Saturday, November 08, 2008

You are What You are Looking For.

I’d like to talk about a curious thing today and something that, if properly understood and practiced, will lead to certain definite results over time and nothing can or will hinder it either. Imagine that you are in a large public library in a large city. Imagine you are in a large university library or in the Library of Congress or the library at The Vatican. Imagine that you are surrounded by all of these books of which you will never read more than a small portion in your lifetime even if all you do is read.

Imagine that there is a library in your head which is larger than any library on Earth and that these books are a part of what you are. Imagine all of the spiritual texts and scriptures of which you could never read more than a small part of even one religion. Sure, you could read the major texts and some will tell you that is all you need. I won’t debate this. Imagine that the actual and original flame alphabet of the original, unaltered scriptures are written on your heart. There is a secret chamber in the heart where this happens to be true. Is it your heart or the place where you touch the universal heart? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is.

Computers are based on the operations of the brain. In fact, all technology is based on the human body. Consider the female outlet and the male plug that allows the transference of energy that makes all of the machines work. Imagine that the sex force is the only force that exists in human interaction and that it is either coarsely expressed in the basement or upwardly refined until it becomes speech and art moving through religion until it touches God which is your essential nature. Imagine that the soul is the bride and lover of this essential self. Imagine that ultimately you make love to yourself and that the offspring of that union is eternal life and all pervading consciousness. Imagine that the process that brings this entire evolution through circumstance and time is all accomplished by the real you that unified the separated you that was separated and put into interactive compartments for the purpose of experience whose intent is realization. Imagine that this is why it is important to love yourself.

Imagine then that you operate in the wider world so that, over lifetimes, you acquire all of the experience necessary to come to the point where the door into a much larger world opens within. Imagine that all of the power that you witness external to yourself is only a small expression, along a limited bandwidth, of the power within you which sets the stars and planets in their courses, which slings everything inward outward and which never manifests but a portion of the power that remains unmanifest.

Imagine that the purpose of the world which is perceived by the senses is to deceive the mind which interprets the reports of the senses. Imagine that the world is only a garment that conceals the real world. Imagine that all of the heartbreak and pain in the manifest world has but one purpose and that is to disenchant you with the world that deceives you. Imagine that everyone you ever meet, everyone you are attracted or repelled by is another facet of yourself. Imagine that every person, regardless of their position, is an archetype which expresses a particular presentation of the indefinable for the purpose of demonstration to everyone who, for the most part, never sees it.

Imagine that everything you believe about yourself is something you imagined and none of it is real and yet you live out a lifetime based on beliefs that are constantly altered due to circumstances set up for just this purpose so that eventually you find that nothing you believed was true but was mere projection based on a limited perception of that which cannot be grasped or defined.

Imagine that all of the suffering and the wars are no more than an eternal interplay between shadow and light which makes a world in which such things take place possible and that it is to the degree that you are in the shadow or in the light that you suffer or are a part of the suffering and wars and all that takes place.

Imagine that the idea of evil and evil itself is no more than something you do not understand and have not yet learned how to make use of constructively. Imagine that lightning is a good example of this as are floods and all manner of forces that seem to work against you because you operate in a way that is not in harmony with your essential nature. Imagine that no wild beast or any other seemingly inimical thing could harm you if you were in your essential nature but would otherwise rest quietly beside you or serve you and we have already many example of this.

Imagine that all of the fundamentalist mindsets, the Zionists, the bankers; all of those whose mindset and bandwidth allow only for a material understanding of the greater realm, of which this is only one of the sub-basements, actually have no power over you but what you give them and that anyone who is tormented or enslaved by these elements has voluntarily given them the power to do it.

Imagine, as has been said, “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” Imagine, as has been said, “There is a man who is so sure of his inward course that no wild beast can harm him, no danger can approach him... and why? Because he has no death to die.” Imagine that the truth of everything you have read which is true is a proven fact within you already and that no book, no teaching, no guru and no energy or entity can possibly confer on you a greater understanding than you already posses but are unaware of. Imagine that it is not learning you require but remembrance.

Imagine and visualize that you are the world in which you live and it is your perception of it that defines the reality you encounter. Imagine that you have only to unlearn or to forget the lies you have told yourself in order to be free of the conditions in which you have placed yourself. Imagine that you are the source and the accomplishment of everything you seek. Imagine that everyone you encounter is you and act accordingly.

Imagine that there are no accidents and that everything always has been and always will be under control and that you can enjoy the confidence of that reality simply by making it real by constantly practicing the presence of it. Imagine that you can go deeper and deeper as you go and that you will never know how deep it is.

Remember that the further you proceed into matter the more dense it becomes and the more confined you are and the more the heat increases. Conversely, the more you proceed out of material attraction, the freer you are, the wider the spaces and the cooler the fire that warms you to the core.

As true as any of this may be you can never communicate it to anyone not disposed to receive it. This is why, although you see suffering everywhere you go you can do nothing about it except to live as an example of the alternative. You cannot change things for another no matter how desperately you may wish or try. They can only change according to what their understanding allows and it is only example that shows the way. It is only trauma and loss that makes ready the ground.

Imagine that this is true for you, that infinite possibility awaits and imagine that you are open for that and become ready for the only meaningful pursuit you will ever discover. Bon voyage.

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