Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sex and the Single Mind

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I get a lot of letters. Just about the only thing people don’t ask me about is sex and I am grateful for that. Then again, it’s all sex, everything you think and say and do. Since no one has asked me about it, according to my logic, I should probably talk about it (grin). I’m probably going to be at odds with the understanding of some of the readers because of what I’m going to say but... bear with me. I’m not actually advocating anything. I’m applying it to a perspective. Before I get into the points, let me propose a concept we need to keep in mind. Where we are is where we are at the moment. Most of us are not where we think we want to be. We’re aspiring to it; thinking about it, reacting against what opposes us and generally divided between where we are and where we think we want to be.

One might say that one of the primary problems of life is just this; that we are in one place and wish we were in another, that we are a particular person wishing we were a different person. All of this presupposes that we know in the first place and we don’t. We don’t know much of anything but we assume a great deal. Few of us realize just how much of what we think we are is something we have assumed to be true.

I was, or am, one of those people who took radical steps to change myself and my world. This, as you can imagine, led to all sorts of complications. At the same time, “fortune favors the bold” and “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. There are as many homilies as there are Hallmark greeting cards. I mentioned this propensity of mine to a spiritual master once and he said, “You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks.”

Any changes you want to make in yourself and your outer world have to come about through inner restraint. The moment you change your mindset by reining in behaviors, the world will change around you. The world is a mirror. Impatience is an automatic obstacle that manifests before you at the intensity of your impatience. Don’t ask god to give you more patience or god just might give you something to be patient about. Sometimes asking for an increase of virtue... or anything... can bring an increased difficulty in life. You may think you want to step right into Elijah’s chariot and ride up into the heavens but you can’t storm the gates of heaven; this I know from personal experience.

It’s in the simple things that we do in every moment that brings success or failure. It is in our relationships with those around us; our daily chores, the thoughts and emotions that we entertain where we display our readiness to be advanced in understanding.

People want to know if they should be a vegetarian and are concerned that attempts they are making leave them weak. I am much benefited by my diet but I have seen a lot of vegetarians that are not in good health. What is the point of doing the right thing in the wrong way? Sometimes you have to continue as you are while you aspire to change. On the matter of workable vegetarianism, one might profit from checking out macrobiotics and also investigating the diet of those cultures where vegetarianism has been extant for centuries. That’s what I would do.

People go just as crazy through religious and spiritual mania as they do in materialism. Balance is what you want. Harmony is what you want. If you are lacking these you want to get them first.

A wise soul does not project their limitations upon the divine or ascribe human characteristics to it. This is anthropomorphism and this is how you get people who commit all manner of crimes in the name of god because their god is just a bigger version of themselves. This is true ass backwardness. Don’t do this. Impress upon yourself the fundamental awareness of your own ignorance and helplessness and work toward a complete and utter inner surrender to that which is- and always will be- beyond your comprehension. Only god can know god.

I said everything is sex and that’s close to being true. Take a look around you at the way things work and fit together. Notice how plugs go into sockets for electric facility. Consider phrases like, social intercourse, verbal intercourse and use your imagination in order to see that things are going in and out of each other all the time. Note also how all technology is an adaptation on or for the human form. You can have sex with each other, with demons and with god. The direction of your attraction determines this. Why not make god your lover?

Where is god? God is in everything. Your eyes are organs of intercourse. Your speech is a medium of intercourse. Your thoughts and feelings are mediums of intercourse. Your actions reflect the act of intercourse done well or badly. We live in a world of brutal, selfish and impatient lovers. A true master, in concert with the one, can make a simple gesture and transfer more in the way of lasting satisfaction than any act of physical intercourse you will ever engage in.

The desire for sexual union wells up in all of us. We differ in the way we manifest it. You might think of it as a fireman with a high powered hose in his hands. Most people do not have the focus and control to direct this force. I think you can imagine all sorts of cartoon scenarios of firemen and hoses; children in fireman outfits. I used to enjoy going to places where people are engaged in their mating rituals and watching them at work. I got a great deal of amusement from this. We need to investigate the subtle dishonesties of our selfish nature. We hide a lot of this from ourselves because it compromises our assumptions about ourselves.

Everything we do is a sexual act and we do these things with the same lack of control that we practice in the act of sex. People eat unconsciously and you can add most things to the list. We devour each other. One way or another we are all, “One Eyed Jacks” to some degree.

Cultivate a love affair for the divine. Pine and long for the divine. Speak to the divine as a lover and you might be very surprised how quickly you get results you were not getting before. Abandon your anthropomorphic projections, while still maintaining the understanding that the divine is present in everything and everyone. God actually looks at you through the eyes of others and often speaks to you through others but you are not hearing the divine. This is the greatest curse of materialism. It trivializes something that is beautiful beyond human understanding. Every human activity has divine implications but we have ‘earthed’ them to serve our appetites and desires.

We become like that which we love and admire. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. People may think they are going to win by doing it their way and the world gives the impression that they are winning but they are eating sand for breakfast. They are copulating with corpses. They are dancing with the dead in the crypts of a darkling world.

The divine is a living presence. It is not something far off unless you have moved far off from it. Even then, it is very much there and only your perception of the distance exists, which is... another assumption. Even a very wicked person can come to grace quickly were their heart to change. The divine is very susceptible to love, more so than any person. ‘Those who love much are forgiven much’. You are the reason that the divine made and ensouled you. That might not make a lot of sense right away. You are the crown of creation. We need to act like that.

It is how and what we engage in every day that defines us. If we see the divine we will find the divine. Have no concern for what the world may think of your peculiar malady. The mocking dissonance of cowardly hearts is all the evidence you need that you are going in the right direction. The universe is actually making love to you every day. It is our unfortunate response to this that makes it seem otherwise. We abandon our simple, childlike trust because we have seen our trust violated and have violated the trust of others. In this way we forfeit one of our greatest protections. Not all assumptions are wrong. There are some assumptions that we very much ought to make.

Well... food for thought, for me as well as for you; that sexual force can go in all kinds of directions but really it only goes up or down. It is that force which is responsible for all of the greatest art of the ages and all of the cruelties and destructions as well. Use it wisely. Save some oil for your lamp.

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