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Burn away the Veils & May Roses Bloom on your Cross

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The sun is reborn for one more round. That means we will see about a minute more of it with each passing day. That’s pretty much what Jesus Christ is; “the light of the world”. If you look at the Tree of Life, Jesus is assigned to Tippereth, the sixth sephiroth. Kether is the first sephiroth and that is ‘The Father’ as scripture calls him. The line of force comes directly down to Tippereth, via the High Priestess, on the straight path… which explains how, “I and my father are one” and also how he did nothing but that it was the father who did the works in him. It also points up the action of the feminine intuition in the process.

There’s another path that heads to Chokmah, which is ‘wisdom’ and also one into Binah which is ‘understanding’; this is why it is said, “Get wisdom and understanding”. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria. It is written in a code of letters and numbers which transpose from one to the other. A literal reading is oft-times absurd and that makes it perfect for fundamentalists. The Book of Daniel s loaded with this. The early Hebrews took all this information from the Egyptians and the Chaldeans and Sumerians before that. It didn’t originate with them. They are not who they say they are and there is/are not chosen people, except for those who love God and that could be anyone who does.

This chosen people thing, just like royalty and class systems, which you see in different cultures, are all about arrogating privilege and excusing behavior on the part of those who have set themselves up as being better than their fellows. On the downside you have only to look at the Reverend Hagee who is the Tweedledum to Rush Limbaugh’s Tweedledee to see the type and nature of the men and women who set the tone for the stupid of this world. When you are dumber than dirt, you could be led to slaughter by a subway tunnel alcoholic and you wouldn’t think twice about it.

This isn’t just a time of unveiling and revelation. It is also a time of judgment and recompense. If people are so self-enamored as to march into the spotlight with a target painted on their chest or their ass, well that is just one of life’s little ironies.

These days you’ve got information about everything coming from a hundred thousand directions and everyone is an expert. Though I don’t watch TV, I do see the occasional Youtube clip and it is routine to see someone introduced as an expert, just as it is routine to find that they are wrong or not comprehensive most of the time.

The two major player gods represented in all major religions are personifications of the sun and moon. The rest are those archetypes that exist in the human psyche and manifest as qualities or conditions in human life. You might say, “What about the trinity, visible?” You might point to the Hindu triumvirate. That’s all explained in volume two which you can get today for 99.99… I realize that volume one was free but so was your first hit of Mexican brown.

I’d call Pythagoras in to explain that if I could locate him but I can’t. He would probably use the Egyptian model of Osiris, Isis and Horus and he might show you that triangle of his. Suffice to say that progeny of opposites might be a clue. God propagates just like you do only God does it with himself or herself as you prefer.

You can find complexity if you like and Kali is often personified as devouring time, much as Chronos once was. Some say she is the backdrop of eternal darkness out of which the gods were spawned but this does not address the mechanism of manifestation and delivery or the possibility of self generation. It could well be that there is no generation out of the darkness but rather an enduring being sometimes you see ‘em and some times you don’t. That is all the more likely when there is no one to see ‘em.

I’m sure there are people who have put more time into analyzing and seeking the truth of this than I but they haven’t come up with anything contradictory from what I’ve seen. There are different personifications and different routes up the mountain but the mountain is ‘the mountain’ in all cases. Trying to learn as much as you can about the divine; trying to comprehend the divine entire is similar to cataloguing every grain of sand on every beach and in every body of water in the world. It can’t be done. You are welcome to also count every raindrop and snowflake that ever fell and catalogue those as well. I suspect the point would be made in any case.

So there are those who take the path of knowledge and good luck to them. They get to have long beards and be experts. I’m not an expert. There are some things I am good at; staying away from people, cultivating succulents, a number of different sports and games, as well as spending time doing nothing at all. This last is connected to the first. Of course, it’s impossible to do nothing at all, so I search for god but… that’s gotten to be a blind of sorts because god is right here and getting more so. I don’t have to look too far these days. God only knows what will happen when I take that mother lode of mushrooms come this summer solstice.

Many of you have written in to tell me how you have been uninvited to parties; rejected by friends and families, have to spend more and more time alone and variations on this theme. Most of you are perplexed about this. I’m not. If people can’t see something, it’s not there. It might be there still but not as far as they are concerned. In the Hindu tradition they have a term, Samskara... it is a veil. A Samskara can be very dense or light as gossamer. We are in a dark age. Get that through your head. We are in a very dense and dark age. Very few people are light on Samskaras to the degree that they can see the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave in the side mirrors of their sunglasses.

You want people to see and understand as you do. Not only are we the beneficiary of a generation of vipers at this time but we are also surrounded by those who cannot see anything unless it is lit with a false light. I mean this as no condemnation. I pass no judgment on this. I am grateful I can see the little I do. But you have to face the facts.

There was a time when people would argue with me about the things I said. It might have been due to the fact that I was inclined to argue back. About five years ago I noticed that no one argued with me any more. I’m talking about in person-wise. I do have to attend public events now and then and people talk to me and I talk to them and I make sure that they hear about what is really going on in the world. Two things happen now… people readily agree with me or they move off quickly. There are no arguments. There are a few reasons for this. I’m not arguing with myself anymore. I am more like them at their core than I was. I am not trying to win a fencing engagement. The world is changing at a faster and faster rate and... there’s a lot more love in the encounters than there ever was before.

I know I talk a lot of shit about the world and certain of the movers and shakers but I find myself breaking into tears with no warning at the unendurable beauty of it all. Lat night I went out in the pouring rain across a dark and treacherous landscape to put this dog into his house. I could not leave him outside and I knew he was. There was a time in my life I was not capable of such a thing. There were always excuses and justifications. Half the time I would answer the call and half the time I would not.

I couldn’t find the dog at first. Then I found him sheltered under a large dwarf palm. He was somewhat shielded but it was coming down. It took me some bit of maneuvering to get him into his house face forward. Then I made my way home soaked to the skin. Back when people used to argue with me, I probably wouldn’t have done that and that is to my shame, although I will say that half the time I did do what I should do and that is probably because I was drunk as a lord or high and driven by the need to do what others would not.

This morning when I went over he was right back under that palm tree. I am hoping he waited until it stopped raining and it did look like he did. How he got out of that narrow dog house when he can hardly walk and was faced the wrong way still mystifies me but I have come to accept this sort of thing because, due to the times, the Samskaras are burning away at a remarkable rate and ‘burning’ is the operative word.Don’t worry about what other people do or say. Consider your own speech and actions. Don’t quibble about what god is or looks like or what sex god might be. Seek. I could say seek or be damned but that is more likely what I would have said when people used to argue with me.

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