Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talking about the False Light and the True Light.

Relatively speaking, it doesn’t take long for the truth to get lost once a new religion has come out of the showroom, or off the runway at the cosmic fashion show. Of course, relatively speaking the truth doesn’t generally get seen at all even when it’s there in person speaking to you.

In the Bible there is indication at several points that Jesus (The Christ) spoke in two ‘fashions’, one to the multitudes and one to the disciples. It appears that there are at least two sorts of people on the planet, those who will not be able to penetrate into the deeper mysteries and those who will. “Many are called but few are chosen.” One might immediately begin to argue over who gets to decide something like this. Let’s get this out of the way right now... it won’t be me.

For some it will have to be enough to follow the rules set down for behavior in hope that this will lead to a falling away of the veils... over time. For others, the presence of the truth will effect a more immediate falling away. It’s to be assumed that they had already done the ground work at an earlier time. Life’s a spiral staircase and we are all ahead of someone and behind someone else which is why I’ve often said that one shouldn’t piss over the railing.

For those unable to see the truth, no amount of talking and pointing ...or charades is going to work. Most likely it will make them angry or confused. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that truth can be, and is, relative and absolute at the same time. This is why there’s no end to the arguments over whether the truth is relative or absolute. This is why contradictions bound. They aren’t contradictions really but... in the realm of the mind, which assigns itself the task of analyzing these things and which... operates in duality, there’s no chance of useful comprehension. Only when the mind is stilled can comprehension dawn. We’ve heard this said so many ways but it doesn’t really take because it’s the mind which is engaged in the process of hearing about the mind needing to be stilled.

Dogmatic and fundamentalist types are not going to subscribe to anything but the letter of the law. Mystics are not going to be satisfied with anything but the spirit of the law. Dogmatic types will often burn mystics at the stake if mystics are not careful about casting their pearls. In these times and in all times similar, when confusion and material flash is preeminent ...there is a hardening at the same time that the ground is breaking for a new presentation of the light. For those who understand the meaning of alchemical states such a thing is to be expected.

The stages of alchemical transformation transliterate easily into the Yogic methodology just as it does into every legitimate process whether it be Stations of the Cross or the sephiroths on the Tree of Life. Mercury, sulfur and salt are also sattva, rajas and tamas. It’s sort of like saying, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” People who are open to understanding understand this, even if they don’t get how and why. By the same token; God by any other name is still God. Vishnu and Allah and Yahweh are the same in essence. The personality and operation of that God as understood in any person’s anthropomorphic projection is actually the devil but... you probably don’t want to tell them that.

“Onward Christian Soldiers” and whatever is at the Top’s of the Pop's for the Wahhabis... whatever tune the Israeli settlers are singing when they are beating old Palestinian women to death, have nothing to do with the one in whose name they have chosen to act out their ignorance. It is things like this that convince the intellectuals that there is no God. There is indeed no God like that.

This is not to say that God will not kick your ass as he is generally engaged in at the moment; actually just warming up for, now. But this effect is only for the purpose of ‘awakening’. Wrath is a vibration that doesn’t necessarily apply itself to everyone in the same way. It’s more of a trying and a testing... a tempering, if you will. The more easily one is tempered the less stress is involved. I’ve quoted Mikhael Aivanhov before. “When God first comes to wake you he gently shakes your shoulder. If that does not work he shakes you harder. If that does not work, he picks up a two by four.”

No one should assume that the people who screwed everything up with the help of the masses ...who were chasing the crumbs from the table of their supposed betters are going to fix the situation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is going to go back to the way it was because... things never go back to the way they were and they never were the way they were imagined to have been in the first place.

There is something breaking through the hard ground of collective denial and it will not be denied. The false light that has lit the ghostland of Dreamville is soon to be revealed as darkness and the true light will for many be an unwelcome guest... just as it has always been. The ordinary mind seeks comfort above all else. It‘s how civilization reacts to pain. The comfort of the flesh is a suffocation upon the spirit and the spirit is infinitely stronger so you figure it out.

Most people don’t get that the soul decides when it’s had enough in a particular envelope and wants to move on. The ordinary mind fears death without realizing that the enduring portion of themselves chooses it. It doesn’t matter if you think this all comes about through the magic of numbers or what appears to be random fate or if you think divine agency orchestrates every detail because... like the point about relative and absolute truth, they all apply at a certain point except for the random part which only looks random when you don’t have all the information.

People playing mind games in the false light with chaos theory and all the other intellectual circle jerks that they use to amplify their ego in the ongoing dance of the false self where billions of dancers think the spotlight is shining on them are never going to understand what’s really happening because there is always more... far, far more than the mind can comprehend. But you can’t tell them anything and that is why things are happening as they are and why God is picking up a two by four.

It’s fine to ask where I get off saying these things but it would be a false presumption for anyone to assume that I think I know anything. I don’t. Everyone will just have to wait and see how their personal view of the cosmos works out for them. As Lao Tzu said, “What is, is ‘the was’ of what will be.”

You are in the time that was always projected in the mind as arriving some time and some time is now. You’ve got a front row seat to the show of people showing what’s real to them, what’s important to them, what they think has value. Destiny is on the doorstep and people will grab on to the cell bars and scream as the liberator pries their fingers from the bars. Some will crawl under rocks and look to hide in caves but there is no hiding place where this light will not enter. Embracing it would seem to be the wiser choice but it’s not to be expected in any collective sense; ergo, the two by four.

This window doesn’t open very often, not like it is opening now. By some calculations this only happens every twenty five thousand years. Take the leap or be prepared to head for the wardrobe department for a whole lot of costumes for the next series of lives.

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