Monday, December 08, 2008

That Indefinable Ease Thing

As it gets harder and less satisfying to compose for Smoking Mirrors, it gets easier to do the same here at Visible Origami. I want to talk about world conditions today and how to live with a greater ease in the midst of uncertainty and punishing confusion. Of course, what you do and where you live can have a lot to do with providing a greater peace of mind but these are considerations you have to sort out for yourself. Besides, we need something that’s going to work wherever you are. Also... it’s quite possible that the right frame of mind will naturally affect what you do and where you are.

It’s your choice whether you believe that there are entities and agencies involved in disrupting your balance for whatever their reasons may be. Let’s assume this is the case, both internally and externally. Let’s also assume that the one mirrors the other and that everything is in your mind and that everything is composed of mind stuff which, depending on your capacity to concentrate and to focus ‘the’ will, determines your capacity to shape the plastic mind stuff and the speed at which you can do it.

Probably everyone wishes they had the ability to cause instantaneous change in their circumstances and surrounding... and, one day you will. But does it matter if what you can do is more gradual as long as it occurs? I assure you that everyone does what masters do only they do it more slowly and less effectively. We don’t want to do the work that gradual transformation requires. That’s how it is in our instant, “I want it right now” world. So... there’s something we are lacking that we need to begin with or we’re not going to get very far. This thing is a little like ‘ease’.

I don’t know exactly what to call this thing but I can describe it for you. I had a friend visit recently and I noticed that he was fidgety, like there was somewhere he wanted to get off to or something he wanted to do. There wasn’t anything scheduled though. We were supposed to just continue sitting where we were and chatting for another hour or so.

I wasn’t fidgety at all. I had sunk into myself and I was pretty relaxed. This is something that has come to me over the last few years that I didn’t have before. I can sit somewhere and not have to do anything... just be. Most people might not know what I’m talking about but... there’s this delicious settling effect that you can acquire by removing your mind from the consideration of time. You have to cultivate it. You have to let go completely of the idea that there is anything more important anywhere else or that there is anything that has to be done and... it wouldn’t hurt to also let go of the idea that you actually do anything anyway.

This is a critical mindset to accomplish before you begin to engage in the gradual materialization of something. It’s important because otherwise, the usual operations of your mind will interfere with it. People can encounter this condition by being around a realized master and also just by being around anyone who has it to some degree. People can encounter it by consistent practice of meditation. You can encounter it by continuous surrender and also by rotating the mind around something like a prayer or a chant... though... you have to watch it with that because it can also busy you up and generate a certain tension unless it is conscious.

It’s right there in your mind right now, this ease thing... this relaxing and letting go of everything so that your center ‘emerges’ and swallows the rest of you. Now we’ve all heard about, ‘letting go’ and all the permutations of this thing that is hard to name. I may not be talking about what your mind may be telling you I am. After all... if it was one of those things we associate with the explanations and interpretations we’ve heard so many times in books or from new age practitioners then we would already have it and most of us don’t.

I tried many different things to get to this sense of ease but they didn’t do it so that I could just have it when I wanted it. How it worked for me was that I discovered it was there all along and I found I could ‘let it happen’. It seems to be aware of itself and it knows what to do. I don’t have to tell it anything, I just rest in it.

This ease thing is the key to being able to do a great many things that seemed difficult before. This ease thing also has the ability to communicate itself to others and so you find that you’ve got less difficulty with people than you had before. You might almost say it’s like ‘being cool’... that’s right, sunglasses and all but different than the posed variety. See... everyone has a heat envelope that they carry around with them. You could call it the desire body. People unconsciously react to each others heat bodies. And there are heat tunnels too, like highways and subways and traffic zones that push and pull us collectively. You can find it in a supermarket line or at the post office. It’s urgency and need along with some other things that you don’t need and which don’t serve you. See... either you are serving it or it is serving you.

Think of it as having a fire in your belly. You can adjust the flame just like a gas stove. You can dial it down. It gets itchy when you try to do this. It requires focus but not effort because it is already there. Cities are high heat areas. That’s what makes New York City what it is. The steam rising out of the grates on the sidewalk is a compelling image.

Timelessness is what you are after and these agencies and entities want you time conscious for whatever their reason may be. There’s a reason why there are few single income families any more. There’s a reason for economic uncertainty and the constant desire for things you don’t have and think you want. There’s a constant advertisement from the market place for stuff and there’s also a constant magnetic pulse for things to stick part of yourself into or to stick things into yourself so as to ease this discomfort of urgency. So... you could say that in some ways it has a lot to do with the sex force and how you channel it.

When the sex force is externalizing... that ages you and hollows you out. It burns you up and anger can enter the mix as well through frustration. When the sex force is internalized it feeds you and maintains your health and makes you vibrant. When you’re young you have a lot of this and that is why youth glows and is the object of such attraction. You get the idea that what you want is outside of you but actually it is inside you. This is the sole purpose of the world... to suck you out into it. It is a conscious personal choice not to go.

This is a warming engine when routed properly or otherwise you ‘might catch your death’ so to speak. I’m talking in riddles but there isn’t any other way. You have to catch the idea behind the words. This thing I’m talking about is listening to you right now. In some ways this is connected to what I said about going into Nature and speaking ‘into’ it. It’s all you but there are rituals that make it possible for you to talk to yourself and get results.

Once you find this thing I’m talking about you will realize that you don’t actually want anything else. It rounds sharp edges and it gives you a space cushion in the traffic of life. When you ‘really’ start to pay attention to what is going on around you, you can see that you have been being played. It’s possible to step outside of what is going on around you while you are inside of it and it deepens and deepens and widens as it goes. This is an actual road that moves like it had eyes toward those states that have been called Satori and enlightenment and the like. Enlightenment is not some instantaneous awakening though... no doubt... that has happened here and there. Generally it is a gradual thing that deepens and widens as it goes.

Well, we’ll give the impression, for now, that we are stopping here but you know that’s not the case.

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