Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ambulances come and go, talking of Michelangelo

Randy Travis did a song called “Forever and Ever Amen”. It’s an insipid piece of treacle and it was a huge country smash. It’s got a line in it that goes on talking about how long the singer is going to love the sung to; “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men.” And it goes off on the forever and ever, ‘amen’ which... gives it a fundie Christian tang that’s sure to rest well with the church going, law abiding, dictator supporting people who imagine that Heaven is composed of people walking around in white robes with harps in perfect suburban neighborhoods. You might call it Stepford Heaven.

I don’t mean to demean lovers of Christ. I do think any aware mind knows that the organized end of Christianity is the harvesting fields of the demagogue. Here the silver tongued devils reap the ignorant and send them forth to die for bankers who have a great deal to do with churches because of the God and Country thing... so, onward Christian soldiers. Alternatively they milk them of their resources and dummy up one new adversary after another ....all of them alleged conductors on the Street Car to Hell. Very often the so called enemy is humanity’s best friend.

The idea that a successful existence is crowned by old men talking about the weather and old women talking about old men strikes me as a parody of life. It’s what happens when you wind up with senility instead of regenerated innocence. It’s the difference between forgetting who you are while you are on your way to the store or remembering who you were/are before you got sucked into the movie. Life can only end up in one of two places. I realize that each of those places has various levels; departments, accommodations and amenities but... you are either going up or down and that is dependent on what attracts you. In this ocean of life there are millions of baited hooks. As long as you are hungry there’s the question of what you are willing to eat and at what cost.

I walked into town today to get something at a store. There was a festival going on in the main plaza. It was for the pottery artisans (of which there are many in this area) to show off and sell their work. There were some hundreds of people there. I walked by, which is what I usually do. I’m sure they had some nice things there but I’ve got enough things already and not that much shelf space. You need shelf space to hold the things you buy and never use.

I continued past and found the shop I wanted which was closed. I headed back and saw an ambulance pulling away with its siren going. They had apparently been called to pick up one of the old men who were talking about the weather or, perhaps, one of the old women who had been talking about old men. It could have been someone younger though. I didn’t see who it was. What I noticed when I walked by, less than a minute later, was that there was no sign that anything had happened. People were doing exactly what they had been doing when I walked by the first time. I thought about how this applies across the board in this world.

While walking to the store and while walking back, it is my custom to study people and observe where their attention is focused and to see if there is any other person who is doing what I am doing. Sometimes I will stop and surreptitiously practice this for some time and it has been my experience that it is a rare thing for me to encounter anyone who is outside of the herd consciousness and who is monitoring it. On occasion I have noted criminal types who do this but... that’s their business after all.

You might ask, “How do you know what someone is doing?” It would take more than the space allotted to this post to clarify that. Let’s just say that if you have been employed at something for a certain amount of years you develop a sense of the similar. I can often spot martial artists by the way they move. I can spot criminals because I was in confined spaces with them for a period of time. I can sense danger ahead of time because I have encountered a lot of danger in the past. This doesn’t mean I catch everything every time. This is just to say that, like you, there are some things I am inclined to notice because that’s my area of interest or operation; excluding the criminal (grin).

People who study animals; plants, architecture, economic trends and so forth tend to see deeper into the subject than those who do not. Sometimes their knowledge is compromised by the promise of gain which comes their way by making erroneous conclusions for which they are well paid. This happens to economists who lie for the benefit of those manipulating the system. This happens with experts who appear in courtrooms. This happens with all sorts of professionals who get paid to present desirable data instead of the truth. Still... there are those who are after the heart of the matter and they would see more than those who were not or who did not possess their ‘trained’ eye.

Those who study themselves would tend to know more about their fellows than those who do not. As you can see, sometimes you can learn a lot about one thing by studying another. Those who study themselves would tend to know more about themselves as well. The whole point of this is that the world is a projection of mind. This means that those who are in control of their minds are also in control of the world... after a fashion.

We are not all looking at the same world. The personal lens colors and defines our environment, according to the way we have named it. We do live in a world of our own creation; worlds and mindsets can well be the same thing. Sometimes I am not saying anything but merely talking about something because the mind is engaged in whatever it is paying attention to and each mind is in a position to elaborate on what it is reading... as it applies to that mind. You have to come to your own conclusions.

It’s a fruitful experience to find some place in Nature and observe your surroundings; after a time you can go into town and do the same thing. It’s good to remember that everything you are seeing in town originally came out of the Nature you were observing earlier. It’s even better to realize that both of them came out of your mind. I’m speaking of the one mind because there is only one. The idea that we have a mind separate from the whole is what puts us in the fix we are in.

This mind you inhabit is as aware of you as you are aware of it; much more so, in fact. We are tricked over and over about this mind and our mind and we seldom catch it. It has to do with (supposing you ever had) being present in the single mind and then stepping away into the personal mind. The moment you do, you are operating apart from the single mind and no matter who you are, you’re not good enough at it to be able to anticipate from a personal level what the single mind intends and that’s why it’s best to just stay there. Some of you try to but... it happens over and over. Some of us meditate in order to put ourselves in that consciousness but... oops, it happened again. The whole purpose of life is to achieve an inseparable relationship with the single mind; regardless of what we are told otherwise.

You can sit and talk about the weather, or old men. You can sit and watch this happening and, according to whatever it is, you can be doing it forever and ever amen. That’s what these wheels of existence are about. A hundred years from now, with a few curious exceptions, none of us will be here... or we will be here with no reference to where we were before. Yet... it all goes on as if it were to go on forever just as it is; some kind of eternal Norman Rockwell painting for some and all the other possibilities for those inclined in whatever direction they are inclined.

The ambulances come and go and they are not talking about Michelangelo. Sausages are made somewhere out of sight and so is most everything that appears before you. These days a lot of people are thinking about shelter from the storm. There’s only one real shelter in times of transformation and that is beneath the sheltering hand within the sheltering mind that has the entire spectacle completely under control. It seems to me that this is the adjustment that needs to be made; not hording gold, food and guns or being a member of some elite group in an underground fortress. This transformation is all about seeing what you are going to do and on what you will rely. And now we come to the end of this particular effort.

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