Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tripping the Light Fantastic Beauty

It cannot be denied that the world is in a state of transition. Ancient infrastructures of the last two thousand years are crumbling and the foundations of a new environment are being laid. We stand now in the demolition phase where what is is being transformed into what was and the debris is being carted of to the invisible foundries for remaking into the next presentation.

What this is all about is the emergence of the avatar. The avatar is on the way... moving from the central point within and precipitating down the planes while pushing before it all the invisible transmission centers that have been the broadcast booths for our confusion. He leaves intact those citadels of ageless wisdom... the Shangri Las and Shambhalas... the Buddhic realms and other lighthouses that are the places mentioned by Christ when he said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

Those in a position to be informed know that there is only one original source of illumination... creation... succor and control. The appearance given to the indefinable incomprehensible source of all is tailored for the benefit of the souls on their particular rays. You need only think of light through a prism and the seven rays which all proceed from the central point. It’s the same thing whose presentation is adjusted for those inclined to pay attention.

This is the Kali Yuga; not the time and place one would choose if serenity and clarity were their flavors. However... however... and going back to the mention of ‘lighthouse’, there are bright places in the surrounding dark. Such a circumstance is upon us now so... regardless of the sinister appearances and looming unknown, there comes not only a condition but also a consciousness and an aperture of which the 60’s was a herald.

Looking at what is going on right in front of you can be misleading, insofar as it being an indication of what will actually come over the horizon. Much better for those so disposed is to focus on what is happening inside of them because... things occur there... before they appear here.

What I am saying is that there is good news... very, very... very good news. You might think about it as something like a cure for cancer or... some amazing renewable energy force. You might think of it as an opportunity to fix something for which there didn’t previously seem to be the proper tools. You could imagine it as an ability to give yourself a chiropractic adjustment that works under the ministrations of informed hands. You could think about it as a way to lose some baggage that you have been carrying for some time but are unable to locate and which is in a position to be disposed of, recycled and turned into something that is more an asset than an encumbrance.


I like to travel light.

What I am attempting to say is that the potential for connecting yourself to this process is right where you are right now. Evidence of its immanence is around to be sure; here we are talking about it right now. However... you have what you need, if you don’t mind a competent guide as opposed to wandering around at night in strange landscapes alone and... this being the Kali Yuga it could be termed ‘night’ under a moon.

There are resources aplenty to be found, if one has the circumspection to know how to look... once again; it’s right where you are right now and if you did need some or any of some other things it would be glad to show you how.

Being as this is a time of transition, the key concern should be, what to keep and what to let go. So... whats important to you and what do you want? Now the always now where you determine that and automatically the course is set.

Pay no mind to the special effects going on around you. The purpose of those effects is to engage the attention of the people attracted to them. Since this is a time of transition the question you want to ask yourself is; where do I want to land. The sorting out will be going on in any case so it’s really nothing more than determining your itinerary. In this case you don’t actually pick a destination. You pick a state of being and the transition will accommodate that.

This is why I say that it is with you already because... this avatar... as it is pushing its way through the planes is also pushing its way through you. It’s a Macro-microcosm kind of thing. You could call it a ‘top to the bottom’ thing or so on and so forth.

Those of you who study arcane history as opposed to the ‘history written by the victors’ know that around every two thousand or so years a new age appears. It’s happened every time before so why would anyone think it isn’t happening now? Well... like I said, pay no attention to those special effects unless that is the sort of thing that interests you.

Something is coming which is the very best part of all of us and it is redefining itself for our benefit should we be inclined to have an interest in our benefit... depending on what we think benefits us. You’ll have to make up what you call your mind about that a la “There where your treasures are your heart is also.”

You deserve a break today.” I’m guessing our readers aren’t thinking of McDonald’s when they read this but I suspect they get the connection in an “As above, so below” sort of a way.

Presently, certain forces are exposing themselves in broad daylight to the whole world. It is amazing when you consider how clever some forces think they are that they actually think that they are hiding themselves in full view. This is all for the purpose of demonstration. It is an object lesson. Life really is a movie and every movie has a director and an audience as well as those performing in it. In this instance, the audience and the performers are interchangeable... interactive and so on and so forth.

What is going to happen has already happened, just as any battles being fought are already won and lost. There isn’t any question about the outcome except in the minds of those who are confused because they can’t make up their mind about what to leave and what to take.

So... for those whose values are of the eternal variety, I’ve got some very good new for you. For those whose values are otherwise placed the news is not so good. Still... the news is good for them too if they are capable of making an adjustment. We shall see about that.

So... despite all the bells and whistles and flashing lights there’s wonder opening into wonder for those of you who know that there really is a Santa Claus, even if he’s not dressed they way you expected.

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