Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas and Karma, Surrender and Love.

Christmas Day is on the horizon. Ramadan is over. Diwali is over. The solstice is coming as preface for the Christmas that was grafted upon it, though that takes nothing from the eternal message of the Prince of Peace, independent of the damage done by those who milked the faith of others for their own profit and to the ongoing detriment of the world in which we live.

This is not a reasonable age and therefore we cannot expect a more pervasive awareness of the eternal. The density of form holds the ordinary mind fixed upon present representations of the eternal, rather than allowing for a more boundless contemplation upon the everlasting. It should be obvious that religions, for the most part are celebrations of the timeless rotations of Nature which is the mirror of God... or God manifest as opposed to God hidden from the senses.

In Nature there is the constant cycling of condition and circumstance which mirrors the ages of humanity in its individual and collective transitioning. Every thought, word and deed makes its impression in Nature and brings forth the fruit of that imprint which is known as Karma. Life begins as tabla rasa and continues as the search for tabla rasa. Innocence is lost and then sought. Regenerated innocence is the true, unspoken goal of life. The general accomplishment is senility which is the shadow self of innocence returned. Few achieve this because of the ease of compromise as opposed to the lonely struggle on a narrow highway.

Every cosmic state has its shadow self. A good analogy is the perversion of elves into goblins. This is the blocking of the light from passing through the stained glass windows of the personality. What blocks the light is Karma and Samskaras which are a feature of Karma.

What is true about that which religion represents is different from the representation. Religion is the goblin to the elf. So we are left with sad, tired spectacles of celebration seen through dirty spectacles. This is also Karma. Everything is Karma. The message of salvation given by The Christ, by Mohammed and by Buddha is all about being made free of Karma. The promise of being made “whiter than snow” and all the companion scripture in all of the major religions is about Karma.

Karma is inflexible except in relation to Grace and that too is Karma. The secret to the best and most expeditious management of Karma can be best illustrated in the act of throwing a ball against the wall. Once the ball has left your hand it is beyond your control and will continue in the direction of your intention. It will hit the wall and bounce back but... you can run toward the returning ball and catch it before it reaches you and this brings me to the story of the life of Jesus Christ.

As I said, this is not a reasonable age and because of this... the general mindset is to take everything on faith and avoid inquiry which has the sense of heresy about it. We are not encouraged to question and consider. I sincerely doubt that any of the principals, upon whose lives these religions were based, would forbid you to inquire as deeply as possible into the nature of existence and the meaning of their words. Question everything I would say and... the application of reason will open the portal of intuition.

According to the Koran, Jesus was not crucified. Those who are purported to have carried out this act were deceived into believing that they had but they did not. This is what the Koran says and this is echoed in certain occult texts. Some of them say it was Judas who was crucified. I’m not pushing any of these possibilities. I say, only... look.

As with the returning ball, the life of Christ showed the quickest way to be free of Karma. The submission to the will of the one that is exemplified in the life of The Christ is also found in Islam as well. Islam basically means... total surrender to God. You will find parallels in the life of The Buddha as you will find parallels in all other scripture. In the Way of Lao Tzu we are told to be like the green sapling that bends easily with the wind and not as the hard stem that cannot yield and must therefore break. The teachings of the Christ are filled with companion sayings that mirror this perspective.

I submit that the life of The Christ was a metaphor for the most precise way to accomplish freedom from Karma; if you are a Christian. All of these portals provide a similar relief if you are capable of bypassing the dogma and ritual into the essence of the thing itself. Every event in the life of The Christ and the others is an example for the best behavior. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the promise of our own liberty. The name Jesus comes from the name Joshua which translates as ‘salvation’. Easter and the living truth of resurrection is there to show you that no condition on Earth, not even death, should have power over you. It is fear of death and want that forces us to compromise and is the cause of much Karma. Desire is the cause of much Karma but, desire is the agent of God’s will so... you are either ‘one’ or you are ‘two’ and there’s that house divided.

Jesus had Karma too. This does not conflict with the idea that he was without sin. Karma is more than the general definition of it. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. Gautama was a man. Buddha ’hood’ is a state and the hood is a cobra hood which is also the source of the corona around the heads of the saints. God is a serpent. Understanding this clears away a great deal of mystery but mystery will always remain.

You’ve perhaps heard the phrase that one should, “walk contrary to all things in the world” also, “I come with a sword”. This is the same sword which is the sword of Islam and is not a sword of war. It is a sword that is meant to piece the heart. Many lies have been told. We are told that Islam was spread at the point of a sword. This isn’t true. It is a lie. We are surrounded by lies which even a little research would dissolve.

The reason that The Christ presents a message of Love is the reason that Islam speaks of total surrender to God and is the essence of the teachings of The Buddha as well. That reason is that we are in a dark age -the Kali Yuga- and nothing but total surrender or the attitude of a Bhakti yogi will prevail. It is true that there are some singular souls who might walk a different path but that is Karma too.

Love is a flame. Flames consume. This flame consumes Karma. Those who love much are forgiven much. In times of darkness one needs a light. Such a light is concealed within every one of us and it is that which we must feed and celebrate rather than the perversions of the marketplace which are the norm of our time. We’re here to serve and that is the manner by which our karma is reduced. We brought nothing with us but what we had become before and we will take nothing with us but what we have further become after. Given this... there is nothing of greater importance, yet... every day we find some new distraction to take our mind away from the only real consideration in front of us all.

Hard times come to refine the metal but we refuse to endure the fire that will burn away the suffering and so we suffer even more. Intellectuals will tell you what their arrogant limitations have provided them in their worshiping of the vanities of their tiny little minds. Politicians and religious leaders will spin the message according to the material profits they are seeking but... they haven’t got a clue. You don’t have to look that hard for what you are seeking, in every other medium, but can only find in one location, always waiting to be born, in the Bethlehem of the heart.

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