Sunday, September 13, 2009

The September, Visible Origami Radio Show.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another pod-cast from the Visible pod saucer hovering above the benighted landscape in a direct link-up with The Mothership from Sirius. The Dog Poet is howling across the tundra in concert with the dying gasp of the materialist psychopaths whose grip upon the matter and minds of planet Earth is loosening by the hour. Light is breaking through the walls of darkness and we must all remember that these walls of darkness that have served to enslave the human mind did not go up overnight. These walls of darkness are the perimeters that limit faith and imagination to the playing fields of material enterprise. Those days are ending. Those days are ending. News Flash... those days are ending.

Some readers have taken me to task lately for my certitude and statements that positive change is upon us. One reader says that she has been hearing this for decades and it just gets worse. Let me point something out here that may assist in understanding that things’ getting worse is a sign of things getting better. Negative realities need to run their course. They need to expose themselves in the most dramatic fashion for the lesson to take. It is all about lessons here on planet Earth. This is a planet of war and conflict in which we are given the opportunity to resolve these things within ourselves to prepare ourselves for residence in other worlds. We are not allowed entrance to these other worlds when we still have so much of the world’s conflicts within us. The door is barred for good reason.

Earth life is composed of an uneasy balance between four elements at war with each other. Peace on Earth is a pipe dream except within the being of those who have made peace with themselves or... during the rare golden ages. We are not in a golden age at the moment. We are in a dark age where the underworld rules in ‘apparent’ triumph over the destiny of people and events. This is all about whether you give in to the illusion that what you see is all there is or whether you reject this lie in favor of what is far truer yet more difficult to see.

Things’ getting better does not mean you are soon going to have a large bank account and a McMansion in a gated community. It is not an Ozzie and Harriet heaven filled with whirring conveniences and blemish free children. It is not the very thing that so many have died for in other lands so that the smaller portion of humanity might wallow in excess. Things getting better means things being exposed for what they are and this means that things are going to get much worse and much better at the same time. For those inclined to let go of their attachments to the big cotton candy illusion of instant gratification in temporary satiation, things of a more enduring nature are going to be revealed.

I suggest both the reader and the listener familiarize themselves with a few basic and inflexible truths and that might serve to lessen the stress being endured by the residents. Life on Earth is change. Just as Mercury makes far more revolutions around the sun in a given period of time than Pluto does, some changes are rapid and recurrent and some are long term. This is what allows traditionalists to actually have a time span in which traditions can exist for long enough to be believed in, even if they do pass in their time along with everything that is manifest.

Those who cling to traditions which may have been young and vital and which are now old and corrupt are victims of a kind of anal retentivism. Those who embrace each passing fad as the template for hedonistic experience and the preening vanity of a disappearing youth are victims of another sort. We are all the victims of what we believe to be real and since none of it is real we are all victims of one sort or another.

Across the spectrum of historical event, time moves differently depending on the period it is passing through. Time is moving quite rapidly now and that is the source of much discomfort, although those experiencing it do not usually apprehend the source of their discomfort. The ages of Faith, Reason and Enlightenment and all of the names given to specific periods of existence change into each other without actually reflecting the deeper meaning of the terms used. Mostly it’s just a change in wardrobe and a general movement through stage sets that are being built and dismantled with a fixed regularity. There is no permanence here. Ergo, wiser minds accommodate themselves to this from the get-go.

We are not here to become concert violinists; war heroes, parents and children, bank robbers or FBI agents. These are roles whose purpose- all roles- is to reveal that they are not real but only temporary dreams of misplaced identity. The purpose of being here is self-inquiry and only that. Ergo, wiser minds engage in this as their primary pursuit and are rewarded accordingly. Every other pursuit, no matter what it may be, dead-ends in confusion and leaves one, once again, at the gates of self-inquiry should one so choose... or they pick another outfit and off they go again to the next dead end.

An insightful mind would be well rewarded by studying the planets and the meaning of the names given to them by the ancients. It would repay the student well to consider the length of the courses of the planets in relation to each other and what the meaning is of oppositions, conjunctions and all aspects between these planets and how they affect the lives of those who contain these very forces within them. It is not necessary to study astrology- unless you have the gene. It is not advisable to read the predictions of morons who write about horoscopes in the newspapers and whose banal, generalities cover half a billion people at a time. The key is to investigate the palpable actions of forces within you that are mirrored in the heavens. It is possible to gain intuitive awareness of this interplay and learn how to surf the real waves of existence.

As with Alchemy, the point is not turning prima material into gold so that you can frolic about in what is basically a sewer done up as a trendy nightclub. The point of alchemy is to turn yourself into gold and become the divine currency which is accepted in far more locations than Visa or Diner’s Club and to far greater advantage. The wider world has things upside down and backwards and you are advised not to proceed in that direction because, well because it is another dead end.

It’s hard to persist in doing the right thing because the right thing is not honored in the world at large. It is considered foolish and annoying. You have to swim contrary to your own mortal nature as well as the mortal nature of everyone around you. The right thing in this world tends to result in your being canon fodder dressed up as some, ‘just add water’ Theseus, early sword in the stone guy, or Jason who locates the Golden Fleece at Wal-mart only to find that it’s made out of polyester and won’t stop a bullet or even keep you warm at night. It is impossible to locate the things of value in the marketplaces of the world. It is not available there. You should know this. You are carrying these things around with you to begin with but they cannot be activated until they are discovered and they can’t be operated until someone who already knows how to use them shows you their applications and purposes. Understanding what that last sentence implies is a good beginning and a good beginning can be effected on your death bed in the moments before your last gasp.

This is a way station, don’t treat it like it’s the destination because it isn’t. Truly awesome changes are upon us. Regardless, it is better not to focus on that aspect because truly awesome changes are potentially taking place within us as well and these are the more important changes. What’s going on outside is just weather.

Will you make the quantum leap in consciousness that this time period is providing? That is the big question and the biggest concern. Depending on your degree of comfort in the cruise ship and depending on your association of reality with the operations and courses of the cruise ship... on that depends your proximity to the ship when the ship sinks and sink it will. Study what happens to the flotsam and jetsam in the water when a large object sinks beneath the waves. Remember, this is less a matter of physical location than it is of your prevailing mind set... in this particular instance.

Either you make the jump or your attractions for what is being recycled will recycle you at the same time and you will be sent to the wardrobe department on the moon for a new series of lifetimes in the next cycle. Hopefully you will exhaust your need for impermanence on that next go round. Some people and groups of people are perfectly happy here. Their spiritual currency and their ruling authority are of this plane. They are the ones who actively work to keep you here. A little study of the historical record will reveal a great deal.

So ends the written portion of tonight’s broadcast. Those of you listening will now hear the rest of the transmission.

Tonight’s Radio Show


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