Friday, April 24, 2009

Magical Powers and the Absence of Love

When I was young I had, as has been documented here at various times, an extraordinary Kundalini experience. There are the small flashes that are the common occurrence and then there are the absolute life transforming experiences and mine was of this sort so that the effects lasted for some years. During this time I had magical powers which would operate spontaneously. I can only assume, at this point, that what was happening was being directed by someone else.

I met a living saint who arrested and channeled these powers and over time this energy has been sublimated into more controlled forces which operate through the intuition and other archetypal manifestations that are easier to live with and less likely to compromise me in ways that are undesirable. It is the undesirable aspects that we are going to talk about today. I’d like to start off with this link and then we’ll go on once you have read or... scanned what is there, depending on your temperament.

What you have read is probably new to many of the readers here. I direct your attention to the connections between L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley and The Nazis as well as various groups which were/are engaged in activating certain forces for personal use. You can see what is said about the character of these people and things they got up to and this is what I’d like to go into today.

When I had certain powers I found them amusing and curious things but I didn’t take them seriously as something I wanted more of. For the most part I seldom used them and when I did, as I said, I got the feeling it wasn’t me doing it. Sometimes I was in danger and things would happen that removed the threat or concealed me from it. When these powers went away I didn’t miss them and don’t care if they ever come back. I know there are people in this world who have a certain unshakeable integrity and force of will. I am not one of them. I knew instinctively that these things would get me into trouble.

Magical force is cyclopean and it is colored by the individual channeling the force. The power of this force is not to be under-estimated. You are treating with something that can burn you to a cinder under the right conditions and which can also put you under the power and influence of entities who have no love for humanity and which are always laying about in the area where people are messing with these sorts of things. The madhouses and the graveyards are filled with people who thought they could manage these things. It takes an exceptional person of a rare type to be able to handle this sort of thing and... one needs be possessed of much more than the ordinary human virtue to engage. A tremendous purity is needed and... most of the time... those attracted to these things are seriously lacking in this essential element.

For myself, I have found that surrender to the activity of the mediating angel is the best course. The true magical act is gaining the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel for the purpose of completing the Operation of the Sun. The practitioner does nothing themselves. They simply endure the stages toward completion and avoid all possibility of interference in the process.

No one contacts God directly. There are always mediums between the individual and the source of all things. I would suggest that those among us who can handle the charge of a lightning bolt are few and far between.

What are called Siddhis in the Hindu tradition and magical powers in the Western tradition come to all aspirants as they move on the path. Some of these powers are very welcome and quite benign. Some of them can get you into trouble and that is why most masters who possess these things seldom if ever use them. Ramakrishna, the great Hindu saint had ALL of the powers and he never used them once. He passed them on to Vivekananda just before passing out of this realm. Anyone who possesses these powers- and knows the means- can transfer them to anyone they choose.

I should mention that all of us have certain powers but we are unaware of them most of the time. One of these is the ability to work with the subconscious mind to bring things into manifestation. The subconscious mind is like the earth into which seeds are planted and then receive the benefits of Sun and Rain. We have these within us too. The difference between the operation of a master at this particular process and that of a non master is the time involved in manifestation. A master can precipitate something near immediately. For others it takes longer but it still happens. The same things need to be kept in mind about gardening as need to be kept in mind about this process. They are identical in many respects.

Love is a magical power and it can be increased in force by exercising it. This is no different than what happens to your muscles when you lift weights. Also, the channel through which love flows is always narrow in the ordinary soul. It requires opening and various things can accomplish this; spiritual disciplines, meditation, right thinking and reflexive rejection of all negative thought, trauma and loss and... what is important to keep in mind is... as you age... different possibilities present themselves about every seven years as you move into the different stages of life. This is why it is seriously important to have a focused goal that carries you through your existence. What you may believe is unavailable to you now might well show up- will most likely show up- on it’s own as you go.

Powers and wealth, property and position are all deficits. They seem to be assets but they are not. They require attention and protection. They are like noisy children that do not shut up and they drown out the higher voices and deeper beauties of your self. Knowing what is worth having is more important than most people realize. Anyone who is able... can... stop for a moment and consider... what do I really want? The truth is that what we really want is to feel good about ourselves and what we do. We would welcome tranquility, grace and joy... more than all of the world’s treasure because, indeed, the world’s treasure will steal your tranquility, grace and joy.

Some of us want children and lovers. We want all kinds of things and we conspire to acquire them and... all along the way we lose pieces of ourselves. We forget what we are and who we are and we become only an entity in the pursuit of disappointment and sometimes destruction as well... all of this for nothing... for nothing.

The power of love and the ability to love can be compared to the expansion of the universe and there are many mysteries and powers in the harmonic containment of itself but what does any of it matter if we do not feel good? What does that mean? Aren’t all of us seeking love which we have confused as something else?

Giving yourself away seems like a sucker’s game. Opening your heart and letting love guide your way is a nice thought and people talk a lot about it when they are confusing it with something else or packaging it or selling it or consuming it but it is truly elusive and will not be contained and you can’t fool it. You can only fool yourself. All anyone ‘really’ wants at any time in any place is to feel secure and harmonious and at peace but... why then is the world as it is?

I am sure that I could flood a million words across the page about that, as I am sure that others have already done so and will continue to. And then there are another million words that I could flood across the page about what we could do about it. Others have done that too and will continue to. It seems to me, within the limits of what I am able to perceive, that some things are worth having and some things are not. For some strange reason, I believe you need to give yourself away, serve as you go and cultivate serenity by freeing yourself of the things that chase her away.

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