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Sex and the Single Mind, Part 2

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I realized while writing the first part that there was going to have to be a second part because of a few things that didn’t get covered. Mostly it is because of admonitions that must be stated. I doubt that any of the readers here will find themselves in this mind frame but it needs discussing.

Tantra is a much misunderstood science in these times of casual couplings and sex identity, (un-) reality, boutique shows. There’s a gaggle of Germans and sundry going about and teaching the deep and sacred mysteries of tantric sex. No doubt all the graduates can meet up every year in Goa and party down with the ‘just add water’, instant saddhus and sanyasins who carry around black Magic Markers so that you can write your cellphone number on their thigh.

The truth is that it is a rare individual who has the capacity to learn Tantra and it is very unlikely that many of them would come from the west. Without a bonafide teacher, you’ll just be spinning your wheels, which is another way of working on your ‘wrist action’. It takes a lifetime, if not lifetimes, of study to complete the course, which cannot be done in three weekends, with one five day intensive, after which you are proclaimed a master.

It’s pretty difficult to separate Tantra from magic and it is Tantra where the right and left hand paths have their most prominent presence. The chances are that most practitioners will wind up on the left hand path, whether they intended it or not. It’s an area of study that is best avoided by anyone who wants to remain sane. If you think you have the goods to interact with Smashan Tara then, be my guest.

None of these Byzantine intricacies are necessary anyway. If a person would simply work on developing the capacity to express unqualified love, they will achieve as much if not more, than any amount of study put into the workings of Tantra.

There are two main paths to self-realization and they are the path of knowledge and the path of devotion. We have a mind and we have a heart. It might well be that one who attains, to the highest state to which knowledge can bring them, must return again to learn what only the heart can teach them. On the other hand, those who follow the path of the heart need not return for the knowledge; the heart contains it all.

I’ve read so many books and traveled on so many planes, with and without the serious booster rockets. I know less now than I did when I started. It comes upon me stronger and stronger every day that I will apprehend and achieve nothing until I have surrendered utterly ...and life seems determined to force my hand in that regard.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing because it feeds arrogance. Magical powers can be even more dangerous because of the impetus to exercise them. The great Hindu saint Ramakrishna achieved the highest state of realization in his devotion to Kali and had all of the yogic siddhis given to him. Through his life he never used one of them and turned them over to his disciple Vivekananda upon his departure for the higher realms. Ramakrishna also entered into every major religion and experienced enlightenment in each one and afterwards declared, “They are all the same.”

For those on the spiritual path, or who desire to be, I would highly recommend reading the works of Mahendranath Gupta who is more widely known as “M”. He wrote most elegantly about being with Ramakrishna and his observations are a treasure.

Ramakrishna was a very simple guy. Sri Sarada Devi was a very simple lady. Jacob Boehme was a very simple guy. St Francis was a very simple guy. I don’t know how simple Mirabai was but I did want to put her name in the post (grin). It seems to me that the divine has a thing for simple people and elevates their lives and their names into prominence as examples for the world. There’s a point to be made which is that you don’t need the intricate complexities of academia to arrive at the highest understandings. If anything, they are a hindrance. You don’t need titles and awards as evidence that you are worthy or exceptional. The most exceptional person on Earth is the one who seeks the divine with their whole heart and mind.

It is impossible to bullshit the divine. The divine knows things about you that you don’t even suspect and is sitting at the center of your being observing everything you do and adjusting your course accordingly. As long as you choose to believe that everything is under your control you will be allowed to harbor that until the time comes to show you otherwise. I’ve said it before but I need to say it again. “If you don’t seek God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter”. It’s a stern admonition from a spiritual master who was generally known for the sweetness of his speech; Paramahansa Yogananda.

As much as the world can pummel and punish you, no one can do it quite as well as you can. The agony of reflection, on a life wasted, is a terrible fate.

There are only a few things about Tantra that need to be understood and everything pertinent to your particular being will be added as needed; seek to see the divine in everything. When you eat, consume your food as if it were the very stuff of realization itself. Eat with persistent gratitude. Treat everyone as if they were an angel in disguise. Love the divine in everything and surrender the reactive mind every time it rears its ugly head. Let your every word and gesture be an expression of conscious love for what is hidden in what surrounds and permeates you. Become childlike by discarding what you think you know because, you don’t really know it.

Some of those I mentioned were near illiterate. They didn’t read any of those books which we puff ourselves up about for having read. Some of them traveled very little except across the landscape of the great within. They had no armies or fortunes but they transformed the world in the time when they were present.

The divine cannot enter a heart where shortcomings and negative qualities reside and are elevated as desirable characteristics. These must be evicted before you can invite the divine. The divine is waiting right now. The divine is camped on the door step of the gateway of the heart. The divine wants to embrace you as the returning prodigal and endlessly shower gifts and blessings upon you.

What do we do instead? We allow ourselves to be thrown into darkness by demons that consume our treasures and laugh at our ignorance. We voluntarily turn ourselves over to the slave master for torment and abuse. We parade about in the shame of our imagined importance while we are steadily and relentlessly reduced to nothing.

Whenever the sex force arises from the physical core, or through the conduit of imagination, direct it toward the divine. Whenever engaged in some performance of it, let it be that you are having intercourse with the divine. Bless everything you do and offer it up and sooner rather than later you will find yourself in that secret walled garden that opens inward and outward from within ourselves. The word ‘paradise’ comes from Pakistan where it is spelled something like this, ‘para deez’. It translates to paradise and the interpretation of the original is, ‘walled garden’. “All passengers who are departing into the Nine of Pentacles, please sign out with the conductor”.

Everything that we need to be concerned with is taking place within us. The main problem for everyone is a lack of dedication and persistence. We give up and turn off just as we are about to arrive. We send off for a package and then leave before the postman can place it in our hands.

Try to turn your mind to your idea of the divine and watch closely. Watch how you will be off thinking about something else in short order and not know how it happened. You must engage the divine in conversation all through your day. Take a walk in the twilight and at dawn; these are especially good times. Get in the habit of discussing everything that happens to you with the author of all things. Make this the point of your life and I promise you, your life will have a point.

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