Thursday, March 19, 2009

Karma, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Talking about Karma seems to have brought up a lot of different commentary along with some amusing moments. So we’re going to talk a little more about Karma today and see if we can’t find a wider perspective to replace our narrow subjective takes and possibly rise above what we wish things were and try to find some kind of a comfort zone in the way things are; keeping in mind that the way things ‘really’ are may also be something we are missing. The way things are is not necessarily the way things are.

Today I went into town on some business with my trusty companion, Poncho Moonlight in the passenger seat. He doesn’t wear his seat belt, I do. Coming into town, I saw a dog walking by the side of the road. I had seen this same dog a few days earlier and noted how gaunt she was; ribs clearly defined and looking beaten and bedraggled. I wanted to stop and feed her but the circumstances weren’t good. First of all, I had to get somewhere within a pressing time frame and the location of the dog, for pulling over and attending to it, was not good.

Afterwards, I discovered, since things went far more smoothly than they usually do down here, that I would have had the time. I thought about the dog now and then and today, there she was in another inconvenient place. I was approaching the roundabout into town so I pulled into the V between where cars enter and come off at the direction I was coming from. This is one of the cool things about Italy. People park anywhere they want to. You have to see it to believe it. The Italians aren’t like everybody else; sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not so much; like when you’re trying to take care of some kind of official business.

I crossed the street and poured out some food for the dog in a driveway while she watched me. It seemed like she’d had pups recently because her dugs were hanging down or... she just may have had so many that that is where they were now. She was skeletal but also of that breed that tends toward thin anyway but... this dog was in bad shape no matter how you parse it. I left what would be a normal portion for a dog of that size and that was all that was in the bag anyway. I thought of getting the other bag out and leaving more but... I operate nearly all of the time off of intuition and so... off I went. As I passed that place on my return I saw that the dog was gone and half of the food was still there.

Perhaps the dog is dying. She didn’t look good. You couldn’t get much lower than this dog in the pecking order. Here is this member of the Devic Realm, a noble friend to humanity, with centuries beyond remembering of tradition and history reduced to terrible circumstance. No one is going to adopt this dog. I’m not the dog wrangler that Susanne is so I don’t have her deft touch with these creatures. Should I have tried to put her in my car and take her home? Can I take all these dogs, that I see wandering the streets, back to my house? You can see a variety of karmas here.

This dog has no friends, nowhere to stay and gets mounted by anyone who wants to every time she goes into heat. Here in Italy, as in Spain and certain other locations, people will take a pet for the summer and then just turn it loose on the streets when the season ends. Sometimes they just don’t want their dog anymore. I guess there are a lot of reasons with zero moral justification. I can’t imagine the mindset that would take in an animal that depends on you for everything and who gives unreservedly in return... I just can’t imagine abandoning a responsibility taken for another living thing with such a callous disregard.

I can’t imagine raping a child. I can’t imagine gunning down women and children. I can’t imagine trafficking in human beings. I can’t imagine defrauding people or beating my consort. I can’t imagine starting wars for economic profit. There are a lot of things that I just wouldn’t do but the same cannot be said for everyone.

Yes... there are people who do hideous things. Some of them do it out of ignorance and there are some who do it, knowing full well that it is wrong -and who do it for the sheer joy of doing evil. Yes... there are creatures like this. It has been said that, “what goes around comes around”. It can also be said that we come around too. We come around and around and around for as long as the need may be.

It has been said by some number of people far wiser than I that a human birth is a very special thing. It is a remarkable opportunity and it doesn’t happen often. You would do well to tremble as you read those words. You would do well to strive hard for all your days remaining. You would do well to do good at every opportunity and to repent and ask for forgiveness when you find that you are in error. You would do well to put away your pride in yourselves and your vain and insignificant accomplishments. You would do well not to imagine that you know anything at all.

Where is it that you think you are? What are this planet and this form in which you move? This planet is a planet of elements constantly at war with each other... within you and without you. This is a place of atonement and the key to understanding Job One is at-one-ment. Hidden within the language are a great many answers. Hidden within you are all the answers. If you do not seek you will not find.

Let us look at that Tibetan wheel again. This world is an intermediary zone between the worlds below and the worlds above. This is not the only world by any stretch so why is it that we think we are going to find justice and comprehension when we never can see any more than one loop of the Mobius Strip?

There is a reason that ‘understanding’ is among the most priceless of spiritual gifts. How does one come by understanding? One gains understanding through surrender only. Until we can surrender what we think we know, it is all we will know -and that is a mortal darkness, lit with false light, illuminating illusionary forms. We wander blind in disorderly dreams. We act without comprehending. We speak without understanding.

There are no accidents and that is karma too. Consider those who do such terrible harm. Should there be no recompense for this? That is the purpose of reincarnation which is eternally linked to karma. They are magnetized to each other. No one gets away with anything.

I felt so very bad for that dog but I know nothing of the circumstances. I do not know who that dog was or why it was there. I know what I felt and I thank god that I can feel as I do. Look around your world and tell me what you see in this immense and seething cauldron of suffering. What goes up must come down. It is better to stay small and be satisfied with a little than spend a lifetime acquiring useless things that will remain on your departure and ...depart you will. This is one of the most peculiar mysteries to me that people do not recognize that they will lose everything except the progress made within.

Where do your treasures lie? Upon that hangs your destiny and fate; according to that so is your karma. The queen upon the throne may awaken to find herself a sidewalk whore. The billionaire may wake up chained to a galley. It is all important what we do from this moment and in each succeeding one. We should be filled with gratitude at every opportunity to be of service. Our intentions guide the way. There is far less said here than what is implied.

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