Wednesday, August 12, 2009

God Steps in When you Step Back

I can’t shake the feeling that this time is not going to be like all the other times. Though it is rare, God sometimes intrudes. God is always present but in a state of dreaming as he interpenetrates the creation. Sometimes he wakes up in people here and there and usually they are the types that confound the scholars and experts. They are sometimes illiterate or considered mad but the power of their presence and contributions is undeniable.

God is a serpent and when he awakens it is by the process of moving up the spine. Then the cobra-hood grants that umbrella effect over the realized one and you’ve got the man himself in some permutation or another for the specific purpose of the time and circumstances in which he finds himself. You might think of the person as a unique flute and the working of God within the instrument produces the singular sounds that are the result of God in concert with the host medium.

Most people cannot see the hood but they can certainly feel its radiance. Not every expression of God, chosen by God, manifests in this manner. There are other formulas, just as there is a difference between a sage and a saint. Each of us is destined for some particular expression of the divine and each of us houses the divine at some stage of enfoldment. This is why you see Hindus bow to one another to say, “I salute the God within you” ...Namaste.

These are dark times and anyone who has been reading here is sharing common apprehensions about the constant evidence that psychopaths and materialists have hi-jacked manifest existence. Not a day goes by when I do not hear from someone about how we are all screwed. My life has not been easy but I am lucky in one respect. I am granted interaction with the divine.

It’s not a continuous interaction, nor is my behavior consistent in respect of the presence. That may be why it is not continuous but I’m working on it. Having been granted the occasional ‘walk in the garden’ in my mind, I know that the presence is actual. God is real. God is a living presence. God permeates everything. Everything is made out of God and there is a part of God that is apart from it which is always of greater power than any time when a part of that power is in manifestation.

Lovers of God often speak of the contact in sensual and romantic terms. Contact with God is very much like sex but infinitely more pervasive and filling. The ecstasy is unlike anything the world can provide and it ruins one for the common attractions. Once it has happened one is forever bereft until it happens again and there is an intense striving required for re-encountering.

People without the passion and will to seek the divine scoff at this mysterious presence and are filled with the bombast of their own accomplishments which are soon forgotten as if they never were. Anything great that any man or woman ever accomplished was accomplished by God through them. God is the only actor and the only enjoyer of the fruits of existence. Free will gives you the opportunity to cooperate with your eventual flowering or to resist it. This is all free will really is; a question of whether to cooperate or not.

The tempter side of the divine exists for the purpose of leading one away into the passions of the temporary realm. It tests your resolve. Once it has tempted you into something it then begins to torment you to return to the path. The road of experience is necessary but at some point one should become aware of the dynamics of the whole matter. The devil is either serving you or ruling you and to compel service, then there must be the power of the divine in presence. The devil is a harsh taskmaster. He serves the process just as does every single component in life.

In times of materialism the first thing one forgets is the natural divinity of their state. They sacrifice the awareness of it for the sweet and sticky end of things. Sweet and sticky guarantees bondage and that is the purpose of death to free you from it. The entertainer who uses that phrase is a willing servant of world bondage and many of her associates in all fields of endeavor are too. The others are unwitting tools driven to act without comprehension. One who is in the presence has no fear of any of them and can come and go at will.

This sweet and sticky thing, as well as the drive for immediate gratification, is nicely expressed in the tale of Jacob and Esau. The many parables in the many traditions all detail some stage or situation in the various stations of the upward road. We ignore them though. They don’t apply to us. The truth is that people opt out for what they opt out for and for every porthole into the shadow realm of false light there is a ‘justification world’ in which everything supports ones departure from the path.

The tale of existence, from ancient worlds beneath the slumbering sands of the ocean, to worlds as yet unformed is always the same. Across the planes of all these colorations and structures move the same attractions and fantasies, the same tests and trials. There you are again, going to the well of dreams for another amusement park ride or seeking that well and oasis among all the Fata Morgana of the deceiving world.

A wise man once said that you can tell the true path by the number of people laughing at it. Here’s the rub. Those who have compromised their path into some porthole of the relative world are not unaware of what they have done. Even when hiding it from themselves there is a prevalent unease. Whether they are accomplished scholars; scientists, renowned artists or whatever... in falling short... in making a deal... the essence of the thing is denied them and whatever they may say or create will lack the integrity of the one who holds it all together.

Therefore it is natural for them to scoff because they know what they have denied themselves by not being equal to the task. They will talk in that vain and elegant language, preening before each other in the high towers of the world and then they will be gone leaving no real impression on anything except the canvas of their Karma.

So many times when the world is shaken by great events or natural cataclysms, it is not too long before the same personality types are once again engaged in spinning the web of ‘business as usual’. Still, I think it’s going to be different this time. I’ve no idea in what way it will be different but I am hopeful in ways for which I have no evidence here. I have been told some things and I’ve mentioned them at other times. I suppose what I am saying is there is no harm in having faith in the one who controls everything and having a ‘wait and see’ attitude. It’s only a test of faith after all and you either have it or you don’t. You can develop it. It’s not like there isn’t evidence of the presence all through history. Surely something grand and masterful has turned a phrase, painted a picture or composed a tune now and again.

As we are meant to house the qualities of God as we let go of our shortcomings and delusions, one can intuit that this means a state of great power and awareness. It is not for the timid, the confused or the weak. Letting appearances overwhelm you means you are actually giving power to the force that holds you in servitude. You wonder where you will find the strength and you waver. Stop relying on yourself. You’re useless. Remember that someone is holding it all together and if they were not is would fall away. It would dissolve like the dream that it is.

This power that holds it all together is what allows the good and the evil among us to possess self awareness. Whatever will we have, for whatever purpose we choose to turn it to, comes from this one will. Consider what would happen if the one will simply withdraws this from the evil ones among us. Accept that everything is under control and working out exactly according to a plan. Put yourself in agreement with the source of all control and see what happens.

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