Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It would have been the Radio Show.

I wrote this last Friday and I intended to go to an internet cafe. Then I found I had left my microphone back in Switzerland. Then when I drove into town to record it directly, I found it was Sunday. I was so drunk I couldn't even remember what day it was. Charming huh? Anyway... I didn't finish it because I was going to wing it which is actually better than my writing it but I haven't decided to do that but I will. I am sorry for being such a fucking loser. I did my best people but nothing short of the almighty is going to save me now. I am seriously fucked. So...this is what I had written and some other things I wrote you won't see because I deleted them. God be with all of you in your hour of need.

Ahroooooooooooooooo... dog poet transmitting from the Visible Origami sector of the cosmic mind... no talk about specific bad guys tonight. No tearing of raiment’s, no flagellation of penitential backs, no wear and no tear upon the emotions, no playing to the atavistic fears of the coming storm. I want to talk about other things tonight. I would apologize for the recent Petri Dish offering but I meant every word of it so that would be disingenuous of me and... Lord knows I don’t want to be disingenuous. I will apologize for being unable to communicate with you except in a very unpredictable and disorderly fashion. Very southern Italy is a third world country and I’m just lucky not to be ransacked and abused by Albanian hijackers. It appears that neither the good guys nor the bad guys can find me.

I don’t know when I’ll be online again and I’m okay with that. I’m really busy fixing things up down here and I’ve got to go north again in February which doesn’t leave me much time. The good news is that I get to see my sweetheart sooner than I might have along with the dog poet associates; Lily Nelson, Chloe, One-eyed Alfie and Caramela. Poncho Moonlight is with me and that rounds out the crew although, God knows who Susanne has added to the pack in the meantime.

Down here in Italy, the occasional tourists like to have a dog around during their summer vacation and then they let them loose on the streets when they go. I see these unfortunates roaming around and I have a bag of dog food and some water but I couldn’t possibly house all these wonderful creatures. It breaks my heart but apparently it doesn’t bother the people who do it. Could you do something like that? Could you just cast away a family member because of their inconvenience to your superficial lifestyle? Yeah... I know I said I wouldn’t talk about any bad guys tonight but it’s like not talking about the forest when you are surrounded by trees.

Karma is a relentless thing. It’s remorseless and mathematical. It’s like the movement of the stars around whatever has a heavier drag than they do. Everything rotates around something. It’s a kind of what rotates around comes around sort of a thing. I catch karma every day. I see my limitations and it is what makes me so intolerant of the people who set themselves up as masters. There is only one master and he/she only use so many hands at a time for that particular job description. A realized master once told me that there were never more than a few real spiritual masters around at a time. I saw would be spiritual teachers tremble when they were around him so he was seriously bonafide.

In these times there are going to be a lot of people selling some kind of gospel and it’s important that you don’t get led into the desert by them. I’m not leading you anywhere because I’m not going anywhere. I’m here... howling at the indifferent, pregnant moon as it glides above me. It’s all phenomenal. It’s all appearances and it all comes back on you in the realm of appearances. Now... if you could get beyond appearances then you wouldn’t be that affected but that’s like asking a person in a movie theater to be mindful of the white screen that the movie is playing on while he/she is watching the movie if you catch my drift and you should catch my drift because it is the difference between surfing the wave and being tumbled in the wave and that is a big difference.

I live the formica life. In Harmon Cove Secaucus with my wife and two nameless children and one lonely dog where death’s not a threat it’s the law.

A little musical interlude for those who are tired of Peter and the wolf and understand that ballet is one of the more ingenious kinds of torture that pretentious people visit on their children so that they can pretend they have some sort of refinement which sets them apart from their fellows while they pump the vanity bellows on the fire that will devour them... if you catch my drift.

I can’t be the guy I used to be because the times are not what they were. There is an enormous transformation about to arrive and it is not going to give you that eight AM wakeup call you are expecting. As Velikovsky once said, “Expect the unexpected.” But worlds do collide and so do events conspire as we all work to form the world closer to our hearts desire.

We all role play because we are all role players gifted with the presentations and costumes that are appropriate to our level of understanding which makes us prophets to the people below us and fools to the ones above. I am partially illuminated. You could say that I am half awake. I am not fully awake so there are things I suspect but cannot say and some things I might know in a general way. One of the things I do know is who I was in some of my past lives. When I go on record to say this you can be assured that I have relived these things since. When kundalini attacks she opens your worlds and melts the veils... usually she only does this when you are prepared to experience it and not go mad in the process. I’m going to mention a couple of my past lives tonight because it is relevant to my right to speak. I’m not going to mention other lives; more prominent appearance wise but not germane to the topic.

