Sunday, October 02, 2005

What if Jesus Were to Come in the Sky?

What if Jesus were to come in the sky? What if one of these days that long predicted apparition was to stand and be seen simultaneously from all points on Earth by all of the people resident there? Now, I’m not a mathematician but I do have a mathematical mind that tends to come to certain conclusions by intuitive leaps that often bear out in application. If we are all one and only appear different; if there is only one mind and it differs only in superficial aspects; such as temporary persona and perspectives- much as waves on the sea are temporary, individualized expressions of a common ocean... it stands to reason that the common touch-point in all ‘seemingly’ different minds could share a common perception at a given time in their shared universal mind.

It’s a given truth that Jesus the Christ- if he exists- is a spiritual being and that his teachings and his kingdom of being are spiritually located; however much they may apply to our behavior in the material realm. Now physicists will tell you that there isn’t any material realm really, or better put- that all things are made out of the same thing but are just increasingly more refined (or less refined) aspects of the same thing. Hell would be a darker, denser, smokier presentation and Heaven would be a lighter, less dense and less smoky presentation. In between the two would be varying degrees partaking more or less of the conditions of one or the other. That makes sense doesn’t it? It could make sense too that, like two mirrors facing each other with a figure in between; you’ve been in a barbershop where you can see an infinite amount of faces fading around some sort of a bending end that, if you put Jesus there he might grow ever more sublime and bright in one direction and ever more dense and dark and horned in the other.

Now on this planet we’ve got personalities that do much this same thing. We’ve got sky-walking yogi’s at one end who have transcended physical limitation; who can dissolve and reassemble their bodies at will and who, though mahasamadhi, can just leave the corpse body through the sahasrara chakra above the head. On the other hand we have personalities who are hardly out of the Stone Age. Parallel to this we have personalities who are pure as the driven snow (rare indeed in this day and age) and possessing of unshakeable virtue. They’d be called saints. Their opposite number is immersed in material concerns to the exclusion of any transcendent interest whatever. They may be immersed in sexual aspects, mercantile concerns or matters to do with their personal being as it relates to whatever it is that they want.

The religions that present the idea of a risen Christ include personalities from all of these types. Pat Robertson says he’s in line for the rapture and then there are the many who believe they are as well. Let’s expand this Christ in the sky thing to include various other religions. I won’t get into detail about the future Buddha’s and avatars that are expected. Let’s just say there’s a scriptural basis for it, whether we are talking about Kalki or Maitreya.

Let’s think mathematical here for a minute. Jesus (or your choice) appears in the sky and begins to draw all souls unto him. Doesn’t it make sense that whichever beings are lighter are going to be drawn more quickly? In other words, those souls- individuals- personalities who are less attached, less ‘magnetized’ by matter are going to be more easily drawn? And wouldn’t it serve that those types who were totally focused on the marketplace would naturally resist ascension; might in fact immediately with the appearance of the Jesus in the Sky run with all haste toward any cover of darkness that might provide a polarized lens against the light... that harsh exposing light?

In the Hindu motif they have the caste system. You’ve got your Brahmins and your Kshatriyas, your Vaishyas and Sudras and of course the Black Hole of Calcutta/New Orleans refugee Untouchables. I won’t define these for you; you can do that if you have an interest. But guess what? We’ve got the same caste system. It’s just not so obvious. It’s more obvious in Ye Merry Old England. Now each of these castes has certain advantages and disadvantages concerning their being lifted up to Jesus on the day of reckoning. But it really will come down to the same thing; how great the degree of attachment it to what they believe in; what they saved their coupons for, where their treasures are etc.

Does anyone with any lick of sense really believe that Pat Robertson and Bill Bennett and all of the like, in all of the areas they are powerful in, are going to get waved into the club by Jesus? Does it stand to reason that the soundtrack will be white Christian music, or would it be a rousing chorus of voices more like a gospel choir?

It further stands to reason that when Jesus in the Sky comes he won’t look the same to everyone. The lighter and freer you are the more Jesus will mirror this. The denser and darker you are the more a wrathful aspect will be perceived. This just makes mathematical and logical sense.

The Golden Calf phenomenon is front row center right now. There are millions and millions of people snake dancing in front of it. It comes in a million flavors with lights and music and never ending blowjobs of satisfaction guaranteed. It stands to reason if you want the one version then you won’t want the other. It’s not that you can’t have the other, you won’t want it. In many cases you have no basis for measurement of one against the other. So when Jesus in the Sky comes around he’ll only be taking the ones who want to go and those are the ones who just don’t have the interest level for here. The others won’t be left per se, they just won’t be going.

I don’t think there’s anything bad about having a business. We’d be nowhere without a systemized world to operate in. The problem seems to be what one thinks their business really is while they are running their business. If you can’t walk away; if you don’t know that it will all go away and... therefore maintain a light touch about any and all of it at all times... it’s going to be... rough.

My thought is that this Jesus in the Sky thing is happening all the time. It’s the same as saying that Armageddon comes for someone every day. Now there may be the big Jesus in the Sky moment and there may be the wider more comprehensive Armageddon but whatever it is it is only the personal part that relates to you that matters.

It stands to reason in the time that such things might be on the horizon that the world would be in a very unsettled way. It stands to reason that the pressure to be wrong would be greater than at other times. It stands to reason that vast armies of ignorance would be arrayed for the purpose of intimidation and that all of the forces of the material realm would be mustered for the purpose of obfuscation and generally putting on the frighteners. It’s that hour of the wolf thing.

Now this piece is just one of those things that puts forth a general argument about what would seem reasonable when measured against the actual intentions of scripture as far as behavior and merit are judged. It seems to me that when the boat loads it will be filled with the people who have the least baggage; the exception being those whose first impulse is to forget to pack. I have no way of knowing about the Jesus in the Sky. Every time I see these beings they are always Hindu figures or Buddhas. Might be I don’t catch that particular sky train.

I once saw a movie called “Jacob’s Ladder”. It was one of the best films I ever saw and I do believe it plays out here in the cemetery banquet rooms and neon mausoleums a great deal more often than we might suspect. How do you really know when you are dead? It bears thinking about.

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