Sunday, December 20, 2009

Out of the Darkness and into the Light.

Dog Poet Resonating.......

Tonight is the radio show, at around 7:00 Central and I think I’ll travel around through some of the concepts that will be coming up in the show. It will be available for download in a day or two for those who may miss it tonight.

Let us all assume that there is only one force that expresses itself as ‘what we call’ good and evil and also as much of what we cannot define or understand. Let us assume that the purpose of life is to lead us through experience to Self Realization, when we know ourselves to be God as we have come to a shared awareness of the divine. The greater portion of the divine, which never comes into manifestation, is not something that any of us will ever be but like the stars shining in the sky (which are seats of consciousness) and like the myriad Buddhas, we all may come to a state of realized existence and become the central light for an entire world or even more.

There is one regent; one great omnipresent ruler and many personalized extensions of it. These extensions exist in the highest and lowest realms, in benevolent and wrathful aspect. Each of them has authority over a particular world and each of them draws their authority from the one. We all serve the same living divine and we all draw our ability to think and feel and move about from it. Regardless of what our separated mind tells us, we are part and parcel of something far greater than we shall ever fully comprehend. It is not possible to be a part of it and to comprehend the whole at the same time. There are individuals that seek to dissolve into it completely. If successful at this we can say with certainty that they are no longer individualized... or are they? I don’t know. They were very serious about merging with the one and ceasing to be apart from it in anyway, even as a personalized projection but... maybe there is something eternal about each of our unique beings. It is something to think about.

Massive and major changes are upon us and the force that is bringing all of it is the same force already under discussion. This force is an extension of the will of God who takes the image and shape of a particular being in accordance with a particular ray. Think of white light passing through a spectrum and consider that each colored ray is a different faith or religion.

People can and will argue till doomsday’s break about all of the minutiae and complexities of what expresses itself from any particular ray but that’s just mindless chatter that comes to nothing. It is not important to know all the ins and outs of the rules and sequences that have materialized out of our quest to understand and define. Some might profit from reading Thomas Aquinas but all I had to do was see the size of the book to know there was nothing in it for me. People of an intellectual disposition will get something from Mann’s “Magic Mountain” or by filling their heads with the unbelievable weight of intricacies contained in Buddhist texts. This does not work for me.

What is more important, enormous amounts of acquired knowledge, which would still be only a drop in the ocean or... actual experience of the entity in question? People who fill their heads with all of this information are actually using it to insulate themselves from contact with the divine. They’ve set themselves up as little gods dispensing some small and pitiful portion of something vast beyond any scale of measurement. Good luck.

There is only one true teacher and only one true guru. At any time he is seated in only a handful of people in manifest physical existence. Others may be well meaning and bring real help into the lives of those they encounter but they serve best when they realize how truly limited they are. The litmus test for any teacher in terms of authenticity is in their ability to say, “I don’t know.”

So it is with what is coming. Do not trouble your pretty little heads with feverish imaginings about what’s coming. That is far less important than what you have anchored yourself upon. It is far less important what the conditions may be than in whose company you encounter them in. Even a truly ordinary person can become extraordinary by association with their well spring at the source. We are all at different distances from it because of the state of our consciousness. In fact, there is no distance at all but there is the appearance of distance and that has an impact.

Let us assume that what we are talking about here actually exists. If that is the case then you have all the faith and intensity necessary to reach and realize it. It is only doubt and uncertainty that retards our progress and there is no need for doubt or uncertainty. Another problem is our divided will. Our will is set against The Will and this hampers us more than we might think. The trick is to surrender your will to the greater will which is right there inside you and witnessing everything that concerns you, from that vantage point, at all times.

The purpose of what is coming is to drive you in the direction of your greatest freedom. Of course, if you are among those who refuse to take advantage of this and, especially if your reason for this is because you are preying upon your fellows, then this force is going to drive you in the direction of bondage. You choose the direction and the force carries you there. This is why you can be assured of perfect justice and why it should not be a concern of yours. It is all being taken care of and it is all in capable hands and it is all under control. Let go of your apprehension about what may or may not happen. Leave off with the belief that you are in a position to protect yourself. Why should you even need to do that if you are in direct association with the greatest power of all and the only power there is? Sure... you might be called to express in one way or another but it won’t be you doing it.

I’m trying to hone in on a key concern that is at the root of so many of our problems. This is the idea that we have to make all the decisions and take all the actions and look in all directions at once. Even inimical forces, that might do you or anyone injury, are also under the control of this force at all times. You have to get this through your head. It is more important than anything else. This is why you really can become as a little child and why you can surrender to what controls not only you but everything. In reality it is not the divine that you don’t trust, it’s yourself.

Whatever is coming, you chose to be here and so did so many other people... more people than this planet has seen in a long time. Ergo... there must be a very good and positive reason for this, even if you can’t see it at the moment. The very fact that you and so many other people chose to be here should be powerful evidence. Try embracing this and all the other indications that seem to be saying some great promotion is at hand if you can only bring yourself into line and see it.

Now is the time to get right with yourself and not concern yourself with what is going on in the wider world. You are an extension of that which controls everything. The more you can come into alignment with this, the more possibilities exist for you. Sink into the core and let it carry you. Leave off with worry and apprehension... these are projections of the dark side and the very means they hook you with. Fear is an amazing tool with which to force compliance, with acts and conditions that are in opposition to our best interest.

If I haven’t said enough by now I doubt that going on and on like the sea is going to make any further difference. Contact the one and let it know you are on the team and live each moment as if you were representative of that. You do this and I think you will find that much of what is not clear will become clear and much which seems difficult and even impossible will cease to be so; more to come... further up the road.

End Resonance.......

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