I was the man called Omar Khayyam and Giordano Bruno. I’m certain of the first life but not clear about the Bruno matter because I might have been just his very best friend. I saw the Bruno life with a sense of great loss which made me think I was witnessing the departure of a treasured friend. With Omar I was right there. It’s amusing to me now because when I was eighteen years old after being thrown out of the Air Force for being crazy which, I can tell you now... I faked because I don’t enjoy the company of regimented zombies and I will go a stretch further here... I pulled off several remarkable acting jobs because that is probably what I do best... then again, you have to look behind me at the guy with the seven cobras over his head to see who is doing the driving in my life...digressing...

Anyway... when I was 18 and just out of the service; having joined up the week after I was 17... I hitchhiked across the country with a guy named Tank because he was as broad as he was tall and he took me along because I was the only guy he couldn’t pin and whip, the kundalini thing hadn’t happened yet but the aura was there and so were some of the powers. Tank took me to a North Carolina military base and then we parted ways.. I spent the next night in a Salvation Army hostel where the man in charge knew my father from his time in the military. He told me my father was a hard man. I already knew that. I arrived in Washington D.C. the next day and entered The Union Gospel Mission because I wanted to serve god. That was always the thing with me but I was incompetent if you catch my drift. Anyway it so happened that I met an alcoholic in this mission... we served drunks, junkies and the usual crazies and you have to remember that I was not the usual 18 year old. I was probably around 12 years old because around the time of puberty I was beaten so badly that time stopped. So I met this alcoholic who was reciting quatrains from The Rubiyat which blew me away. I went to the major public library on New York Avenue and there I found a record of Lord Alfred Drake reading the Rubiyat and I memorized it in a week. That wasn’t such a big deal. I had already memorized The Courtship of Miles Standish and Evangeline “druids of eld” and all that..

Once the kundalini thing happened, I understood my fascination with the Rubiyat. All the time streams of my different lives flowed into a central pipeline and became one. With Giordano Bruno it was different. I might have just loved him and not been him but some deep connection there lies and the point is that I have been at odds with the established church for about two thousand years. I have been burned and murdered more times than I care to recall and that is why I am given certain latitude now and why I am going be an agent of the cosmic payback.

Mind you, I don’t like that sort of thing. Until I was pretty far along the road in this life I didn’t even defend myself. I just routinely let people kick my ass but after the kundalini thing I didn’t let that happen any more. I had all my martial arts powers from my past lives and the confidence and courage too so... I did use that to some degree which brings me back to the dogs running hungry and loose on the streets. Those dogs are going to get larger soon and they are going to eat you with relish or catsup... I don’t care. Those you have abandoned and abused are going to teach you the error of your ways. I am speaking from the Dog Star in the Sirius cluster and your planet has nothing like what we have. We are far in advance of your punitive abuse of those you have made your victims. I was one of them. I let you hurt me over and over but that time is at an end.

Citizens of Earth you don’t get to hurt your seeming lesser comrades any more. We are tired of being used as your laboratories for the silly cosmetics you paint on your aging faces to attract people you don’t even like. We are tired of being abused. We came here as your friends and you have used us disgracefully. We sent our emissaries and one of them is speaking right now and you have burned us at the stake and thrown us into your prisons and used us as canon fodder for gratuitous wars and I am here to tell you and you had better hear me. We are going to clear this place up and you had better be on our side because there is no other side. This is alpha dog and omega dog talking and what you have treated like shit were your beast friends and are now going to rub your noses in it and let slip the dogs of war.

I don’t know if you can wake up. I do not know how deep your dreams run. I don’t know how asleep you are. I know you have been warned repeatedly and you have never listened yet. Well, you better listen now. We are not kidding around. All your leaders are working for two bit aliens with small time powers and they are impressed. We are about to show you what it means to really be impressed and your interdimensional thugs are going to run like frightened school girls. You sold yourself out to the lowest un-empowered astral garbage around and you think they have some kind of capacity... you haven’t seen power yet but you will. We are going to show you power. Some of you will be improved by it and some of you will be destroyed by it according to what you’ve been doing all along. Your Bible tells you all these things and your interpreters spin it for the market place but it’s in all the good books. The truth is there and...visible dog poet pounds his chest... here! It’s here... and was written here long before it went down on stone and papyrus and paper.

It is written in the human heart and those of you who are still human can read it there. It is indelibly printed upon the fabric of the blood itself and embossed upon the pump to be sure.

You can call me crazy and you can call me Ray. I don’t particularly care what you call me. I am part of the advance guard so you might better call me herald. I’m here to tell you that things are going to change and you are going to change... one way or the other and it doesn’t matter which way that is.


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