Friday, June 26, 2009

Talking Bout that Low Rent Shangri La.

Finally... back in Origami and feeling a little like an Origami project; not quite bent out of shape but more bent into shape, a tad short of the moment of having relaxed into whatever this is but... getting there.

In the last episode, our heroes were talking about a community in the flesh for the purpose of precipitating the virtual into the actual. Some mention was made of Belize. That is a little close to Mordor however. Still... we are far more protected than we might realize. I have certainly found this to be the case, having been given direct examples of it over recent years.

Here is the housing structure that I have been considering and hope you will consider as well. There are a number of advantages to this structure. It is very cheap to build. It is warm and tight (or can be). It is beautiful and embraces a salutary architecture that provides remarkable feng shui.

I’m going to speak for myself now and anticipate that you will add to what I say; help me clarify my thought, make additions- because my knowledge is somewhat limited in these things- and generally help to solidify the vision. Let me say that it is not life and death whether we accomplish this thing. The important point is that we image it a la creative visualization to the extent that it can manifest with ease.

I need to be by the ocean; failing that we need a lake or a river with frontage. I am pretty certain that a good amount of finances will be coming into my life in the not too distant future. I am fairly confident that we have up to a hundred people who are interested in this project so... that provides additional financing which I would say amounts to what we will need.

We need to be within reasonable driving distance to a larger commercial area. We need to be in a country that has flexible building codes and that is a primary concern that needs to be addressed before anything else. My feeling is that there will be common areas and private areas and that a comprehensive design, a master plan, has to be in place before much else takes place.

I’ve been approached by several people in the medical field, doctors, who are very interested in being a part of this. We have some very informed individuals in the area of food production and permaculture. The Village Idiot and Michael Astera come to mind right off the bat.

I’m going to float around with this posting and just toss out a lot of ideas. I’m sorry not to be more concrete and organized. The fact is that I have a very good idea, blueprint wise, on how to do this but then it would be my idea and that’s not the way it goes. Costa Rica has a lot to recommend it. New Zealand would be ideal were it not so far away and so restrictive for immigration. Australia is ZOG land, as is Canada, the United States, the UK and various European countries. Also... a number of European countries are very controlling as far as building codes.

I do not mind a cold clime. We can always fly to the sun for the occasional sand and sea. Setting and ambiance are extremely important because the lack of them can seriously detract from the collective spirit. Italy is out because it’s a red tape nightmare.

I have some great ideas (I think) about how to support ourselves and no doubt others will too. There should be some minimal investment for each member but... some of us have skills that will prove to be far more valuable than money.

I put together a club some years ago called, The Survivors Club. Eventually we had about 200 members and it was a real success. It was a real success because no one was in charge. What we had was an inner group of about twelve people who had skills in specific areas. Each person discharged their duties and it worked like a charm. My skills tend toward food preparation; entertainment and grunt work; taking direction from those who need an assistant for what they do. I suppose I have a few other skills but not at the level of some of the rest of you.

I do not believe in making this project open to anyone. I’ve seen what happens with that. There has to be a vetting process AFTER we are past the initial stages. From what I can see, the people presently interested have already shown the necessary character for making this happen. After that though, we need to be aware. For the moment, I am throwing the ball into your court. Some of you have already come up with interesting locations so... please continue. Think about what you bring to the enterprise and begin to engage. I’m going to set up a blog where we can begin to discuss this and toss ideas around.

If problems arise with personalities, if someone wants out, we don’t argue. We take the left hand side of the bargain. There has to be a general awareness of impersonal being. Some of us are take charge types and some of us are not. We need a real sensitivity to each other so that no one feels diminished. So... grunt work and the less pleasant work needs to rotate through the group and I will certainly be glad to do whatever menial tasks are needed. I actually enjoy that kind of thing. There’s a vibe that emanates from a successful community that makes all work fulfilling and enjoyable. I’ve been there with that.

This is the last time I will use Origami for this purpose. This blog has another function and that will be back soon so, keep your eyes open for the community blog. If someone out there is more skilled at setting up a blog for this purpose and... that’s more than a little likely. Please let me know that you’d like to do this so it doesn’t wind up haphazard as it might if I do it.

This community is already a reality. It’s important to be aware of that. It’s already here. We are simply going through the motions to actualize it. A number of you are aware of the telepathy that takes place here; how I say something you were thinking at that very time or how some of you have done the same. We have some real powers at work here. Given that we can reduce our natural egos to the benefit of this work, there is nothing that can stop or hinder us.

Some of you have no idea just how wonderful this kind of living can be. It completes all of the longing within us and even effects a deeper communication with the divine. It fills the emptiness and super powers our faith and industry. As long as we take the small stuff seriously and the big stuff lightly we will be fine. There is also a magic that takes care of the details when we have the rest in order.

Let your mind play with the possibilities and as soon as some competent person offers to set up this blog we can have an environment to interact in. We’re going to have saunas and game areas... common eating facilities, hideaway groves for contemplation and interaction. We’re going to have anything you want that will make our interactions a real joy.

Alright then, I’ll leave you with this. Blessings on us all and let the wheels begin to spin.


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