Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everything is Under Control Beneath the Tamas Guna Cloud.

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings to our readers and listeners across the Milky Way and those of you tuning to us inter-dimensionally or via warp-hopping through the rotating transmitters that bounce the signal at the speed of thought to galaxies and realms beyond the reach of the usual services. This is the real Sirius network as opposed to the not very serious- but seriously pornographic- audio proliferating in the dense realms of matter of the Tamas Guna Cloud which presently blankets this benighted and beleaguered sphere.

Some may think when I say Tamas Guna that I am referring to an individual- perhaps the one who discovered it- named Thomas. That would be incorrect. The Tamas Guna is one of the 3 states of action in the Hindu system. They are Tamas, Rajas and Satwa and would parallel with the Western Alchemical terms of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. In any age we are in some combination of the three with one preeminent. At this time that would be Tamas and you can take that to the bank, which is the best example of Tamas I can come up with and which is the prevailing power of the times. That would be money honey and the adoration thereof. Tamas is darkness and though we may be short of a lot of desirable items at this time we have no shortage of darkness... not that darkness is desirable unless... yes, unless you don’t want people to see what you are doing.

Those rare souls who have the insight and determination to search out sites like Visible Origami and others of like intent, yes... there are others, know that the baser elements of human nature are presently in high celebration and that the higher elements are a drag on the party monsters using the population as party favors. You know what you don’t know and you can see the man behind the curtain. Some of you can even see that he isn’t wearing any clothes and it’s not an attractive sight but... I digress, I think. Perhaps I am not digressing but only engaging in a form of mental moon-walking; being one who also does not know, well... let’s leave it at that.

The four horses are stamping and snorting in the stable as they register the approaching footsteps of their riders who are, appropriately called, The Four Horsemen. What would an apocalypse be without them? People are always noting the negative side of these aspects but it’s only negative when seen in the context of the Tamas Guna Cloud. If you don’t want the darkness shattered with light and you don’t want the cloud transformed into mist upon the shoulders of newly revealed mountains and heretofore hidden kingdoms then, I suppose what is coming will be viewed as negative by some or, more likely, many.

It’s important to remember that these major forces have a general and a personal application. It’s important to remember that their appearance in the outer world is going to be mirrored by an appearance in the inner world at the same time. The dismantling and reconstituting will be taking place in both locations. You can go with it or you can attempt to go against it. The latter would be similar to an individual trying to halt the rotation of the world by grabbing a tree and exerting the impressive force of their personal will. An elementary awareness of physics should explain the absurdity of such a proposition. You might want to consult the Greeks at this point and catch up later or just continue along with me now.

As per the expected, the majority of people maintain their faith in their faithless leaders. They look to them as agents of peace while they wage wars on defenseless populations for personal gain as they plan yet new devastations on new victims. They imagine them as representatives of Hope and Change, both of which are now both working the streets since shortly after they got off the bus from Minnesota last week. These people are the salt of the Earth and- if you remember- we talked about salt and the Tamas Guna earlier.

The interesting thing is that a lot of these people believe in God. Strangely enough it is their belief in this God that makes them comfortable with their leaders killing defenseless people abroad in exchange for their resources and access routes though their country. Apparently their God has put the big stamp of approval on blowing people into confetti for his greater glory.

At other times I have told you that the world is backwards and upside down. So it is that this God they are worshipping is actually a horned demon who delights in cruelty, bloodshed and confusion. This explains how a God who is supposed to be about compassion, mercy and justice can actually be for anything but. They got this God from a particular group of people who have been worshipping him all along. This group of people has become very powerful under the Tamas Guna Cloud because they like all the same things that their God likes and we’ve seen what that is a time or two; have we not?

Telling the truth is no easy affair under the Tamas Guna Cloud. We’re raised by parents who instruct us to tell the truth. We attend schools where we are told that certain virtues are the accepted way and we move into a society that holds these things up as the lights that guide us through the darkness but most people know that this is only going to get them into trouble. Maybe they tried it a few times in the beginning and saw the error of their ways. We’ll take a short pause for an outburst of maniacal laughter. Okay... moving right along and hoping you found that cathartic.

This winter is going to be a watershed moment all across the planet until Spring comes limping in like an asthmatic Wal-Mart greeter searching for a shop steward on his day off. Quite some number of you are going to be pounded like veal before you get dipped into the batter and thrown into the frying pan where you will be seasoned with a generous sprinkling of Hope and Change, who are now equipped with some interesting STD’s that will provide the sensations you get when someone put too much Accent in your chop suey. Just drive your thumbs into the corners of your jaw until it goes away.

A lot of you are going to want to know what Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and Tony Alamo have to say about what’s coming. Tony may be a little harder to reach than the others but he’s busy explaining how God works at the moment. This is all proof that God works in mysterious ways.

My point, as we approach the end of the text portion for tonight’s show is... Hypocrisy is epidemic in nearly every area of human endeavor and just about everything you are told is the opposite of what is being done. The key point in all of this is that there most certainly is a divine presence that permeates and witnesses everything through the very eyes of the people doing it. I’ll leave you with a little metaphysical consideration that you may ponder if you will. This divine presence is the author of existence and consciousness. It composes everything you see. Everything is made out of it. It is also aware within everything, according to its disposition, in relation to the substance so occupied and composed. It is also apart from it all at the same time.

This divine presence can initiate anything at any time within anything or anyone. It allows events to take their course up to the point that it resolves circumstances according to the point it wants to- and will- make. The whole of life is only about this. Everything you think and say and do has consequence. Nothing outside of you has any importance except in relation to this. Everything outside of you has no meaning except what you have given it and that is only temporary meaning. The real meaning of anything and everything exists within the awareness of the one mind. The awareness of any separated mind is only degrees of fantasy.

To see how close we are to great transformations we have only to look at the degree of absurdity that surrounds us. We have only to look at how wide the divide may be between what is and what we are being told it is. You have only to look at the state of things to intuit what is coming. We’ll be closing the text portion of the show now and moving into the pure audio realm.

This is Dog Poet Visible wishing you the best of what’s coming and extending to you the collective greetings of the Sirius Cluster. We’ve got our eyes on you.


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