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There can be no Darkness more Powerful than Light

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I don’t know if conditions and events come in waves or cycles. Maybe they come in cycles and there are waves within them or maybe there is cycling going on in the waves; like the Tour De France under water or something. What I do know is that things come and go and sometimes the same kinds of events and conditions pop up all over the place. It happens in the world and it probably happens in outer space. I know it happens in inner space and I know it happens at blogs.

I know at these blogs, as I have observed in my life, that sometimes those events and conditions are triggered by me and sometimes not. Sometimes I trigger them intentionally and sometimes not. I haven’t figured out what to do about any of it. I haven’t figured out what to call the ineffable divine or what shape or personality to keep in mind because that changes too. What I have discovered is that just keeping it in mind seems to work better than running around confused about what he or she is. I’ve been given to understand that I will never figure that out anyway and that all I do know about the matter usually explains itself in human terms or some element of Nature, unless the super conscious comes into play and then it’s all about serpents. They coil up and that could imply cycles but they also move in waves so... let’s not get any further up the road with this at the moment.

In the blog world just like in real life, sometimes we’re on the mark and sometimes we’re not. In these days there are a lot of people running around calling themselves ‘healers’ but they aren’t healing anybody, not even themselves. There are a lot of people running around calling themselves teachers and sometimes they teach you something and usually, in the process, they teach you about themselves too. Hard times are circling the planet and suffering seems to be at an all time high. Hypocrisy and self interest are epidemic and even in the midst of great tragedies you see them as the greatest by product.

It’s easy to become depressed and looking forward the indication is that much worse is on the horizon. I’ve seen these things come and go in my own life and buckled beneath the weight of it a couple of times in recent memory.

In the process of going through what I have had to go through, or put myself through I’ve resorted to a number of different practices in hopes of keeping certain forces at bay. It’s hard to know if these forces are visiting themselves upon you from external locations or rising up from within. We are told that the planets which pass by one another in the solar system create aspects which affect the human condition in positive and negative ways. We are told these planets are also located within us in locations known as chakras or ‘interior stars’. Depending on when we were born and where we are at the time, different pressures come upon us. I’ve looked into this science and come to believe there’s something to it but when you consult people who have studied this science of planetary relationships you never hear the same thing from any two of them. What is one to think?

I’ve studied the various religious traditions and their exoteric and esoteric aspects and I’ve spent considerable time studying certain hidden traditions and there are similarities in all of them but all of them are different. I’ve studied with certain teachers from different traditions; in person and at a distance through their written works. Some of them had already departed long before I got here this time so there was no great chance of running into them, although I did manage to meet some of them on other planes of being for brief periods of time and I have had the sense of being overshadowed by entities on occasion who have advised and protected me. At least it seemed so. Still, I don’t know much more about any of it; how or why it happens.

These teachers had different perspectives and ways of saying and doing things. I’ve looked into teachers whose work had no affect on me at all and quite the opposite at other times. Others have gotten a great deal from the former, or say they have and nothing from the latter. Life’s a big place. Death is a mystery. Birth is at one end and death at the other and I suppose that implies cycles or waves again. I don’t see much that moves in a straight line for too long before it bends one way or another and I suspect that should tell us something if we were inclined to listen.

For as long as recorded history has been around there have been orders, brotherhoods, schools of thought, which have influenced the human theater of operations. Some of them are secret societies that involve initiation rites and levels of awareness that go deeper and deeper into the peculiar path or understanding upon which they are based. These days there are an increasing number of people who think all of these societies are evil. The ancient sign of an awakened kundalini has come to signify evil because certain corrupt leaders are seen flashing what is called, ‘the Devil’s Horns’. I’ve been taught that everything the dark side has appropriated, it has stolen from the fellowships of light and then perverted the knowledge for purposes of self-interest or harm to others.

It stands to reason that, if there are dark fellowships, then there must be fellowships of light. It stands to reason just the same way that day follows night. However, these days there are more and more people who believe all these organizations are evil. I’ve heard people say that the Tibetan lamas were evil and it was a good thing the Chinese got after them; as if the Chinese brought something better to Tibet afterwards.

I’ve had people get after me for embracing Eastern Thought because there is some kind of rule I never heard of which demands I stay within the precepts of Western thought, which leaves me cold. I’ve noticed an increasing cynicism, accompanied by a perception of knowing everything, without even having experienced it. I could go on at length about the things I notice and observe but I’ve done that already more times than I can remember.

What I have found lately and been aware of for a lot of my life is that the real teachers, traditions and fellowships, known and unknown, have only one purpose and that is to bring you into the presence of the divine within you. They accomplish this in many different ways. Sometimes they hit you with a bamboo stick and sometimes they trigger awareness through a sequence of thought. Sometimes they get you there by removing thought altogether. I’ve noticed that a few people seem to get it but most don’t. Most just want to hang around the teacher as if somehow the presence within was the presence without. I can understand how they might be both but it does seem to me that the primary thing of value is what awakens or comes forward from within.

I think I’ve had several purposes in mind in writing this today/this evening. One of them is to say that I am finding an increasing comfort in simply practicing presence without much attending it in terms of ritual or tradition. I keep bringing my mind back to it whatever I am doing and reminding myself that I’m not actually doing anything; that there’s only one primary mover.

I keep reminding myself that I don’t actually know anything. I don’t know if the hidden government actually caused the Haitian earthquake. I don’t doubt their capacity for violence on a massive scale. You can see what they’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s no doubt that there are some bad- or miss-’guided’ people around. We are in a dark age and the appearance of darkness is greater than the appearance of light. This, by no means, is evidence that the darkness is stronger than the light. Any time light appears the darkness recedes. The trick of it is to have a light. If you don’t, then the darkness could appear to overwhelm you, make you believe you were like it or manipulate you through fear of it.

If you had that light, which I think of in terms of the awakened divine within, then you wouldn’t need to be concerned with the darkness unless you set your light aside, or didn’t have a light... unless you were following someone with a light... like a teacher, perhaps. Still, it’s so much better to have your own light, which you only get by a continuous practice of the presence. It’s kind of like a bicycle generator if you are peddling around at night, which seems to imply some effort on our part or maybe it only seems like that because as long as we think we’re peddling there’s effort in it and maybe even personal satisfaction too and maybe that leads into darkness, I just don’t know.

I get so tired of hearing about how evil everyone is. I get tired of hearing that everyone I ever mention; someone thinks is a tool of the darkness. They can’t all be tools of the darkness. All these societies can’t be devilish. It doesn’t work like that. I think people are gravely misleading themselves by knowing everything all the time, including people they’ve never met, places they’ve never been and things they’re never done. I’m going to try to undo my knowing with a little positive unknowing and the greater presence of what we must all be in truth once we let this little self ...and what little it thinks it knows ...let go into that greater self that knows it all.... governs it all and composes it all and is the very essence of light.

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