Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Walking Along the Rim and Watching the Water Swirl Below

Sometimes you don’t have anything to say and you’re sort of typing that out and thinking about where that might lead, whether you will have a sudden inspiration that starts to spin across the surface of your mind like a dust dervish, which, when seen from above reveals an intricate pattern across the landscape, or... whether you’ll go right on randomly talking about how you’ve got nothing to say.

I wander around the internet each day according to a particular route I take which brings me ‘actual’ news as opposed to what most people get and also into the personal realm of emails and online responses to tracks I made somewhere or exploding fewmits I might have left in the path like unfortunate landmines. Before long I’ve seen whatever there is to see and it wasn’t much. You don’t get a tsunami everyday but they come around now and then. People are always dying in ugly ways because of their appetites or hallucinations created for them by the puppet-masters. The Empire of Rome is at hand again and Valens and Valentinus and all the rest of the lineage are reincarnating into the empty shells of something called cheney or bush or rumsfield.

We’ve improved on the technology but the personnel are no better than they ever were. You know, one thing that always intrigues me is; why, -with the wonderful examples of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and other exceptional souls- don’t more people seek to emulate them? Why don’t more people seek inspiration before they create? Why don’t more artists invoke the higher imagination and the angelic muses whose job it is to provide the vision they might transmit?

I’ve mentioned often enough that life is a dream and that most people are moving through it without any idea of what’s happening, where they are going or who they are... yet on they go. You can see it’s a dream. You can catch yourself dreaming inside it. You can feel the pull of the currents as if you were actually in the ocean. You can hear the voices and feel the vibrations and you can sink into the peace or you can run into the midst of the chaos and the madness; screaming out your own name, screaming out the name of another, screaming out the name of a demon you have turned into a God, screaming out the name of a leader or a country or a race or just screaming without knowing why.

For me it constantly comes back to the same few things; why am I doing this? Is it important? Who am I? Where am I going? What is this? Is it real? What is the purpose of this vast orchestration? There are always variations upon a theme but it’s mostly like that. To me, as I wander, it is like moving through a vast mental institution. I see people sticking their hands into fires and screaming. I see people eating pieces of each other. I see insanity at work on all sides. I see those who are caught in their madness and those whose madness is to manipulate the madness of others; to instill madness for profit, to teach madness, sell madness and explain madness so that it seems rational.

All that technology and the personnel just haven’t changed. They say that’s what sunk Atlantis. Humanity had achieved a great understanding of certain forces- The Lemurian Sun Disk was operative and electro-magnetics was a source of power beyond anything we presently suspect... but the personnel hadn’t evolved. If the personnel doesn’t gain a greater sense of humanity and empathy and perception then they will kill themselves with the technology.

Right now we have a leader in the White House who was not duly elected either time; whose handlers are responsible for an attack on his own country and who is making war on the citizens of his own country, who went to war against another country for what are now known to be lies; The Downing Street Memo shows that he planned and intended the whole thing along with the head of another country. Well I could go on- the crimes are huge and various- but I won’t. All of this is known and proven and yet...”merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” People say, “If that was true then everyone would know about it.” That makes me laugh when I think about all the things people don’t know about. The things people do not know are enormously larger than what they do. And even when you hold the truth out in your hands they say, “It didn’t happen.” You show them film and they say “It’s a lie.” You explain and they stick their fingers in their ears and sing, “nyah, nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you.”

You hear about conspiracy theorists and tin foil hats. What’s most surprising here is that conspiracies go on all the time. It is common knowledge that people conspire with each other; to make money, to gain power, to punish others. It is obvious that media sources conspire to fix the news. It is observable at any hour of any day and they get caught out every day. It is obvious that leaders conspire and lie. Bush has just been caught at those very things in black and white. History shows great evidence of cabals and plots and all manner of goings on. History is just the record of what we passed through on our way here. Did it suddenly change? Vietnam was based on lies. Iraq is based on lies. But- but- on it goes. Why? ...Because people are asleep and dreaming.

How do you wake up? Well, first you have to want to wake up. Most people do not want to wake up because everything they want is ‘in’ the dream. Let’s say you want to wake up. You would have to get to a state of consciousness that was awake. Well, there are lights burning in certain locations; they burn forever. They are self-generating and self aware. You have to get their attention so that they will tap you with their wand. Some say you can do it on your own. It only looks like that. One way or another, somebody has to set the match to the candle and that can only be someone whose fire is already lit. Otherwise, where would they get the fire? It can be said that it is you yourself who light the candle. However, I submit, you did not know that until afterwards; even if at that point, time ceased in respect of the ordinary separations we are accustomed to; past, present, future.

One way to get attention is to cry out. Of course, crying out can attract predators. One form of crying out is prayer. Another is meditation. Another is focused chanting. Another is relentless good works practiced without a desire for return. Another is austerity. Another is focused surrender. These things generate a vibration that attracts those whose attention is set for that discovery.

If you take off all your clothes and go running down the street you will attract attention. If you walk funny or talk too loud, lie down in the street or jump off a building, you will attract attention. It will be negative attention. Some people associate this form of attention with love. You want to watch out for this sort of people (grin). Everything that people do on a more base or terrestrial level has it’s counterpart in the higher octave; “as above, so below, for the performance of the miracles of the one thing.”

If you are not where you would choose to be, make the right kind of noise and wait. Don’t go setting off if you don’t know where you are to begin with, unless... you have a sense of something we shall leave unspoken. Begin to tell yourself where you are bound. Imagine it. Imagination builds things out of the same substance that everything is made out of. And one way or another, imagination- or the glaring lack of it (and that would still qualify as imagination) - built it all.

If you want anything anticipate it. There is nothing denied to you. The trick is in wanting the right thing. Once you get the right thing then everything else is available anyway in its right usefulness. Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. As above so below- you have to bother God just like you do anyone you want a favor from. But you should want the right thing. Not just because it’s the right thing, that’s the sort of cant you get from hypocrites. You want it because it is what you want really. You just don’t know that yet.

The madness around you can be conducted into a symphony. Rage and sorrow can be woven into a tapestry. All the diversities of our being can be blended into a single state that reflects the truth of everything it encounters. Somewhere, God, angels and all creatures sympathetic are in the endless condition of perfect harmony. The door is open and it says Welcome overhead. It’s up to us where we want to spend our time. If you want something badly enough it doesn’t matter how far away it appears to be.

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