Monday, December 10, 2007

The Unseen Side of the Mobius Strip.

There is a very important thing that every human being should understand before they set out to do anything. You cannot change the world into something that it is not. Because there is a natural enmity between the elements that compose the world, peace is a personal affair. You can attain peace. You can effect a limited peace. You can carry peace with you but... you cannot accomplish peace on Earth nor universal brotherhood. You may strive for it and improve the lives of everyone you touch but there are limits to everything... except to the consciousness and being of that which originates everything which has limits. And, “first do no harm.”

As long as any human being seeks power over their fellows or desires to have more of something than another, there will be conflict. As long as different languages are spoken there will be conflicts in understanding. If you want to build a city there will be conflict from those who oppose your vision of it and oppose your desire to build it in the first place.

Desire on anyone’s part will create conflict in another. To postulate that people should live without desire means the end of the world because the world cannot exist without desire. Nothing would get done. There would be no succeeding generations. An individual can aspire to desirelessness (now that’s a funny line; to ‘aspire’ to end desire) and slip right out of this world. That’s possible. Is it desirable? (grin)

Any person’s vision of peace is not the same as everyone else’s. Everyone’s vision of Heaven is not the same, which is why there are so many of them. You can have Heaven on Earth but you cannot grant it a universal contagion. You can form an envelope that will contain others. You can become a doorway into a Heaven greater than your capacity to comprehend but you cannot expect everyone to recognize or appreciate it, given the present state of- and wide variation to every mind here. But you can make it available to every mind here and you can wait forever, extending welcome to all.

Think of life on Earth as one half of a Mobius strip. It is shrouded in mystery where it departs and where it re-enters this world. What happens on the invisible side of the Mobius strip is known to a few and unknown to the rest. The speculation on what exists on the unseen side of the Mobius strip is the basis of every religion. These speculations are based on the words of those who have seen or been informed about what exists there. They are the titular founders of these different religions.

Before the establishment of these religions there were the Rishis. The Rishis propounded what is known as ‘ageless wisdom’. Ageless wisdom weaves through the fabric of every religion like an illuminated thread. The rest of the fabric of these religious tapestries is not illuminated and is composed of genealogical listings, codes of conduct, rituals and ceremonies. These tapestries of religion hang upon a wall of being that is the living essence of existence and which cannot be defined in any terms that we understand. The illuminated threads lead directly into this wall of being and once again... disappear.

It can be speculated that this wall of being is itself resting upon or an extension of something deeper and it can be speculated that that too rests upon something else. In the legitimate Hebrew tradition there are the concepts of Ain... Ain Sof... and ...Ain Sof Aur. Similar terms exist in other traditions.

In the Buddhist tradition there is a mantra that goes. “Gate, Gate, Paragate...” which translates into ‘gone, gone, gone beyond’. You could say that it also translates into ‘far out’ (grin).

Conflict exists in this world between the perspectives of depth concerning what is. Conflict exists at some many levels because of the many levels. People possess varying degrees of depth depending on how far they have allowed the ineffable to penetrate into them, or you could say, depending on how far they have penetrated into the ineffable.

I like the word ‘ineffable’ and prefer to use it in place of God which seems to be a catchall for all manner of things. I used to use the word DAP which stands for ‘divine animating principle’ but that isn’t a very romantic or attractive word. In this world DAP is a manufacturer of plastic wood. Don’t go looking for hidden meaning there, although I won’t say there isn’t any. How would I know?

I will tell you what is on the other side of the Mobius strip in a general way. It can’t be done specifically because it will appear differently due to your cultural veils. It may include Mohammed and it may include Jesus. It might have Krishna and it might have Buddha. It will be the same thing but it will appear according to your disposition. Your inner arbiter of fate; your conscience, will dictate the level of your circumstance. Imagine the face of Jesus going through a series of morphings... gradual morphings from effulgent, inexpressible perfection and lightness of features to something increasingly darker and more intimidating. As the light leaves the image, the image is more shrouded in shadows and the shadows then take on a more and more fearful aspect (but still only shadows), even though the original is still there... you can no longer see it.

The other side of the Mobius consists of highway systems and cities... landscapes and degrees of substantiality. These highways will lead across worlds and on to other worlds beyond count. It’s like here, only it isn’t. Just as you have senses to interpret what you experience here you will have senses there. If you haven’t done anything to develop these senses here you are going to be at a disadvantage there, in terms of movement, perception and so on. Of course there are guides there... but...

Your score here (think of it as a video game) determines your level and your time in residence there. When the time runs out on the meter you head toward the moon for the preparation of another body to use here. At some point you will see your future parents making love and you will be pulled in... well, you get the picture, or you don’t.

This is all necessarily simplistic. I’ve only got the space I allow myself in these posts to discuss these things.

Some do not return but they departed before they left. Some enter into a place they already reside in. You won’t be going anywhere you haven’t already been spending some time in consciously. You want justice, truly? “Justice is mine.” God has reportedly said. Justice is found there and further carried out in the person of the new life following... every jot and tittle, dear heart.

There are review boards and courts there, just like here. Eye has not seen nor ear heard what is stored up in further locations. You want Santa Claus to come to town then it is time for you to start acting like Santa Claus. How about giving the whole world away to every one you meet? What I mean is... the best part of the world; that which they are really seeking whether they know it or not. You don’t have to say anything. You might not seem to be doing anything but... something happens. This is a power every one of us has but we keep thinking there are supposed to be flashing lights and orchestras. Just do it.

People do all kinds of things with higher math that postulate things that can’t be arrived at otherwise. Just think of what math makes possible; seeing around corners... multi-dimensional constructs... inventions of all manner of devices and... like that. So why shouldn’t one also be able to accurately envision what takes place on the other side of the Mobius strip? Of course, I have the advantage of the evidence of far greater minds than my own and, interestingly... they agree with each other, though their definitions may ‘appear’ to be different. Be nicer to yourself by being nicer to others and who knows where you may wind up.


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