Thursday, September 17, 2009

The World Inside our Minds

I have a guest in the house who has been reading from the sites for awhile. He flew down from Sweden last night and we talked for about half an hour before he retired.

Since I have relocated to Europe almost ten years ago I have lived as a near recluse. I have no close friends around and I see no one socially except at rare moments orchestrated by others. I see the people in my house every day. There are two of them. Weeks may go by without my speaking with another person except to say “Good Day”. It’s the same thing if I am in Italy. I don’t seem to mind. My life goes on inside my head. Regardless of how much social contact any of us have that is still the case. Our lives go on inside our heads.

We give our life whatever meaning it has. Any observer might take away a different impression on the meaning. No one would have all the details. In most cases our lives are mere sketches. We live within an outline of constantly changing features. Many people sit in the sunset of their lives and often wonder who the events they remember happened to. What really happened is altered by imagination and the limitations of memory. Very often we know no more about ourselves at the end than we did at the beginning. We define ourselves by the situations and environments we encountered or passed through. We see ourselves in the context of our family and friends as well as our occupations and interests. These may define portions of the personality we traveled in but they do not define us. What we are very often remains a mystery.

We can’t account for choices we made and actions we took. Of course we have theories and opinions but the answer very often lies in the places we were not inclined to look.

My guest was talking about events in the wider world and one particular piece of information he had encountered recently. In respect of this he said, “Well, this depresses me. If it’s true then we’re screwed aren’t we?” When I heard this, I experienced a series of impressions which leads me to my subject for the day. It’s about the world inside our heads and the things we tell ourselves which affects our climate. We have internal weather just like the weather that Nature brings us through her annual course. What we think about ourselves and the world beyond is what determines the weather we have; our personal weather and what Nature brings us too. It is the collective consciousness of the people that determines what Nature gives us. Many people would argue about the latter. It’s too esoteric a concept. I live in Esoterica so, for me, it makes perfect sense.

My guest presented me with some details that he had read at one of the blogs about an historical event. Some reader had laid the blame for this event at the door of an extremely wealthy and influential family. I considered what he told me and thought about it in relation to the timeline. It happened to be a period of history I have a certain familiarity with. It took only a short period of time for me to reject the assumption he had made based on something someone else had said. His believing it to be true affected his personal climate. His world, my world and your world are all the result of what we believe is true and very often what we believe to be true is not true at all.

When we believe things which are not true we empower them. They can become increasingly more real as time passes. It is safe to say that many people are living in a complete hallucination. It is also safe to say that many of these hallucinations are manufactured by agencies and entities that profit from the public’s propensity for hallucination.

I thought about the way my mind works when I am confronted by concretized belief and opinions and then I saw a momentary flash of the beauty of, “I don’t know”. You might well ask, “How can you say you don’t know when you were able to assume that the information under discussion was not real”? The thing is, “I don’t know” is a lot more than it appears to be. Just because I can analyze something and encounter errors in the presentation, does not mean that I know what really happened. I do not need to know what really happened to know that what I am being told is wrong. Knowing at a fundamental level that I do not know also gives me a fundamental awareness that others do not know either. Quite often what people think they know is no more than a belief in a particular perspective that, ironically, serves and/or benefits them in some way. Quite often what we believe is not based on any actual knowledge but rather upon what we want to believe. It’s a rare bird who is after the truth simply to know the truth, whatever that may be.

If people would take the trouble to look deeply into what they believe and be honest with themselves they would soon find that much of what they believe and think they know does not exist.

There’s a reason I’m talking about this. It has to do with a valuable benefit that we can accrue to ourselves if we will do the necessary work. I can see that the world is screwed up due to a proliferation of self-interest and the force of a materialistic age. I can see this but... I don’t know what it means except to say that it’s all for the purpose of demonstration. Life is nothing more than a demonstration whose purpose is to show us something and it shows us over and over again. We could have understood long ago but our self-interest is in conflict with reality.

While the world may well be screwed up, my life is not and I’m not the Lone Ranger in this department. One can take the view that the world is a very dangerous place and these are perilous times and I could make a good argument for that myself but... I find that my life tends to move in a smooth and unobstructed fashion nearly all of the time. I do not encounter danger. I don’t encounter the things I hear about in the news. I’m not feeding my internal weather generator with information that is created for the purpose of making me, or anyone, insecure and uneasy. I know that everything is under control and that this whole movie is designed for my education and entertainment. I know the stars were set in the sky with me in mind. The whole universe was designed with me and you in mind. It’s all about us. It’s not about anything else or anything that happens and... I don’t know.

We give negative forces power in our lives by believing they have any power to begin with. Here is a simple guideline that, if it is consistently applied, can open an entirely new world for anyone who will take the trouble to practice it. Remind yourself as often as you can remember to do so that, everything is under control. Remind yourself that you do not know. Remind yourself that you fundamentally do not know and that by truly not knowing- whatever you encounter or have under consideration- will reveal itself to you.

You can’t go through your life worrying about what’s on the horizon that may not even be in the horizon. Yes, the world is about to be shaken to the core. This is, in fact, very good news, unless you’ve got major investments in the way it is now. Try to accept that everything has been created and exists with you in mind and that once you can establish the linkup with the guide who accompanies you everywhere; whether you know it or not, that you will be shown the meaning of things as they apply to you. It really is all about you. It’s just not all about you the way certain personalities think it is when they’re riding the big wave and looking in the mirror.

Obtaining the living conviction of “I don’t know” frees you from the consequences of the unreal which will surely come upon you in order to ‘free you’ from the false beliefs that imprison you. If you don’t know, then a certain very powerful something does know. If you know, then... that powerful something does not. It’s the choice of only two possibilities of a relationship with something that cannot be comprehended but can certainly be trusted with your life and all that it contains. I don’t care how many options and possibilities you may think you see. There are only two. You go with the cosmic program or you are in some way or fashion in opposition to it and it’s going to reveal that to you as an object lesson. Everything is under control by this powerful something unless... you decide to take over and... well... that’s life.

It’s a good thing to remember that angels were created to ‘serve’ us. If our lives are screwed up it’s because we put ourselves in charge and relied on the general information of commonly shared belief. We have no idea what is and what is not. Make “I don’t know” a part of your being and accept that it is all under control and I’m thinking someone might well show you what is and what is not.

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