Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Truth Remains.

It’s been a strange few weeks. I said some things that I felt needed saying and can only hope I didn’t drive some unfortunate soul on down the highway who only wanted a sip of the cool, clear water ...when the quiet guy by the water's bank turned into a fire breathing dragon.

I don’t know what makes me madder; the people doing the killing, the people lying about it, the people pretending it didn’t happen or the people saying they had a good reason. Well... we won’t be talking about that today.

We’re going to talk about a yoga nobody talks about but which is as close to natural as you are going to find and you are going to have to forgive me. I insist (grin)... visualize smoke beginning to curl from between Visible’s wry lips.

You could call it the, ‘shit yourself’ yoga. I tried hard to find another way to say it but nothing else comes close. It’s a fine word for that special occasion where no other word will do. I’m engaged in it at this very moment; no... not literally but it still applies. It’s a getting rid of your self sort of a thing. For the squeamish among you, I’m going to tinker with the syntax and sidewinder my way around but you remember, it means just what it says.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that we take ourselves too seriously most of the time; you being you and me being me. We defend the indefensible and we go into combat over things we don’t understand in the service of people who don’t even like us. We abuse ourselves for the entertainment of entities created to serve us. They eat our food and drink our wine and laugh at the stupidity that has blinded us to the beauty that we are. They’ve thrown us out of our own homes and now we wander an unfamiliar landscape and we haven’t got a clue. We know something’s wrong but not what it is.

In the religion of Islam they have something called ‘jihad’. As usual, it’s come to be interpreted as something other than what it is. I like to think of it as an internal cleansing where all of the demons and various bad actors are thrown out of the V.I.P. section of the inner kingdom. I think of it as a high colonic for the whole system; top to bottom and finest sheaths to grossest sheaths. It’s a purge where you genocide yourself.

Without getting into details, I want you to think about how much solid waste you process each day and how much liquid waste and how long it would take before you have accounted for your body weight. That’s fine... I’m going to go outside for a smoke and some fresh air... heh heh... that sounds funny. I like it. You let me know when it’s okay to come back in.

Alright then, so you’ve got an idea now of how long it might take to disappear the old you. Keep in mind that no one is perfect at this sort of thing so, as diligent as you might try to be, it could take longer than that. It’s okay. We’re not looking for Elijah going right up to heaven in a chariot of fire. It doesn’t matter if you take the express or the local as long as you get there. Cue Curtis Mayfield and “People get Ready.”

I know that some of you re now studying the Tarot with the B.O.T.A. so you will be familiar with the Justice card. This is the card of Libra and it rules the excretory system through the skin and the kidneys. Interestingly, this is the card of Karma and you can see the figure holding the scales and so on and so forth.

Are you catching on? Can you hear the diesels humming”? All you need is faith, so the song says...

Usually around this time someone yells, “Can I get a witness!” irony and ebony live on my keyboard in life’s greatest oxymoron. I don’t believe I said that. Can I get a witness? I think I just shit myself. You get the picture... or not. Hopefully not... Eliminate yourself... This is suicide where you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. So let us consider the possibilities of offloading our baggage. It’s a new country. It’s a young and vital thing. You can do it if you try.

Every day when you let go of yourself... say goodbye forever. Every time you eat, welcome yourself into your new home. Every time you evict a tenant from your mind, never mind. Every time you empty your heart of all the things that you can no longer bear, don’t say you don’t care, say you believe. I almost feel like a song is coming right up out of this work to greet us. That’s how real it is. That’s how certain I am and you should be too.

Each and every day you are going to rise and bathe and wash away the bathwater but baby... that’s not you. Here you come, day by day with help on the way because every time some part of what is no longer you is... laid in the grave, there is more power to save. Can I get a witness?

Just let it go and as you eat why not imagine where you will be? When we read a book we are eating the words. We consume thoughts too. We dine on them. You could say that after awhile, a party starts to go on in our heads, all kinds of things show up and they party too and that is how we got in trouble in the first place. Pay attention! Sorry... lost my focus for a moment.

I think you know what I’m saying. It is a general idea and you can finger-paint the rest in by yourselves. It’s the same way you get on that train. It’s not actually going to Jordan but you know what I mean. It’s a metaphor at five.

Of course there are other things that can be attended to but if you stay with the basics you will find that our highly trained staff have been made aware of you and are oh so willing to help you on your way. Most people don’t know that we attract a crowd with everything we do. That’s because they can’t see them. A brilliant teacher once said, (I’m paraphrasing) “If we only knew what sort of things show up every time we have sex or when we eat we would be very careful about how we do these things.”

I know, I have neglected those of you who prefer this sort of thing. You know... I prefer it too. That’s what I am really all about... something like this. I only do Smoking Mirrors so that I can get people to read here. I know it’s necessary but I don’t like it. You can see that it’s really close to one in ten according to the hit counters and even the amount of postings are about to even out. Visible Origami was always ahead and now Smoking Mirrors is just a few posts behind. I was doing Origami for awhile before this other thing came along.

I want to thank all of you for having given me so much support. I expect I would have done this anyway but it would have been awfully lonesome. Somehow we find each other. Something found me. I’m sure I was lost. How many people... I don’t know what to say. I’m going to repeat myself by putting the same song up that I just put up somewhere else but I think it fits. God Bless you one and all. Don’t falter. You will prevail.

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