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There's no Time like the Present and no Other Time at All

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My experiences with the universe have proven to me that it is the product of consciousness. It’s also proven to me that what people know and don’t know is determined by their level of consciousness. Think of the levels in a video game and you are close. People are at any particular level because of the meaning they give to their surroundings and their magnetic attachments to the things they have identified. There’s a general reality that permeates each level and there are the individual realities that work under that umbrella.

Going down, matter becomes increasingly denser. Going up, matter becomes increasingly less dense. Confinement is in one direction and freedom is in the other. It’s not really up and down though. We’re using these terms for the purpose of description. When people want to argue about things it is usually the terms that they latch on to. When people want to understand, they work with the terms to assist in their conclusions. Pressure creates heat. You might consider words like ‘heat’ and ‘bondage’ as two characteristics of the classic view of Hell. We have heard that yogis are fond of the high Himalayas. Think about it.

The cities of the world are compressions of humanity and you can even see the smoke and steam rising up from the manholes and grates as if some great fire lurked beneath (grin). The cities are infernos of industry as well as disasters waiting to happen. Illuminated souls have been known to go in and out of densely populated areas but they are more likely to avoid them whenever possible. A casual study of exothermic and endothermic reactions will apply across the board to everything that’s been said here so far... unless you want to argue about terms. If you are inclined to use terms for the purpose of understanding then you can keep going. Eventually we would get to a place where there are no terms. Terms are not absolute.

One of the main difficulties with embracing the concept of a living, conscious divine presence is due to the inability to define it. Certain minds cannot accept this limitation. In a way they believe themselves to be God. They are helpless in so many ways and at the mercy of so many things but arrogance and self-primacy are not to be dissuaded by any argument that does not conform to what they set out to prove in the first place.

Actually you are God, as much as you allow yourself to be. The guidelines to the proper behavior are all around and you even have a selection of modalities. You want one God as be all and end all? You got that. You want many Gods as attributes, archetypes et al? You got that. Do you prefer the masculine, the feminine or that place where they are one? You got that. You want a God without personality? You got that. You want God with a personality? You got that. Do you want God as a consuming fire or one with horns to satisfy every material desire? You got that too. In most cases you have a formally established game plane, itinerary and road map and all you have to do is follow it. That’s the point where you begin to wrestle with your doubts and degrees of commitment.

The same consciousness is behind every one of these patterns of awakening. Unfortunately for the aspirant it is not a walk in the park. Other things may be a walk in the park and you can see that by the crowds engaged in them. This is also why it is easier to pretend to be doing it than to actually be doing it and why hypocrisy is its greatest by product. You get tested all the way until all that you imagined you were is no longer. Most people do not take affectionately to the dissolution of their false self. They prefer that it be accommodated in the process and that’s not going to happen. One has to be possessed of a relentless intensity and that’s generally acquired at the point when the realization dawns that there is nothing worth having otherwise. Sooner or later the world is going to pound all of the other passions out of you and destroy every possibility of attachment to your temporary surroundings anyway. We all get there, sooner or later.

This is one of the best of times to aspire and one of the most difficult periods to do it in. Because of the latter there are serious bonus points to be accrued. There’s also a large bounty of grace that’s been activated for the occasion. You are also going to be advantaged by all sorts of weird occurrences that ‘should’ tip you off that something different is happening these days. Look at one of the things that scientists are running into.

If you had the benefit of being able to access periods of history that have now vanished from the ordinary areas of human recall, you would see that the same thing happens over and over. Sure, the particular dramas may differ and the costumes and scenery might change but it’s the same thing, over and over. The lessons are always the same too. You could well wonder why a divine consciousness, capable of anything, would put us through this. Why are we engaged in and surrounded by so much suffering? What’s the point?

First off, we do not live and die in a single lifetime. We got where we are as the result of choices and intentions. Furthermore, Planet Earth is only one of a great many possible locations. This is the place where particular things happen. This is a stage set for particular dramas. It’s always under construction for the next demonstration. The question is not; why are we here? The proper question is; how do we get there? Both questions are valid though. You got here because you agreed to come here. You get ‘there’ by putting your energy and attention on it. You aspire. It doesn’t matter what direction you choose to go in, you will have help all the way and that includes the darkest regions you can’t even imagine.

You might think of yourself as a surfer caught in the fury of a powerful wave or a diver who has lost touch with up and down. This happens. Reading this you may imagine that you would easily know which way was up and down in the water but survivors of these conditions will tell you that it can happen that you do not. Life can be very tricky in the same way. I speak from personal experience in this regard. Without a guide you are going to get lost and you will not know up from down.

I know of one technique that I could say would serve in most cases. Ask deeply and sincerely for help and then go about your business. Ask repeatedly. Ask as often as you can remember to ask so that it becomes second nature. Reach as if you were already in the water and did not know up from down and convince yourself that despite what your mind tells you, this is so. Ask persistently. Be exceedingly troublesome. Bang on the door as often as you can remember to. I assure you that there is an intelligence that is aware of your efforts and which has the power and capability to accomplish anything with no limitations at all. The limitations which exist are in your mind and the result of the conditioning you have subjected it to. Recondition it.

If the one you seek is not calling you then you had better make the call; Yes? It comes down to what’s important to you. This is important to me. I serve my own interests by constantly writing about it because it is a personal reminder. You have to assure yourself that something is at your side or living within. Have you gained any lasting satisfaction from anything? What makes you think that anyone who has anything has gained it either? What they have is the real evidence that they have not and all that remains for them is to present the front that they have gained it. This is the mystique of those who lure the unwary. Misery loves company.

Strive hard. As hard as you may strive it will not be enough because you will have to let go, give up and surrender completely in the end. Ordinary death is a mimicking of what it is better to accomplish while still alive. While you are in the world your single duty is to constantly celebrate and remember the presence of the divine. It has to enter into everything you do. It has to be the objective of every thought feeling and action. The most mundane event should have cosmic significance. You must burn with intensity. Don’t settle for the ordinary madness of what is exampled all around you. Go divinely mad. Press inward. Demand an audience. Make a ruckus so that you must be attended to. Imagine yourself as a child in a crib that will not stop crying. Surely the mother will come.

That should do for the moment. That should do for any and all your moments.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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