Friday, October 10, 2008

Are You Driving or are You being Driven?

When you study religious and metaphysical texts you will find after awhile that you will never read more than a portion of them. You will find that they confirm and contradict with equal measure. You will find that they clarify and obscure with equal measure. You will find that they promise both Paradise and Hell in equal measure. You will find that you haven’t found anything because what you may wish to find is beyond mere texts and the mind that contemplates them.

In my limited fashion I am going to make it easier for you. I’m going to give you a key. This key may not be all that useful if you can’t find the keyhole it goes into. DNA isn’t of much use unless you have something to match it to. But I think you can find that the key has a sort of magnetic attraction to the lock it is meant to open.

There are two positions you can be in in the kinetic universe and there is another position you can be in when neither of these positions apply. Take no mind of the third position because we won’t be treating with that today. Let’s just focus on the former. You are either driving or you are driven. That’s all there is to it. I’m going to rummage around here for a bit and offer examples and do some of the other things I do while trying to reveal something without getting tangled in the curtains but... it won’t amount to any more than I just told you.

I want you to think of the devil’s pitchfork and I want you to think of an ox goad. I want you to think of reins and spurs and steering wheels, accelerators and brakes. I want you to think and then stop thinking.

All of us have seen the people on the highway who are racing to some destination where they can now focus their attention on feeling antsy about something else. All of us know what a pushing crowd is. All of us have watched people in supermarket lines or any lines where they are waiting for the number one consideration to be serviced and that would be them. These people are driven. Something is driving them. Something drives them when they are pounding into someone else sexually or arguing about something they don’t understand. Something is driving them when they seek to bend others to their will; their children, their spouses, their associates and even those unfortunate enough to be considered their friends.

Most of the world is driven... by appetites and desires... by hopes and dreams... by some mysterious urgency that they identify with their own will but they don’t have any will. There is only one will no matter in what circumstance it is applied. This will ...can be perverted as in the application of so-called free will but it’s all part and parcel of one will. There’s only one divine agency and everything lives and moves because of their reliance upon it.

The devil and God are the same thing. They appear to be different depending on the perceptions of those miss-interpreting it. As I have said before, the devil is the way that evil people see God. The very word ‘sin’ translates in the original to “missing the mark”. That’s all it is.

The sole driver never misses the mark. The multitude of imagined drivers consistently steer the vehicle off the road. The horses are your senses. The reins are your mind. Until you can unify with the driver you will consistently be driven off the road by yourself; that which you imagine yourself to be and which has no real existence.

Now might be the time to think about that comment by Jesus where he said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” Think about it. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was God. God is a serpent as you can see by looking at any number of Hindu posters. In the Western tradition they like to use a corona and they like images such as the serpent crushed beneath the heel. Well, there are good serpents and bad serpents and there are those who are wise as serpents and harmless as doves and serpents eat doves so there are things to ponder and... we’ll see about that.

‘Adam’ defined in the original, translates as ‘namer of things.’ What you call something becomes to you.

We’re all living in a personal fantasy and we are all being driven through the landscape until exhaustion or calamity demands that we consider what we have refused to consider during our self-gratifying ignorance.

We’re all God in the becoming but there’s a lot of playing the “Sorcerers Apprentice” on the way. It doesn’t matter what religion you fancy. It doesn’t matter what name you give to the unknown. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know or how little you do know. What matters is if you make real contact with the thing itself. No other industry has the same importance. Nothing else matters. So why do people spend so much of their time on everything else? They’re driven. You’re all stolen cars.

Nothing you think is true is true. Everything you think is false is true to someone else and none of these matters either. What matters is whether you find the door and whether you have the key... if you know where the door is and what the key is and why there is a lock in the first place.

It can be very revealing if you watch the world in relation to ‘driving’ and ‘being driven’. Watch people. Watch what is going on. You’ll see it soon enough if you allow yourself to. Watch the posturing and jockeying for position. Watch what it gets them... every single one.

If you watch yourself you can see when the heat comes up and you feel compelled to move. You can feel yourself being driven. It won’t be many people who will consider this but everyone who does will recognize it. It’s part desire and part anxiety. It’ part fear and part crazy need. It’s mindlessness toward a place where you can hurry up and wait. No one gets there, wherever ‘there’ is and no one finds peace at the end of it because it doesn’t end, it just loops and that’s why it’s called a wheel of fire.

Driving can be pictured as sitting in someone’s lap with your hands on the steering wheel. You get the impression that you are driving but you are not and that’s a good thing. Driving is like trusting and trusting comes with surrender and seeing that all of a sudden you are very much on the road without any urgency at all. Someone is driving and that is what needs to be comprehended. All personal efforts at this will fail miserably for the purpose of just that lesson. Some people get there with due diligence and some through trauma and utter loss. Some get there through a purity of heart or clarity of mind but most of us get there because there’s nothing else left in the end.

If I could give anyone any advice and if there were any advice I thought to be more important for me to take than any other, it is to watch and see when I am being driven and to cease and desist so I could see who is driving. I haven’t said this very well but that’s about par for the course.

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