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An Elementary Primer on Practical Magic, Part 2

In our last chapter we were talking about Practical Magic; things that you can do to improve your life and improve your fortunes. Of course, talking about these things does no good at all and that is what people mostly do. They talk about things. One of the problems with practical demonstration is the tendency to complicate the issue. This goes at cross purposes to success because the force you need to communicate with is like a child. I am referring to your subconscious.

Your subconscious deals in pictures... images. If you can successfully communicate the image to your subconscious then it will produce it into your world. You can think of it like talking to a pet. Some pets are well trained and some are not. The same can be said of children. I say this because in the initial stages you have to realize that it can take a lot more concentration and repetition than might later be required. At the same time you don’t want to overdo it. The subconscious is also very much like rich fertile earth. It is the most fertile earth that there is and so... once you have planted the seed you don’t want to over water it and wind up drowning it. You also don’t want to give it too much sunlight after it breaks to the surface into the conscious realm.

The mind has three levels; the superconscious in the attic, the self conscious on the main floor and the subconscious in the basement. Ideally you do no more than channel from the attic to the basement. Then you don’t have to get involved in what you think you want since you don’t really know anyway and you can count on getting exactly what you need because the superconscious knows all about it and knows what you require before you even ask. However... we’re not at that level of trust and surrender so... the smart thing is to have the intelligence to ask for the right things because everything else of benefit comes along with them anyway. You’ve heard the phrase, “seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all of these things will be added unto you.” That’s very accurate and true.

Some people get agitated by the use of words like, ‘magic’ and ‘occult’ and other terms that indicate that one might be looking to do business with the devil. I should point out that you are doing that all the time anyway no matter what you think. Everyone is already practicing magic but, for the most part, they are doing it badly or ineffectively. There is no devil anyway, besides the part of you that engages in self-interest or which seeks gain at the expense of others. It’s true that the collective energies of billions of people in pursuit of their own interests can create a central figure of fear by all the contributions they drop in the collection plate every time they think or feel or speak or act on their own behalf to the detriment of others... but it has only the power over you that you give it and it is only concealing the presence of an angel.

This may not come as much comfort to those who have scared the shit out of themselves by believing in false appearances until they look as real as real can be. People get weaned off their mothers, or they don’t. It works well for them or it leaves them with lasting conflicts and complications which they carry around with them and visit on others. Generations transfer bad habits and other undesirable aspects from parent to child and so... bad magic gains the appearance of good magic because, “That’s how we do it around here.”

There’s a great book called “The Science of Mind.” By Ernest Holmes which will literally transform the lives of any and all who are willing to be influenced by what it has to say. It does have a Christian aspect to it but it doesn’t require you to be one to take advantage of it. Holmes demonstrated the truth of what he taught. These things work so... why would we not want to avail ourselves of something that can make our lives so much easier and fulfilling? That’s the sixty four thousand dollar question.

The world of philosophical, scientific and metaphysical inquiry is rife with people who talk in a language so complicated that no one knows what they are talking about except for a very few others who are too busy being confusing themselves. They benefit no one, not even themselves. All of their mental gymnastics are for the sole purpose of making them look smarter than other people and seldom contains anything of practical use. It’s understood that certain sciences would be complex because of the nature of the technology and these thing can benefit others even if they don’t understand them but as for those areas that deal with the technology of being... it’s a simple affair and if someone is complicating it then there’s usually a venal reason involved or a personality dysfunction that intends to draw attention to them as some oracle or font of wisdom which this practice proves they do not possess.

I didn’t have to read too many intellectuals before I discovered that it didn’t matter what they were saying if there was no simple practice that could be realized from it. It didn’t matter what they were talking about if you couldn’t use it to improve your life. Jesus Christ; Buddha and Lao Tzu all spoke a simple language. Ernest Holmes and others like him spoke a simple language and what they said and taught can be used at any time by the simplest among us.

There are three basic areas of the mind and it is all one mind. We differentiate these areas but they are all one thing which operates in three different ways and this mind we call our own is actually just the point at which we contact the one mind that is the only mind everywhere and anywhere you go. Your subconscious is just the point where you touch the collective subconscious. It’s the same with the self-conscious and superconscious as well. It could be said that there is only one real self. What all the rest of us are... these are temporary unreal versions of it. Proper communication between these three aspects of the mind can achieve anything the mind can imagine. It goes without saying that it can surely manufacture everything you see because it already has or you wouldn’t see it. It all came out of mind. Everything is thought born. Physicists have proven this yet... the general population doesn’t seem to make the connection and that is why they are canon fodder and serfs for psychopaths. Stop playing their game.

As I said in Chapter One; find a place in Nature that you can visit once in the day time and once in the night. Stand in the same place each time. I’m going to give you something to say but you can adjust this to any personal request you might have. Stand still and let the mood come upon you. Then look to Heaven and say, “Lord of the Heavens grant me your ear. Please hear my request. Open before me the secret Heart of Nature and let her hear me when I speak. Divine mother, I ask you to bring forth from your substance the properties of my Self Realization. Grant me Wisdom and Understanding. Replace my shortcoming with the qualities of God. Grant me access to those realms where I might receive the instructions that will transform my life. Grant me your protection and open the portal of my intuition that I might hear you at all times when the need is present. Inspire me. Give to me the wonder and the awe of your presence. Thank you for hearing me and granting my request as it has been asked but according to your finer understanding of my needs. Fill me with gratitude. Thank you.”

I have given you something similar to what I say but have not included certain things that might not apply to everyone and which might in fact be dangerous for some. You can change the words to anything you wish. You must remember that you are in the actual presence of the divine when you do this. No fooling, it is so. Realize this and speak with certitude and focus your attention while speaking FROM your heart. Do it each day and each night at as close to the same time as you can manage but do it even if you miss by hours. You will find as you continue that something happens and you will see after a time that someone is listening.

Finally, let me say that even if there were no God and no divine feminine principle of Nature this would still work because it is your mind that you are treating with. This is the same mind that has brought forth everything you see... everything. Science- empirical science has already proven this. However, there most certainly is the mind of God and the divine feminine agency which is the portal through which everything appears. And in conclusion let me say again that everyone is already doing some version of this and the results are clear to see in any life you observe.

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