Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living in the Time of the Avatar.

It could be that I am imagining it but... over the course of the last several months I have experienced... or imagined that I am experiencing, a much greater degree of internal and external static. Those of you who read the news of the wider world have heard about ‘chemtrails’, the GWEN and HAARP systems and assorted micro and radio wave pulse factors as well as ‘things’ in the water supply and, of course... there’s all those chemicals going into the meat and vegetables. One can assume that regardless of what we have heard about that there are other things at work such as subliminal broadcasts... telepathic resonance machines? Who knows what may or may not be deployed against our ‘presently’ human states?

I generally stay away from this particular area of inquiry. First off, though I know a little, I don’t know much and secondly, it’s one of those gray areas where my critics like to fly out with the usual labels that they attach to people who think outside of the box, while they are peering from within over the lid. These people may or may not be being affected by forces I am referring to. Perhaps the combination of cardboard, alcohol and ignorance serves as the tinfoil hat for the masses. I suspect this will not be the case for that much longer.

This is a Visible Origami offering and we don’t want to get too deeply into the minutiae of present day controlling efforts on behalf of the dark side, nor do we want to be too critical of those who possess limited critical awareness. I offer what I have to this point to set the stage for a certain amount of reflection upon the times in which we find ourselves and to put forth an alternate force which is also responsible for some measurable amount of confusion as well as more positive states of being.

The avatar is coming. The avatar has been or the avatar is here. We’re always in one of these states. There are some who say the avatar has appeared and what he said and did are about to go into wide motion. Others say the avatar is years away. Some believe it to be imminent and I am in this group. I point to 2012 and various astrological features on the horizon. I point to the state of the various world cultures, religions and governments and the noticeable upheaval at all levels in which we find ourselves at the present hour. I also point to the very long period of time that has passed between a true world revolution in consciousness and the perpetuation of the same old same old.

Another sure sign post is the disintegration of the various world religions which have become insufficient to the needs of the time. The pervasive presence of certain sexual trends and the separation in mind between children and parents in their perception of the world can not be discounted. When the family unit is thrown into turmoil, the world is on the verge of serious confusions. Those who view themselves in possession of a liberal mindset applaud these things, saying they bring us greater freedom and equality in all things. They are suffering from a form of spiritual and mental scurvy. Certain behaviors are always marginalized in a healthy society but that is not where we find ourselves today.

I can also point to the way I feel but that would be subjective and unscientific except to the degree that I am part of it. It is because of what I am feeling in the moment and what comes to me at odd times through my day that I am given the distinct impression that the avatar is nearly here.

What happens previous to the arrival of the avatar is that all manner of entities and possibilities of awareness are pushed before him as he comes. He comes from the inner planes toward the outer and he scours each plane on his way through. He pushes good and bad entities which have helped and troubled humanity down into the material realm for demonstration and judgment. This is what the Biblical statements about ‘seeing wonders’ and the ‘fooling of the very elect’ is based on.

The evil entities, immediately on arrival, seek out sympathetic vehicles to house them. They become like stolen cars. This is the explanation for the bad behavior in religious houses and in governments. The good entities seek out sympathetic vehicles that they can overshadow in their work. Similar conditions have existed all along but now they will be far more direct. You could look at the whole thing as if two massive hands gathered up all of humanity and the myriad objects and shuffled them like a deck of cards... laying out the game board for the coming age and dispensing at the same time, those blessings and judgments that all behavior demands for itself.

So... the recent uncertainties and periods of dis-ease that I have noticed over the previous months are not due solely to the activities mentioned earlier. There is another force of great benevolence, though potentially fearful aspect, which is presenting itself now and this..., is going to increase by the hour. One has to filter what they are experiencing and continually incline toward the higher inasmuch as discipline, intuition and right intention can manage.

Any sensitive soul will easily see what I am talking about. I have demonstrated before, the great differences in perception that exist among those who read here and at certain chattering, ‘twitter-enhanced’ forums. Here and in similar places there is a general accord about what is taking place. At these other locations, it is as if Burger King were upon the throne and dispensing his teachings to the dreaming stomach; the visceral mind, whose twin influences are appetite and fear.

My state has not been an easy one for me lately and I must assume the same has been true for you. It is the natural inclination for any of us to react with frustration and defensiveness in the face of invisible and visible intrusions upon our peace. This just won’t work. I am hearing those ancient phrases... “Be of good cheer” and “let not your heart be troubled”. I can think of nothing better to remember and nothing better to practice than a position of attentive listening. Think of yourself as “Nipper” the RCA dog. The other thing is ‘reaching’.

When something in your head or outside in the sensory realm is clamoring at you; often simultaneously... automatically ‘reach’ in. Another possibility which is similar is to walk into Nature or anywhere private and ‘call out’. Simply discussing what is happening and what you are feeling will draw a sympathetic response just as if you were in some red light district and looking for some kind of action. Individuals readily appear and offer various wares. It is no different on the higher arc. “As above, so below.” Remember to be discriminating in this too because there are any number of intelligences that cloak themselves in benevolence which is not benevolent. A little practice, accompanied by a sincere heart will not only manage this but ward against camouflaging agents.

There is a reason that certain groups and individuals are behaving in despicable ways. There is a reason that you are surrounded by lies on all sides and why so many people have sold out. This is all part of the drama. We shall come to points in the movie where this all gets resolved. Don’t contend with your surroundings. Let them be woven for you.

Make a home for the avatar. Invite him in. Have lunch with him. Speak to him. He’s attentive at all times and can do more tasks at the same time and much faster than any computer ever will. He can appear in many places at once and also has a 24 hour radio show broadcasting at all times. You have to tune that dial and work on the reception. You must prime the pump. It is my hope that this proves useful to any who would make use of it. Some might find this interesting.

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