Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Voices from the Past and the Moment at Hand

Greetings from within and without and so forth and so on; readers of this site will remember the account of my ayahuasca experience from last year. If you haven’t well, here it is. I had another one of these which spanned the last several days. It is ongoing as I write this post. For the most part it is of a personal nature though it also includes elements of everything and everyone else.

I’m not going to talk much about what was said to me about me because there are problems that can arise from repeating these things. People take things many different ways. There are some who might benefit greatly from what I heard but there are others where it might cause uncontrolled portions of themselves to rise up in reaction to it for ageless reasons with which we are all familiar.

Some of you have read the “Travelogues” series of about six postings that appeared here several years ago which included my meeting with, “The Man of the Beach” in Big Sur. On this occasion he has chosen to revisit me and tell me certain things. It is to be assumed that when he does something like this there is a specific reason because he does not visit me often, although he is present always.

I had a bad run during the last part of last year and for periods running into the present of this year. However as the turning goes, there has been a much greater positive sense hovering around me in terms of the way I see the world. At the same time there has been less appreciation by me of myself based on my observations upon my own industry; interests, intentions, intensity and much more.

I was told that... to the degree to which I apply myself right now in this moment over the course of however long this particular moment courses that... I would get many times more back for what I put in. So I have been as relentless as I am capable of being and you can be sure it is exhausting and you can imagine where one finds ones self wondering just how much one is capable of.

Ordinary life is going on in the meantime, as is; travel by car, numerous strangers and settings, uncanny weather conditions, musical chairs with long time close associates, chemical experiments, the whole nine yards which are not just nine yards but must be considered within the context of what any and everyone thinks ‘nine yards’ means.

In my case it means that I am summoning every particle of myself that I can access for the purpose of intense focus or complete removal. Some people want one thing and some another and some want several things. I want only one thing and that is the company of God. Everything comes from God; is made out of God and operates or exists within the parameters of God. Let’s assume that what I mean by God is something apart from religion or any other context. I’m talking about the thing itself... whatever it is essentially.

So... I’m at a remote location on the Ionian Sea in a cabin that I rented with a big music scene going on about 700 hundred meters away down a dark road to the ocean. A conversation begins in my head which indicates that I am supposed to hear something and it doesn’t take very long before I realize that this isn’t a conversation I am having with my self but rather with the thing itself or an agent of the thing itself which is the same thing. It catches me in a state of somewhat reduced awareness operating out of the sensory, touchie-feelie realm. You do realize that your senses are like insect feelers and other apparati that you are familiar with? You’re using them at this very moment for the purpose of recognition and comprehension, visualization, analysis and so on and so forth.

We differ from rocks; plants, insects and animals only by degrees of awareness and the same applies within the human spectrum between individuals and also between human beings and devas and Gods and the God... degrees of awareness. Each and all of us have our feelers and that is the bandwidth in which we interpret the world. We are like blind people poking with a stick and insisting that because we can’t see or touch something it is not there.

The basic power of illusion, what the Hindus call ‘Maya’ is operative according to our degree of confinement within the bandwidth of our senses. The parameters of our bandwidth set the limits within which we perceive our world. We act as if this were the entirety of the spectrum. It is not the entirety at all. It is only the degree of what we have allowed ourselves to believe is real. Some study on bandwidths and rays will reveal a great deal about what lies beyond the reach of our ‘ordinary’ senses. This is the power of the material world. This is the power of what appears to confine us. This is the determining level of how much we suffer. Our attachment to the impermanence of form is an indicator of what we will experience when these things are taken from us. Whether you work to let these things go or whether you hold ever more tightly to these things... they go regardless.

We are in a period of remarkable change. No one is going to alter any of it. We are going to go through it. Because it is a remarkable period we are being made a special offer by the author of it all. Just as this promise of unusual power and the promise of accelerated evolution has been offered to me, it is offered to all of you. For everyone who makes a more intense effort in this time, your effort will pay off many more times than it would at any other period. This is the implication I have been receiving from this visitation and I can assure you that the same points have been hammered into my heart and mind relentlessly... over and over. Reach as you have never reached before and, as I was told repeatedly... “See what happens.”

We are at the gateway to a new age. Much of what we have been familiar with for centuries is passing away. Many new conditions are coming into being. Whether you are recycled with what is being mulched or whether you ride the wave into new possibilities of being is up to you. You are either going to be sent to wardrobe for the costumes you will wear for the next cycle or you will go through the open window into a new world. This window is going to become more and more open and then it is going to close. If you cannot increasingly see how very true this is then you must turn your attention to developing an awareness of it. This is not just the usual cycle of two thousand years but also the beginning and end of a greater 25 thousand year cycle.

Many people find great amusement in laughing at this possibility. Many are indifferent to it altogether. The present state of the world should be telling you just how transforming it is. For those captivated in the material realm, the sensory bandwidth is the only thing they know. This is not true in any sense... not spiritually and not even according to rational science. Take full advantage of the undeserved gift that is being offered to one and all at this critical time.

I’ve had a few occasions of great revelation in this life. For the most part I have stumbled with inconsistent effort through the maze of material delusion. When I have had these moments they have always been connected to tremendous change. I can only speak for myself in respect of this but... this taken in relation to what I see and hear around me is conclusive proof of the truth of it.

I’ll talk more about this as the ability to do so increases by virtue of deeper reflection. For the moment let me say only that it is all too seldom that such great opportunity comes our way. Make of this what you will.

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