Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spirtual Survival Techniques, Part Three.

We live in the midst of processing matter at four different levels; four different worlds, if you will, at all times. Various ‘things’, states of being and emerging conditions are at any one of these levels on their way out. Any and everything finally winds up in the perishable realm of time and gravity; although these both exist in some form at every level.

Gravitational attraction, whether we recognize it as so or not, is an expression of universal love which attracts everything to everything. The hydrogen atom with its one positive proton and the circling electron is the most basic expression of this. This is science, not voodoo. Science proves everything that metaphysics states if... you are looking to see it.

The father, mother principle of interaction which is the basis for all cosmic activity is operative in every action life commits; through you, around you, wherever. Life is an on going sex act and the sex act is everything. It’s a holy thing. It’s there at the smallest and the greatest perceivable levels from the core to the circumference. If you’re having a bad life you are basically having bad sex.

These four worlds I mention, described in the last installment, are the conditions through which everything passes on its way to your breakfast table. No matter if it is your corn flakes or the process server. Think of it like water in its various states. It is always still water (grin- well, actually not always ‘still’ though)

Think of sitting. On the first level is the pure idea of sitting; on the next, all the forms of things one can sit on, on the next, the process by which the chair is constructed, on the next, voila, the chair. Consider all that is in this respect, that’s how it got here; war, marriage, children, divorce and banana cream pie.

There’s nothing wrong with the magic. There is something wrong with the magician. We are clumsy dancers learning our steps. We are The Sorcerers Apprentice.

We are always desiring and forming images and winding up, often, with something we say we didn’t order. Or perhaps we ordered it and then moved. The postman shows up but you are gone.

Take the matter of success, fame, such conditions; what I call the mosquito factor. How many mosquitoes can you handle? Do you like them buzzing around your head? Do you want to spend your days in a May Fly convention with a living head net? What’s the real value of a star on Hollywood Blvd or a pigeon dump statue in the park? Some praise and disgrace may attend our lives due to the nature of our work. It’s not a good idea to go chasing after it. Nature is well aware of our efforts. If she chooses to point us out that’s the best way. Banging on pots outside the worlds bedroom window might not be the best career move.

Will I have enough money? Have I got enough love? Love is money. You’ll never run out of whatever it is that money is supposed to represent if you never run out of Love. Love’s not hard to find. It can be hard to identify.

The collective pressure of the world upon our minds; to have, to acquire, to put away for a rainy day- the fear of lack and loss... the whips of paranoia that fall like rain; what if? There’s that old song, “Que Sera Sera...”

I always have to laugh when people say there is no God. Especially since they don’t have any idea of what it is they are talking about. They’re talking about the wounds inside their head and heart and their inability to love. Most don’t love, they desire. It’s the difference between wanting to have and wanting to give. If you gave away everything for ever there would always be more left than however much you gave away.

It’s really humorous to see a tiny moving speck proclaim that that which encircles and surrounds it does not exist. The vanity of our temporary, uniformed selves is a Saturday morning cartoon. What is true is that the God you don’t believe in does not exist. That which you say, and define by saying, “it is not”, is not. The God the atheist does not believe in does not exist. We are in agreement on that. However, that which you do not understand, will never comprehend, that’s there alright; just like gravity. Understanding gravity should be a priority. Understanding what limits us is a sure course to greater and greater freedom.

I’ve less attraction for religion than anyone I know. I stay away from priests and all representatives of the status quo spider web of delusion which is woven for the control of the populace. Religion is a veil. It is true though that you can come through it but you must always step outside of it in the end.

The thing is, everyone gets there, just not at the same time. Nature shows you that not all buds open together. Then there are those who are ‘hot-housing’ their evolution. The Bhagavad-Gita says that “success is speedy for the energetic”. After awhile, everything else just isn’t important, nor nearly so satisfying.

Surely you know that it isn’t the mistakes we make along the way that define us. It’s the way we adjust to them. No one starts out as a Zen archer. I don’t get the Dalai Lama any more than I get the Pope. And you couldn’t get me to dress up like that for anything.

One could consider themselves lucky indeed if they are pressed by circumstance into a place where they despair utterly. The light is less likely to break in Malibu than it is in Sing Sing. You can’t build a new house until you tear down the old one. The self indulgence that has come upon humanity because of the convenience of civilization has turned us into whiners and wankers. Certainly the New Age industries show us how comical and self-indulgent we have become. Well, if we won’t work to tear down our walls they will be torn down for us. Your freedom, whether you want it or not, is your destiny; like it or not. You will be torn from your prison cell.

Close your fist and look at the spiral it makes. That is the secret of the universe; a whirling spiral. It makes you see dervishes in a whole new light. That’s the same spiral coming up the kundalini channel and making you ‘self’ realized. Life has a purpose, reincarnation is a fact; observable in nature. You are at some point between deep sleep and total awakening. We see what is below us, even if we don’t identify it correctly. We seldom see what is above us.

I’ve said it before. Life is a spiral staircase; think of Durer and Escher. At every point on the staircase there are people above and below us. The trick is not to piss over the railing.


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