forms of worship display many a peculiar pathology; one thing we often see is that people are not paying attention even while they appear to be paying attention.

People do not see, they do not recognize, interpret or compute anything except in terms of what they value and what they want. They have formed themselves into advertisements for what they want. Why do they want it? They don’t know. It’s going to hurt though.

If one observes life impartially and objectively for any length of time they come to inescapable conclusions but... Unless one is honest with themselves and interested in the truth regardless of what it may require of them, they won’t see truth; but that should go without saying.

It becomes patently clear that life is a game; a movie, a labyrinth-maze, a puzzle, a living Rubic’s Cube- something designed for discovery and solution. Most people stop looking or inquiring once they have found what they think they were looking for. At one end of life you have a force with a pitchfork prodding you on toward someone you can’t see waiting in the heights beyond.

The whole psycho drama is God playing hide and seek with himself; you looking for yourself. All romantic love is- is about you thinking you have discovered yourself in another- and boy that hurts too. None of this would work without the whole of it interacting as it does. One of the biggest concerns and sources of confusion is, “Why does it hurt?” We’ve heard that pain is educative. It is also instructive. Perhaps you are going the wrong way? Pain may well be a warning. Everything is designed to lead you to freedom and bliss. Most everyone fights the process. That is why it hurts. Sanity is actually insane. What appears to be madness is sanity. Nothing is worth having- you will lose it all. Everyone will betray you. You will be dishonored and slandered if you tell the truth and you will be honored and elevated if you lie, steal, murder and betray. I’m laughing as I write this.

But it’s so and you can’t really defend yourself against any of it. Wise souls have uniformly kept out of sight knowing this. Of course, sometimes you have a job and there is no avoiding the consequences. But, it is a game; the game is fixed and so, no matter what appears to happen you are going to be fine, depending. Depending on what I shouldn’t have to explain.

Yes Sodom and Gomorrah are Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Yes, the things you saw on that bad acid trip were actually there; every bit as much as what you see otherwise. The problem is in your perception of where the power lies. It appears to reside outside you and so you give fealty and allegiance to the infernal side of the power equation. It actually resides within you and so nothing has any power over you. So it comes down to this; what do you need to convince you? As I mentioned about Ceremonial Magic in a recent piece- it is all about convincing yourself that you are sincere. It is all about convincing yourself that something is real. Do you need to be raised from the dead? Do you need to be cured of cancer? Do you have to go to prison or be brought in front of Pilate? What do you need?

Do you need to be convinced of the ramifications of being rich; or beautiful, or powerful, or celebrated? Do you need to ‘be’ Elvis? His doing it wasn’t enough? You are going to get what you need. And it is going to hurt.

Not the slightest detail is overlooked. Every single event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may appear, is a personal interaction between you and God. Your turn will come, your time will come; you don’t need to hurt yourself in the frenzy of persistence to possess or achieve. Learn to be graceful. Learn to dance. Most importantly remember that you are always on camera. Would that change the things you say and do if it were a fact? It is...


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