Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Real and the Ever Changing

I wonder often about how people are feeling in America and other locations. I wonder if the pressure I have been feeling for over a year now is a common sensation or whether other people’s lives remain unaffected by this.

It came to my attention yesterday that a period of crushing pressure is on the way for the mass of humanity. I had known about this already because, for me, the signs have been there for awhile. I was told that this thing that’s going to hit is not going to hit me (don’t worry, I’ve already gotten a good share of this sort of thing) due to certain protections I have. This is also something I’ve known about for awhile.

Each of us, as particular souls, has relationships with entities beyond the physical spectrum. In our travels back and forth from the visible to the invisible, lifetime to lifetime, we form associations with personalities, beings and powers. This is such a complex area that I’m not even going to get started talking about it. I bring it up for the reader to consider this and to point out possibilities of action that can be taken if desired.

We’re all familiar with stalagmites and stalactites. They’re created at the same time. The stalactite drips from above and the stalagmite forms from below as a result. Over time, if the process is not interrupted, they will form a column. This is a good metaphor for the union of the individual soul with the divine. There’s a long process required in the ‘ordinary’ performance of this spiritual process. This process can be accelerated and the speed at which that happens depends on the determination and intensity of the one involved. It is not without pain and the dreadful awareness of inertia and all the elements of the material plane that work like gravity upon us; insistently and with varying degrees of weight.

The weight at this time is pretty heavy. The impact of artificial life- as opposed to natural life, or life in nature- is very surround sound. Many people are deeply engaged in it. It’s a temporary thing. During many periods this isn’t of as much concern as it is at the moment. At other times a particular dream is moving through the common mind and people live and die in it without it changing too much, generally. This particular time is different. This is a time of dream transition. It is also a time of transition outside of the dream altogether. This is why a certain amount of people are seeing the lies that hold together the fabric of illusion. This is ‘an’ Apocalypse. This is the time of unveiling.

For those who can see what is being revealed, there is liberation from the general hypnosis. It’s being put out there for everyone. Some are seeing it. Some are seeing portions but ignoring them. Some are not seeing anything at all because they are getting their perspectives and perceptions from the official spinmeisters.

The fact is that much of what we collectively believe is unreal. This is about to be pointed out to us in a big way. For those who believe only what they have been told and for those who are ignoring what they are seeing, due to degrees of self-interest being in charge of their thoughts and actions, there is going to be a collective wakeup coming into their lives. Depending on how asleep one is, or how engaged in self- interest, on that depends the degree of pain and suffering.

Those who are seeing and accepting and changing are in a position to shed what needs be shed with much less discomfort than the others. The fact is that you have no choice about what is coming. The choice you do have is in how you respond and in your willingness to change. Some of us are changing ahead of time.

Some of us have been suffering for a long time when everyone else wasn’t suffering much at all, except in the usual ways. Of course, large portions of the world could be said to exist in a constant state of suffering but that’s the nature of karma. I’ve attempted to explain (in my limited way) how karma presents itself to me. I wasn’t very successful with that. Let’s leave it at this. Karma does exist. You can scarcely go anywhere and not see it. Some of us have different eyes and can see things that most people cannot see. This is often because they aren’t that interested. They already have their primary interest at work, self interest.

We aren’t made special because we are drawn to uncommon interests and have profited from our inquiries. The sun will shine on all without favoring anyone. But we are advantaged by the work we have given to esoteric interests. We form alliances and make friends. These are the sort of friends you are not going to meet in the marketplace, the schoolyard or wherever people gather. Some of us have friends like this. Some of us have made associations with powerful archetypes that we can call upon and sometimes not even need to call upon.

Powerful people in the temporal world have all sorts of people they can call on for a variety of services. Oh, they can get anything that money and influence can provide and that covers whatever there is in the manifest. There are a number of things they cannot get, no matter who they call. These things do not belong to the royalty of the temporal realm. They do belong to the royalty of other realms and they are, for the most part, freely given. The key is to know ‘who’ to get them from and ‘who’ you have to be to get them. There are certain qualities and characteristics that make such acquisitions easier. It’s always best to seek after these qualities first because they often insure the acquisition of these other things. One might say they go hand in hand.

In the false lit world we dress a certain way to attract a certain interest. We do all sorts of things to get the attention of those whose attention we seek. It’s no different in the other world. One who has no faith in this is not likely to even be curious enough to penetrate to where they need to go to see these things. For those who do, some are going to move much quicker than others. It depends on your personal urgency. Magnetic attraction operates on all planes.

A wise course of action in these peculiar times is to set forth to discard what is outworn and of no consequence ahead of time. Change ahead of time. You’re going to be changed anyway.

I’m going to digress a bit here in closing. Whenever I mention Christianity in anything close to a negative light I am always getting reactions from members of that community as if my comments had something to do with Christ. Christ is a friend of mine. He’s a friend of anyone who wants to be. I choose to be. Christ is more actually a station, not a person. Jesus is a person. Others have become Christ since he was activated. One might learn a great deal by pondering the similarities between the names Christ and Krishna. All avatars come from the same source. All legitimate teaching and traditions are of the same author. As long as one makes the mistake of thinking that their way is The Way they are missing the point and they are assisting in the unfortunate behaviors we see before us.

Individuals at high levels in the ‘temporal’ Christian faith, in tandem with Zionist provocateurs are engaged in the spread of vast misery across the planet. Of this there can be no doubt. The false specter of terrorism that is manufactured by the very agencies designed to protect us from it, is in league with these temporal false Christians and materialistic Zionists. They desire to shape the world to their own ends. Unfortunately for that scenario, the world is a sacred vessel and will not be so suborned.

This does not let the similar temporal representatives of Islam or any other religion off the hook. The same dark and demonic currents run through portions of them all. Religion is the business end of something that is unseen. The business end of the God factor is none of my business. I want no part of it.

I don’t mean to demean anyone’s faith but I will tell you this much. The great transformations that are upon us are also upon these religions as well. There’s a new schematic on the way. Better for you to seek it now; it’s not just coming in terms of physical transformation. It’s moving inside each of us as well. It’s right there, right now.

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