Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mea Culpa... Ex Apologia... Ad Nauseum...

Well... I don’t have to give much thought to what I will write about today because that subject matter has been decided for me. Interestingly enough, a lot of the people commenting on the subject have gone to other blogs to make their comments for reasons best known to them. To be sure, the subject was discussed here as well but not in the context of the reply given one’s capacity to extract ‘tell phrases’.

Drugs and spiritual inquiry have been aligned since either of them appeared. History shows this, whether you are talking about hash used among Sufi’s and other Muslims; psychedelics among native cultures (and many others across the board), various substances among The Druids and all manner of societies that made use of things termed ‘sacraments’ and other names. There’s quite an argument made for the use of mushrooms by St. John of Patmos who wrote, or channeled, the chapter called “Revelations” in the New Testament. One can read “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” or any of a number of other declarative and speculative commentaries.

My first hand experience tells me that real spiritual experiences are possible with certain compounds. I’ve had them. Some of them transformed me beyond whatever I had been before and set the stage for further permutations on up the road. There are people who weren’t there and who have no personal experience to rely on for refutation who will discount my experiences. It’s tantamount to someone who’s never been swimming, arguing about the experience with someone who has. But this never stops people. You find the high and mighty of the opinionated, uninformed running wild in every theater of life. You’re more likely to find that than you are likely to find someone who has experience in the matter.

Ordinarily I don’t think about this much. I let my experiences speak to me and when I don’t have them I let the visceral mind or my intuition lead the way. Some people are offended and aghast at my nerve in speaking about certain substances in relation to spiritual gain and psychological well being. They want me to know in no uncertain terms that it is wrong, dangerous or foolish or something that they have determined while... never having been near a swimming pool or only dipping their toes in a time or two when I have been swimming for years and years in all kinds of water and weather. I’ve little doubt that there are people who know a lot more about the subject than I but I doubt that there are many who went as full bore into it as I and... I’m still here and as I have mentioned... in much better shape than most anyone my age and I smoke roll-up cigarettes and so on and so on. So-


Giving me advice like some Old West School Marm with her hands on her hips; wagging your fingers and parroting things you read is pretty much like Nuns talking to school kids about sex. I don’t mean to come off as arrogant or abrasive. It is not my intention but... in the interest of full disclosure some amount of impact needs to be spiced up in the pan sort of like Cajun Blackened cat-fish. It may not be to everyone’s taste but you tend not to forget being served the dish.

Probably there are people out there who attribute my absence to a number of things. At the same time it is important to me that the reader knows who they are dealing with. I’m not of a mind to lie to you like so many do. I’m not inclined to talk about the things I talk about and leave you with the impression that I’m all dolled up in yogic garb and sitting on a tiger skin in the woods. I’m not about airbrushing my person or personality so that I can be televised or sell soap to people who refuse to bathe or who haven’t a clue what it is to be clean or how you get that done.

Maybe some people misread my intentions about being revealing or maybe you thought I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I wrote before I wrote it. Trust me... I can be quite calculating and usually have a really good idea of what I want to say and why. Sometimes I don’t but it becomes very clear afterwards. If you are hung up on certain things or have some kind of investment in me, I advise you to get over that. I do try to be as equanimitous as possible, when possible. I try to be civil and not to forget the necessary self-deprecation and as for the latter... I’ve been in the company of real teachers and one doesn’t forget that or... if they do... they’ll get reminded in ways they won’t like; all for their own good of course.

Whether you do or do not take substances on occasion is none of my affair and whether I do is none of yours. You will note that I have been at pains all the while I have written here and elsewhere to advise against the use of substances or to tell people to think carefully about it. Under no circumstances do I recommend it to people because I don’t think most people can handle it. I’m not most people.

This is a dark and materialistic age. In another time ‘I’ might have no need for these things but given that the times are the times and given that carbon builds up on my engine much more quickly than it might in former times... I feel obliged to burn the carbon off... rev the headers.... Break the speed limit... subject myself to radical circumstances in order to see better. Sometimes it doesn’t work... most times it does.

My personal goal is to be free of all these things and there are protracted periods when I am. Others, like now... this is not the case.

On the subject of Ketamine, it’s a little offensive for people with zero awareness of the subject to lecture me on a condition they don’t have. Were you in my shoes you would be inclined to shut your mouths. I sincerely hope you are not in my shoes of late. I thought it was important to share some information with people because I don’t like hiding things or pretending to be something that I am not. Surely I can weave myth and mystery around myself but it would be a lie.

Try to remember that even though, in the ultimate sense, we are all the same person... I’m not you and you are not me. We are separated by time and distance. We are separated by experience and differing states of awareness. We may all be one but we are also not all one too. You can talk about the world not being real but if you bang your head into a wall it will hurt... even if it isn’t real. Talk is cheap.

So... though I respect your right to make any and all decisions for yourself, you must respect my right to do the same and refrain from offering me platitudes that I can quote as easily as you. Of course you are free to do this but you should consider how it will sound to me and how likely I am to run right out and buy the uniform and learn the secret handshakes.

We don’t talk about drugs here much and that will continue to be the case. However, we talk about most anything and so, most anything may come up on occasion. If it’s not your cup of tea I suggest you go have an espresso. Every one of us has weaknesses and shortcomings that should be our primary focus. The sooner we attend to them the less likely it is that we will be so aware of them in others. That’s said for me as well as you.

You’ve got a lot to think about in these coming months. A lot of things are going to happen and they are going to change your world. And I do need to point out that after God has his morning coffee (already in progress) he is first going to dispense some blessings and after that... after that... he is going to kick some ass.

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