Friday, February 29, 2008

All Life is Pain Caused by Ignorant Desire.

That is what Gautama Buddha said. He said other things and quite a few of them were unspoken. Much of what was said, so that you could hear it in the usual way, was the same sort of thing you hear from all the rest of them; your Jesus Christ, your Mohammad and your Krishna. The other things, the sub rosa communiques that were transmitted by gesture or intuition are out of print; never having found their way into that medium to begin with. Only those seriously intent on hearing these things will hear them.

In a way it is like the news of the world. There is what you hear reported and explained by the official organs of your time and there is what actually happened but doesn’t get reported.

In a way it’s like the different governments. There is the physical presence of the institutions and their legislative and enforcement arms and then there are the invisible governments that actually operate the people that operate the machinery. There are two kingdoms of residence and where you live depends on who you take your orders from. Do you act according to appearances by reflex, within or outside of the official parameters of what passes for right and wrong ...or are you dancing to a different drummer altogether?

While people live and die; disappear and reappear, expand and contract, there is a common reality of dream stuff that is always being molded to accommodate the appetites and ambitions of the day. Imagine an enormous spider. You could think of it as a kind of darkness that is discernable by degrees of shadow from which everything your senses report is spun out on to a trembling web; life’s cornucopia of never ending things.

Just as any movement on its web alerts the spider, the same can be said of this web. Everything you do is transmitted on the web; just like email, only you don’t have to send the email to telegraph your presence. All you have to do is think, or speak, or move.

Operating in one of the theaters where I operate; hey, call it an operating theater. I hear a lot of things. I hear about how we are all screwed and I hear about concentration camps and worldwide famine on the horizon. I hear about economic collapse and I can almost hear armies of jackbooted thugs from nowhere marching across the landscape. I hear about a small cadre of the elite who control everything. I hear that everyone who is anyone and even those who are no one are all tools of sinister forces who are going to put us in pods; or we are already in pods... and suck us dry or chain us to a wheel like young Conan and force us to drive the wheels of their fell industries... or we are already doing that. I even heard that I was a tool because someone didn’t understand my Obama post at another blog; actually, very few got the gist of that. Maybe I’m too subtle for my own good.

The fact of the matter is that a government far, far more powerful than anything you can imagine; a government, a regent and his emissaries and armies have always controlled and always will control everything. Even the trembling of a single blade of grass is noted within the awareness of this all encompassing, all controlling mind... consciousness.

It is true that there is a temporal collection of beings that are busy with the appearance of terrestrial mismanagement. It is true that they themselves are controlled by invisible entities who manipulate the selfish intentions of separated minds. It is true that unpleasant things happen because of this. It is true that everyone who is involved in this is affected by this.

But... that’s under control too. That is firmly under the control of this single power that is always in control. It just looks like they are in control of your world and when you give them the power that their appearance of power demands then you seem to be a helpless pawn of their rapacious intent. Here is where you get compromised. You let your fear of their appearance of power sway your essential allegiance. In this manner, the shadow cast by the light assumes the appearance of power which belongs only to the light which casts the shadow.

Here’s the deal people; “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” And you can also say that civilization is our reaction to pain in our pursuit of comfort. You need food and a market appears. You need shoes and a shoe store appears. You want to dance and a nightclub appears. You want excitement but you would rather watch and so movie studios appear. You’d rather live by proxy and whomph! There you are on the couch in front of the TV.

You want sex and casinos and drugs and so those things appear. Those parts of town appear. Along the way are those souls who want the influence and power that money brings from the wheeling and dealing of the industries that provide the things you want and desire. Enter the devil, Saturn, who limits into form the objects of your desire. Enter in all of those who serve this force in order to acquire the particularization of power they seek from the possession of the coin of the realm and Presto! Black magic... dark lodges, Luciferian brotherhoods, O.T.O. The Rothschild’s, the military/industrial complex, the pharmaceutical/medical combine and so on and so on.

Because you want what you want, it appears. It is because of what you want that you have what you have, or desire what you do not have, that actually chains you to the wheel that turns the industries that manufacture what you want.

The kicker is that they all work for you. These massive jinn’s, demons and elementals are at your command and all the movers and shakers of this world are employed by them and they are employed by the shadow thrown by the light and the light rules over all of it. If you knew who you were you could ask a mountain to cast itself into the sea and it would; somebody or other said that. As it is, because you don’t know who you are, your servants are running the show and they have thrown you out of the castle and you’re blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. They’re drinking your wine and eating your food and laughing at you. That’s right, they’re laughing at you. Every now and then one of them says, “Boo!” and you go running off in search of a hiding place and they all burst into another gale of laughter.

Angels and demons are a matter of perception. There is an outline of light that glimmers behind every fright mask and that is the angel. What you want determines who you are and what presentation you serve. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.” They’ve been editing that out of the Bible the last so many years and you can’t much find it now. It’s been reworked. Check it out.

You are the bank of the divine. There’s a lot invested in you. It’s a shame to see you rag-picking among the prodigals in the dustbins ...but so it is. The good news is that sooner or later the dawn will break upon the darkness of the mind and you’ll be able to hear all of the things these emissaries of light didn’t say to the general public because now you’re tired of processed food and what it’s done to you.

All these things you want are variations of nature... once removed, twice removed and thrice removed and mutated from mutations. In order to fill the orders, the Queen of Heaven must unnaturally turn into a whore... angels turn into demons... Heaven turns into Hell.

Hunger after something finer and you might be surprised. Think you can do better than Lot’s wife? To do a more perfect dance you need a timeless composition; to paraphrase one particular emissary, pick up your lead sheets and follow me.

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