Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Experiment in Knowing and Unknowing

Twice a month I have a radio show which alternates between the Smoking Mirrors and Visible Origami perspectives. Tonight the Visible Origami-metaphysically inclined- broadcast will be happening. The shows are about twice the length of the usual postings found at these sites. Today I’m going to write out half of the broadcast and then you can catch the rest on the radio if you want. This isn’t a move to get more people to listen. I don’t really think about that and you can download the show on Tuesdays (or possibly even earlier) from the Visible Radio Shows link at the blog being represented. I’m doing it this way because it saves me some time (sorry about that) and the fact that I often repeat myself anyway so... on with the show, so to speak.

Greetings Earthlings, this is Starfleet Commander Visible. I’m once again back in my saucer pod some miles below The Mothership which hovers in a cloud of invisibility somewhere in the early reaches of space above me. The reason I like to do these shows from my pod instead of simply recording them in my home studio is that I have access to transmissions in a direct telepathic link instead of relying on the intuitive feature where sometimes I miss an important thought or concept.

Tonight I would like to address two things that have a great deal to do with each other. One of these is the present state of the world of appearances (keeping in mind that appearances are a lie) and our options in the face of it. In respect of the second, I and a number of readers here at the blogs have set about forming a living community which is presently called The New Shangri-La. You can access the forum devoted to this by going to or by going to Visible Origami blog and finding the link in the article and clicking on it. Presently we have 70 registered members and there will be many more. Most of the members have a host of remarkable talents that put me to shame and I’ve little doubt as to our capacity to make something happen.

I know that a number of members would like to see something happen with all possible speed. I’m a turtle with things like this for very good reasons. The community already exists in a virtual sense and has for awhile. All righteous ideas naturally precipitate down from the ethers in their own time. I’ve learned not to push the river. These times can seem desperate and compelling toward conditions of confusion, panic and flight but... there is a divine overlord to the sequencing of this masked ball that is called life and it is best to move a step at a time rather than race forward beyond the light of the guiding illumination. Think of it as running beyond the area of the flashlight’s reach on the highway on a moonless night ...and into darkness beyond. I’ve actually done this and not had good results.

We have discovered several wonderful locations already, with new possibilities occurring as we go. As with all undertakings, financing is a concern of the moment. There is a need for a substantial gift of funds to be delivered through the good offices of divine agency and we’re prepared to receive that when it happens. We’re not looking to manifest this on a wing and a prayer but would prefer to fly into the landscape upon the whole bird. This makes for a more secure landing. Some may doubt the potential for this and some may doubt the awareness of the divine in respect of our aspirations but no one can doubt the evidence of the vast history of events that precede our endeavor. It’s happened many times before and in much less worthy scenarios.

Let’s put that all aside for the moment and turn our attention to the world at large. The first thing to focus on is that the world operates in cycles. The world itself is round and rotates around a sun which also rotates around yet another, presently unknown sun and so on and so forth. The vastness of the universe is reflected in the microcosm of our bodies. I would suggest that one way of controlling the world is to control yourself. Notice how the mind seems to automatically slide away from thinking about this in any depth. We tend to nod our heads without thinking; we’ve heard this before. We tend to put it aside, maybe we will think about it later. Or we just move on to the next sentence and ‘the next sentence’ can be understood in several ways. Perhaps we won’t think about that either or... perhaps we will.

The world at large is a projection of our minds. That is to say, our interpretation of what we see is based on what we believe is true. Much of what we believe is true is not. The basic truth is that we do not know. The truth of our conditions is that we make ourselves prisoners of our own assumptions. The place to start is with the firm conviction of, “I don’t know.” The fact is that you do not know. I do not know. No one knows. Everything you hear from anyone is what they have assumed to be true. Even the larger perspectives of groups, societies and nations are just assumptions.

