Thursday, July 02, 2009

Approaching the Event Horizon.

Let’s move on to other things. The New Shangri La Forum is up and running and we shall see how that evolves on its way to manifestation.

I wanted to use the personal aspect in my post today because it relates to a lot of what happens here and also explains why certain things happen here that might not seem to fit or be necessary. The fact is that these things serve purposes other than what is contained in any specific post. I’ve touched on this before occasionally but I feel the need to do so again because it’s the sort of thing that will come up on its own up the road.

Because of something that happened to me in the woods of Virginia and, no doubt, because of karmic accumulations over a series of lives, I have found myself in the unenviable position of being identified as a spiritual teacher/master by some or, at least, given a similar status at various times and places. This has been happening for a long time and for most of that length of time, I have done what I could to dispel this foolishness, even if that meant acting badly in order to diminish that perception. I know very well how I fail in certain critical areas and I’m not going to allow false labeling to take away from what little good I might do with what little I have.

I’m not being humble or modest about this. It is the truth as far as my observations upon myself tell me. This is why I sometimes put human- all too human- comments into the comments section; joust with snarky, anonymous contributors and use words that the more pure among us wish I did not use. I could easily avoid all of this but I don’t. Too many people make too many claims about themselves or allow others to do so and do not take the trouble to enlighten their readers or supporters to the clear reality of the matter. A real spiritual master is a remarkable piece of work. I know this because I have one. I cannot do what he does... not by any stretch. When you receive useful things from me and when, as is often the case, you feel that I am speaking the thoughts right out of your own minds, it is because of this teacher.

As you are reading this, some of you are thinking that you have read nearly the same words before. You have. I’ve got good reason for this. I have the benefit of knowing some few of the things that are going to be coming up for us. I have a general idea of where things are going for me but... as I have been told... I have no idea; this said in a very positive way.

Let me say a little something about everyone who achieves at certain things and comes to the attention of their fellows. You instantly acquire enemies. These enemies are generated automatically, due to their idea that they could do it better. They’re like old west gunslingers, “I hear you’re fast.” In every area of endeavor there are frustrated souls; musicians, writers, business people, politicians, religious leaders... you name it and there is someone to resent you for it. They’ll tell you that this person puts his pants on in the morning, one leg at a time, just like you do. I’ll point out that I often sit on my couch and put both of my legs into my pants at the same time, just to counteract this image (true story).

A lot of these people want to know who the Hell you think you are when... you may not even be thinking you are anyone. It is other people who are saying these things about you. If a person allows a false, positive image to be generated about them and does nothing to clarify that, then they are complicit in that false image.

I’m not much different than any of you and I make some of the same mistakes every day. I appreciate that people profit from my efforts but I can’t take credit for them... I’m a horse; don’t mistake me for the rider. I get a lot of emails where people say certain things to me. I thank you for them but I pass them on to where they are meant to go. Getting trapped in the misfortune of believing your own press is not a sane place to be.

I like the idea of a community and I’m going to do what I can to make that happen for those of you who aspire to such a state of living. I’ll work alongside you but... I may or may not be around for whatever takes place later on and if I am, I’m going to be just like you and, no doubt, learning a great many things that I do not presently know.

The shit’s about to hit the fan in a big way shortly and no one knows exactly what shape that’s going to take. This is a good thing because it is going to be opening the door to many possibilities that don’t exist at the moment. It’s important to remember that the power within is far greater than any external appearance of power. If you can get that solidly into your belief system you are going to be alright and... should you be promoted early that’s no bad thing depending on where you were headed to begin with. The journey continues whether you are here or not. It continues right on from wherever you find yourself.

It is of paramount importance to you that you make the understanding that ‘everything is under control’ a living part of yourself. This is true and to the degree that you are assured of it, to that degree you will move with ease through everything you encounter. Realizing that everything is under control and being able to make, “I don’t know” a mantra will grant you power beyond what you might imagine.

You’re here for a reason and that reason is ‘realization’. Nothing else is important except to remember to serve as you go and to be grateful. Every day grants us opportunities to serve. Start looking for it and you will be amazed at the frequency with which you encounter it. It is always happening but most of us have closed our eyes to this due to the focus of self-interest.

There is a very selfish point to ‘serving as you go’. It immediately begins to adjust your way through the turmoil into the most expedient and protected pathway. Thinking about it in consideration of this is not the best idea anyone ever had but it behooves us to at least know that it is true. You also make friends and alliances for further up the road and you can never have too many of these.

The way existence is designed is to always work to our benefit. If this is not happening then there is something we are doing that is going counter to it. Whenever there is a problem of any kind, look to yourself and see if you can find the source of the matter. This is another practice that will pay huge dividends and you will be freeing yourself of the condition at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

I hope some of this has been useful to you and, as for the other stuff; I’ve got my reasons to be saying it at the moment and hopefully won’t have to bring it up again.

We’re about to enter a new phase and the opportunity for very rapid growth will be there to be had, for those capable of seeing it, as it applies to whatever they have turned their mind and hearts and hands to. Soon enough, everything we do which is selfless, positive and serving is going to be handing out major bonus points that weren’t being handed out before.

Certain times are different than other times and this is one of them.


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