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The Coat of Many Colors and the Body Beneath

For some reason, Visible Origami postings often show up on a Sunday. Today is the day of the radio show again and you can go to the menu at the right and click on Feet to the Fire to listen to it live tonight at 7:00 Central or just click on Visible’s Radio Shows in a day or two following...

So what have we for this day? I just finished compiling the outline that I will use for the radio show and now I have to think about it. Perhaps I will go and feed the dogs first. They will appreciate that and it will give me time to consider things.

I’ve been sending out an obscure book on Christian mysticism which will profit the attention of anyone seeking realization, regardless of your faith. Any true revelation from any faith can be of help to the members of any other faith. The great Indian saint, Ramakrishna, entered into every one of the world’s major religions and experienced enlightenment in each one and proclaimed them all the same. This is in accord with the words of Jesus the Christ (Christ meaning the anointed one and a station available to any sincere and persistent seeker) where he said, “In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

This is a powerful and profound book and I have received some degree of illumination from it myself. I memorized the meditations at the back of the book and used to recite them every day, along with The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and The Pattern on the Trestleboard. You can find the Emerald Tablet from a link to the right on this same page. These litanies are part of the Western Mystery Tradition. I studied in this tradition for a long time but it is not my core methodology. I am not drawn to the path of knowledge. I prefer the path of love. My feeling is that if you follow the path of knowledge you will have to come back and discover the path of love. This knowledge has no positive meaning without an awareness of love. However, if you follow the path of love, all pertinent knowledge will come with it.

Once again today, I heard from a reader that I was making the illuminati hand-sign in one of my photos. I provided a graphic of Ramakrishna doing the same thing in another post some time ago and I have explained this in detail before. Here is yet another one. If you are sincere about seeing behind the veils, it behooves you to accept, or somehow discover, that there is only ONE source of power. It would help to understand that God is a serpent and that God is embodied in the human form through the activation of the serpent power or Kundalini. Force is force. It can be applied many ways. It can be applied positively and negatively.

The serpent who spoke to Eve in the garden was also God. This serpent power is the sex force, the life force. Some learn to sublimate this force and draw it up the spinal column and experience the presence and power of God and some take it into a nightclub to get laid. It’s the same force.

You will also see a link for a Gematria widget on the same page as the Trestleboard text. Then you will see Hebrew letters. These letters did not originate with the Jews. They come from the Chaldean flame alphabet. The history of the Jews in the Old Testament is taken from earlier stories about Egyptians and Sumerians as well as others. The Jews involved in the Old Testament, appropriated these tales and made themselves appear in them. David Icke’s book, “Tales from the Time Loop” goes into this and provides other references as well. You can also find these things out from the works of many scholars.

It should also be said that the present day Jews are primarily Ashkenazi and have no connection to the ‘so-called’ Holy Land. Many slick additions and subtractions were made to the Bible for the purpose of a certain group of so-called Jews to co-opt the heads of fundamentalist Christians and get them to fight their wars for them while they steal their money. I am sorry to put it so plainly but you can see it without too much effort. They have arranged to make themselves believed to be chosen by God. They are, in fact, of the Synagogue of Satan whom they serve.

I am saying these things so that I don’t have to hear from someone about linking to a site that uses Jewish letters or to indicate in anyway that anything I am connected to is connected to Judaism. It’s not and neither is a lot which Judaism has connected to itself. There’s also no proof that Jesus was a Jew and actually no proof of Jesus period, except in the hearts of the believing. Even if he were a Jew, there is no relationship between what he was and what today’s psychopathic Zionist entity is. It’s important to realize this as fools like John Hagee and others go about preaching about Jewish supremacy and how they are God’s chosen people. They are not.

Things are not what they seem and that is the first thing any seeker should realize. One should also realize that there comes a time when one must step outside of the chalk lines of organized religion and find that which is true in all religions. One needs to get the point that it is within. Some people can hear this for their entire lives and not get it. You don’t need intermediaries in robes either. It is good to have a teacher and everyone does but sometimes you are a few lifetimes away from the sought after contact because the seeking is just occasional and not more important than anything else. It has to be more important than anything else. Eventually it will be because eventually, EVERYTHING else disappoints.

It is a sad feature of the spiritual life that we do not come upon it except through trauma and loss. Much of the time, life has to beat the shit out of us to wake us up and that is especially true of times like this when materialism is so powerful. This is the major reason that certain people are so powerful at the moment because of their alliance with it. Somehow I just can’t match up having the awareness and presence of God with having your heart and your interests immersed in the material plane.

Nothing I am saying here is an indictment of any individual. There are spiritually aware people of every race, color, creed and religion. Let’s leave it at that.

In this book which I have been sending out you will note the occasional fundamentalist line. You have to remember that the book is almost a hundred years old but... more importantly... there will always be things that set off our antenna. We are right to question things. We should certainly trust but verify. We should as the book says, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves". Many people reject things because they didn’t like the sound of one thing or another and then they threw the baby out with the bathwater. Take what is useful and leave the rest. It’s also good to remember that what we may not believe to be true at the moment could well prove to be true later on.

I do not promote any book as the suma qua non. I do not promote any religion. I do not espouse any particular way or have any particular name for the divine. What I do promote and possess is the understanding that I do not know. I do promote and espouse this.

I try always, when I offer something or send it out, to be clear about what it contains and what interests it will appeal to. Hopefully you don’t come to me for a book on quantum mechanics and I send you something on Turkish cuisine. I often hear from people, “I don’t agree with you on everything but...” That’s fine. That’s how it should be. Discover it on your own with the help provided by the known and unknown and you will be much more comfortable and secure with it than if you just bought it off the shelf.

I, like everyone else employed at this effort, am an indicator. I doubt that I have seen what others have pointed out to me when I went that way and I don’t think you will either. Some things are common to all but not all things are common. Some are personal.

Anyone who says that their religion is the only way is wrong... flat out wrong and they should be tolerated until you can excuse yourself for some pressing engagement. Anyone who says they know does not. Anyone who says, “This is the way it is”, does not know the way it is. We should be most careful about not deceiving people because we will find that we have deceived ourselves in the process.

We are soon going to find ourselves in the position of being tested on what we believe and on what we thought was real. As a point in fact, that is always going on but sometimes it takes a dramatic turn. I cannot stress enough, the need to go within and seek the guidance that awaits you there. All that you need is there and very little of it is to be found outside of yourself. Some of us find certain kinds of clothes more comfortable and suitable for us. The body beneath the clothes is of a type similar to all of us and what lies within is the same for everyone. It might look different but it is the same.

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