Here is a veritable truth that will provide much fruit to those willing to test it. When you think you know, then you have preempted the divine and the divine does not know. You are thrown on the mercy of your assumptions and presumptions for the working out of said conditions for the single purpose of bringing you to the state where you recognize that you do not know. It would be better to recognize this prior to all the events necessary to prove it to you. I’m talking about the pain of existence on the road to realization. When you understand... when you have realized that you do not know, then the divine does know and you don’t have to assume or presume. You have only to accept and surrender. It is at this point that you are welcomed into the divine community of impersonal interaction with those of your fellows that you could not see prior to this fundamental awakening.

There is nothing that I am going to tell you that is in conflict with the ancient teachings of ageless wisdom. For myself, I have sifted through what the world tells me and I have sifted through what those who are not of the world have told me and I have looked for consistency in the comparisons. It seems that there are enduring lies and simple enduring truths. The lies are universal and self-generating out of the interaction of the false self with a false world. They are always the same lies in a new costume, like models presenting the season’s fashions on a runway to nowhere. Each season devours the one before and composts them into the raw material out of which are created the new and fashionable lies of each and any age. Throughout the recurrent fantasies of one temporary stage set replacing another runs an unbreakable thread of truth. One could, at any time, step from one to the other but there are the imperatives of self-interest and the hesitations of atavistic fear that work against this shift.

There comes a time in the turning of every age where the shifting is made possible by a force beyond our ken and it is in a time such as this where we find ourselves today. By the virtue of cosmic grace we are being given an undeserved opportunity to move to another level of consciousness. This opportunity exists wherever you may be and in whatever community you may find yourself. The difficulties of the world of this moment are the resident distractions for your ability to see, to believe and to act. Whether you have been working all along or not is the determinant of how great an effort may now be required of you.

It should be understood that anyone who is able to compute what is being said here and who feels any degree of kinship with the ideas presented is in a position to make the shift. If you are inclined toward the possibilities and willing to engage, you may be assured of success regardless of whatever trials may lie before you.

We are coming to the end of the written portion of our broadcast and will be now moving into the second segment of the show. We won’t be breaking for commercial because this entire show has been a commercial for our sponsor who requires nothing more than your attention and natural affection. All of our sponsor’s products are free for the taking. Feel free to accept and acquire as much as your capacity to hold makes possible. For all of us here at Central Command we thank you for your time and your consideration.

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Build Your Own Community.

The rest of the broadcast-

Alright then... on to the strictly audio portion of the evening.

The big problem in any endeavor has always been the seeming differences of objective in the minds of the individual within the framework of the many. One has only to look at society to see this. The fact is that we all want the same things unless we are completely dominated by self-interest or psychopathic. Self-interest and psychopathy proliferate when materialism is preeminent in human affairs as it is today. This is why there are so many of them.

Various sexual mores also proliferate when materialism and the artificial world dominates the world of nature. The vast majority who present themselves as representative of certain lifestyles are not actually what they think they are. They are the victims of overcrowding, as any number of experiments with lab rats has shown and which Tom Wolfe beautifully delineated in his article, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding down the behavioral sink.” Vested interests will rail against this perspective and they are welcome to. They remind me of the people who tortured Galileo for saying the Earth revolved around the sun and pretty much for the same reason which is to say that the sun revolves around them.

When we seek to identify and define ourselves according to external forces and phenomena we are going to find ourselves lost in a false identity and on the fast track to guaranteed suffering. Under the aegis of political correctness, normality is becoming a crime. This pernicious form of thought control was exemplified by the Chinese Red Guards and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia with horrific results. It comes out of distortions in the Marxist mindset whose intention is a dictatorial rule over every aspect of human life under the presumption of an equality of status for all. The flaw in this is that it is governed by an elite that are not subject to the rules they create to achieve it.

We as a people, across the globe, are way out of balance with our essential nature. The only place this isn’t happening is in certain tribal and ethnic societies on the rare occasions that they have managed to avoid the corruptions of so called civilization. This is usually because they are in some desolate or difficult to reach location which is not sitting on resources coveted by international corporations.

Because we are so far out of our natural balance an adjustment is required. In many cases this adjustment is going to be painful and in some cases fatal. This adjustment is going to happen and there is no human or national objection to it that is going to affect it in the slightest. Nature and the ineffable presence behind it is not impressed by our insistence on having what we want at the cost of what we are. This is actually a compassionate position on the part of our author. We’re too deluded to know what’s good for us but the ineffable is not. The ineffable sees in all directions to the point where they contact their opposite and knows the beginning and end of all things. Our arrogant assumptions and ridiculous poses are nothing more than the death rattle of mortality.

