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Climbing to Freedom through the Devil's Horns.

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It’s great to be back at Origami which is where I prefer to be. I don’t much care about the other stuff but I am obliged to do what I do for the moment. There’s a reason for everything, even if I don’t often know what that reason is. I have to get a little personal with this posting since commentary has been running in this direction; not so much at the blogs as in the emails.

Some numbers of people have commented on the positions and the ways in which I hold my hands in some of the photographs of me online. I’ve received many a curious email and in some cases, people questioning why I would be making what they consider to be the sign of the devil’s horns. One person asked why I was making the hand sign of The Baphomet. Well, first off, the sign of The Baphomet has the thumb across the palm and a V made between the two separated middle fingers.

I got away from the area of the occult that treats with these things many moons ago. Before that I put a lot of study into it; years and years. It was quite a passion of mine but destined to go nowhere because I don’t care about magic. I care about completing The Great Work; opening the third eye (on a permanent basis), making the Philosopher’s Stone and acquiring the Pearl of Great Price. These are all the same thing.

People are very much uninformed about what things mean and that is why there is so much confusion about what things mean. There is only one force, period. There are not two forces; one good and one evil. There is one force with two different applications. It depends on the person conducting it what direction it flows in and what it accomplishes. The beauty of a perfect Spring morning and the howling rage of a winter storm are examples of the same force.

Whether you are a student of the Western Tradition and talk about things like Fohat or a student of the East and you talk about Kundalini, you are talking about the same thing; even if they differ slightly or one comes out of the other. After my Kundalini experience, I was obliged to go to prison for awhile. One thing I noticed was the number of gangsters who would rest the backs of their hands at the top of their ass and have their hands just like mine only pointing downward. This was an unconscious expression of this force but applied to the criminal mind’s enterprises.

Here is a picture of one of India’s greatest saints. You can see other examples here. Should you ever get to read the large biography of this man by his disciple M, you will see that he was truly remarkable.

In the Lord of the Rings it is explained how Sauron made goblins as travesties of elves. What powers the darkness has are perversions of the powers of light. This is one reason that certain brotherhoods of the light are very careful about who learns what. All that the darkness knows about certain things, it took from compromised souls. There’s a bit more to it than that but let’s leave it at this because it serves for the purpose of argument.

We all have God inside of us. Some of us are involved in the process of awakening that part of ourselves but most are not. I’ve said it before; the Devil is God the way he appears to the wicked.

I’ve had to listen to a lot of people go on and on about The Masonic Order. This is a sign of ignorance. There is no doubt that members of that organization have acted to create their own mafia just like all the other mafias. The established churches conceal the mystery of the universe and its truths but that does not stop the churches from being a haven for demons and a stinking corruption of what is eternal within us. Of course they cannot corrupt that but they can corrupt our perceptions of it.

For myself, I have no idea why my kundalini was activated; why I found myself in the same positions as Ramakrishna and with a green electric fiery outline around my form that is still around. Given how I have behaved on occasion it makes no sense. Given my limitations and varieties of ignorance it makes no sense but God makes no sense either.

I do belong to an order but I do not even know its name. I did not get the name of my teacher when I met him on that Big Sur beach and I never have. I have no idea what I am doing here or where it’s headed. I do what is in front of me and it is all I can do. I do not belong to any temporal clubs and I don’t participate in any rituals. The hands of those awakened by God and those who have entered into contracts with the dark lord are very similar in this way because it is the same force and it moves the same ways but for different purposes. A study of Tibetan religious art will explain a great deal. Study the wrathful deities as well as the benevolent and you will see what I mean. Take a look at the Great Tibetan Wheel of Life. It’s something like this. I like to say that it is something ‘like’ this because everything is an approximation and everything is based on the belief system of the person it happens to.

Just because you see someone making what you think is devil’s horns; don’t assume they are a devil. Don’t assume that the Masons are evil or that everyone in power everywhere belongs to some secret organization or that they take their orders from there. If you don’t know, then tell yourself so. There are so many wild assumptions going on. Every day people take the information from their chosen news organ and assume it’s true. None of it might be true. It’s not what’s going on outside of you that is important anyway. It’s what’s going on inside of you. The world is an endless kaleidoscope of unreal and temporary appearances. The power inside of you is greater than all of the standing armies of the world. This is a fact. Accessing it is the key and the mystery, which is easily solved by faith, certitude and determination... not to mention a certain amount of courage and the ability to make it more important than anything else. This is an interesting feature which deserves exploration, this idea of making it more important than anything else. In fact, you will find this applies to anything you want and anything you want to do or be.

Be careful what you wish for and what you pursue. I’m lucky in that regard. I really don’t want anything more than the presence of God. That might be because I have had it on occasion and... well... what is there after that?

We are welcome to go right on pursuing will ‘o the wisps and fata morganas until the stars fall from the sky or we are welcome to become one. There is a road to every destination, real or imagined that the mind can conceive. The simple act of believing in it makes it so. The power of the mind is incalculable; the power of the heart quite a bit more than that. This of course may be poetic license but I felt like saying it and I believe it so, same rules apply. The power of God is way beyond any of that. To me it is the height of insanity that people do not pursue the company of their creator. They are possessed of the possibility of conscious immortality and beauty beyond description and they pursue the grave and traffic in turds.

I don’t know much but ...some of the things I do know have to do with things that happened to me so I have evidence of them. We shouldn’t attribute evil to things that we don’t understand. There is a power resident within that knows everything and is not shy about sharing particular information with the sincere seeker. It is not shy about guidance and its generosity is beyond the scope of human comprehension. Its mercy defies description and has no limits. I realize that things are bad out there but they are always wonderful within, depending on how deeply you are willing to go.

There has never been a time when the materially driven, with stolen secrets, will not endeavor to slander the lightbringers. Nothing threatens their houses of cards more. We do not search for some future victory. Victory was achieved most convincingly long ago. We are living in the echoes of a battle that has ended. We should conduct ourselves with that understanding.

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