The degree of decadence that has appeared due to our opting for comfort over awareness has brought us to the cosmic place of the spirit informing matter which can be liked to the action of a sword. Indeed, The Ace of Swords means just this. If we are soft and open to the ineffable it will be a sweet piercing that opens us to a greater capacity. If we are hard and unyielding it is going to hurt. It’s going to happen all the same. It’s historically proven that you can’t tell people and expect them to hear. They have to find out on their own. This is why civilizations rise and fall. This is why calamity comes upon us. Sometimes the only way to wake someone up is with a two by four. It is preferable to being burned alive in your bed of dreams.

People would save themselves so much hardship and difficulty if they just went in the right direction to begin with, if they felt the subtle pulling of the reins as they pushed off in the direction of self will run riot but most often they do not and they wind up in the ditch or the intimidating wild spaces where wild things roam. Heeding the pull of the reins is wisdom and setting your will against The Charioteer is a vain folly that resolves itself in the lessons of sad experience best exemplified in “sadder but wiser”.

I’m speaking from experience in these matters and also by way of the intuition insofar as I am led to say what I am saying. There are things coming up on the horizon of which you truly wish to be aware... unless of course, you are a fool. Cosmic forces are impacting on the physical realm. They are also impacting on our emotional and mental realms. Those hearing are in a position to make priceless adjustments. Those who are ignoring the call are being pushed into perversions of experience and perspective that are the opposite of the good being offered. One can take the good or one can come to know the good through bitter trial and regret. That’s a personal decision. One way or the other realization is in your future by whatever path you take.

It needs to be said again and again because for some reason, the dualistic perspective of the mortal state seems to think that there are two forces opposed to each other and of equal strength as if God and the devil were in a constant struggle for the soul of humanity. This is not the case. God and the devil are the same thing. It’s a matter of what you are ...which of these you see. The Devil is the way the wicked and unrighteous see God. Of course it’s an unreal presentation but it is very real within the context of the unreal. The voice of God in the Garden of Eden and the voice of the serpent in the Tree of Knowledge are the same. Consider that portion of The Lord’s Prayer; “Lead us not into temptation.” This is a prayer to God why would one be asking God not to lead them into temptation? Think about it.

This is also the meaning of that phrase, “be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” This phrase has been severely altered of late to hide the wisdom in the words and to give the impression that Satan turns himself into an angel of light to deceive you. That is not the actual meaning. The actual meaning is that he works for God. Everything and everyone works for the divine, is rules out of the divine and is composed of the divine but blinded consciousness sees it not. The mind deceived by the manifest does not see the sacred nature of all things but rather the perversion of aspects in relation to one another. A profane mind sees the profane. This is the meaning of the shame that is supposed to have come upon Adam and Eve. The actual meaning of scripture is quite a bit different if not the exact opposite due to the agendas of those translating it for the purpose of control and gain. Religion is business.

In your heart you already know the truth but it is our nature not to go there for confirmation. We look outward for confirmation and that is madness because the outward world confirms nothing but confusion which leads to enslavement because that is the business and purpose of the world. You are placed here in order to come to understand what is worth having and what is not. The whole masquerade is necessary for you to be given an environment in which to discover your own divinity which is something that is finally conferred through having acquired understanding through realization. It is not something you achieve. Our personal works are vain and it is finally a matter of grace.

Dear friends... I know only a very little myself and I am in and out of my own personal darkness as is ever the case with partial realization but... I encourage you to look within and to look with intensity and determination. We are not talking about weekend seminars where you get some new age certificate that says you are a master. We are not talking about half-measures or occasional efforts. Surely what is to be gained is precious beyond imagining. One should not think it’s commonly available in the supermarket of the world.

We’ve come to the end of another radio show and I will see you in a fortnight if there is one. May you be protected and encircled by the divine. Aloha.


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