Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wisdom and Folly and the Spaces in Between.

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When it’s outside of us we call it Nature. When it’s within we call it God. We’re the medium between. When the divine flows unobstructed through us, then Nature becomes a perfect mirror. Nature has no secrets from her lord. When the divine does not flow through us unobstructed, then the mirror is distorted and veils fall over her secrets. The Earth is a sacred being and she hides herself from the profane.

Anything that gets accomplished here gets accomplished by divine agency. There’s only one power and only one doer. When we act as if we were doing the accomplishing, according to our personal ambitions, we become the devil. That’s all the devil really is; one who sets their own interests against those of the cosmos. The irony is that the divine will intends for everyone to have what they truly want and works toward that end. We go contrary to this, seeking to gain what we think we want and believing we won’t get it otherwise. All of a sudden everything becomes sinful. Sin means, ‘missing the mark’.

All evidence of enduring art, everything great and lasting is done by the divine through human agency. If it’s worth hearing, seeing; or by whatever means of perception, the divine did it. Every true science and every understanding of every natural process and what is called supernatural but is simply what has yet to be understood, is brought to us by divine agency. Every corruption of everything mentioned so far, comes about by human agency set against divine agency and is doomed to perish and to fail.

Every divine agency ever named or dressed in any tapestry of religion is the same divine agency. Every religion is a blind that conceals this unity. Still, that unity can be found in any religion for those who can read the true intent of the scripture. The true intent of the scripture can not be understood or comprehended unless it is revealed by the agency that caused it to be authored. All doors to all rarified realms are closed until they are opened by the one entrusted to do so. Anyone who seeks to pick the locks does so at their peril.

What is called magic or miraculous in the higher sense is impossible unless divine agency is working through the practitioner; everything else which is called magic or the occult or by any name that defines the performance of the will upon matter or mind is a perversion.

I sound pretty definite, don’t I? I just wanted to see what it felt like to say these things and speak like that (grin). I believe all of what I said to be sure but there are a lot of ways to say it.

There are millions of artists, scientists and sundry who are looking to excel in their profession or their craft. They work hard at it. They lay awake at night thinking about it. They might make any kind of an arrangement with anyone just to get the opportunity to succeed at what they want to do so badly. They go about in all directions looking for inspiration and assistance and whatever means and monies are necessary to the fulfillment of what they are after and they are wasting their time. The ability to become a legend or to light up or transform the world comes from only one place.

There are millions of writers who want to capture the imagination of the world and dozens of them might say the same thing but only one power can put the resonance in so that the impact will be felt and remembered.

People succeed beyond their wildest dreams only to die on a toilet seat. People attain to fame in such a way that their names are on everyone’s lips and they die alone and besieged or with a shotgun in their mouths. People become rich so that it would last a thousand lifetimes and must live in suspicion of everyone they meet. Only one force knows how to live with these conditions. Only one force controls the force that is the energy which composes and animates the people and the environments. Only divine agency is strong enough to control Maya.

We imagine attractive destinies for ourselves and think how wonderful it would be to achieve them. What a deep sorrow we encounter when we do, unless divine agency is living it in us. We’re free to seek these things and some of us are always getting them but the history of the players is not a happy one.

Anyone who is not seeking the company and favor of the divine is a fool. Anyone who think there isn’t one is an even greater fool. Anyone who can’t see how absolutely certain it is that divine agency is real having it concealed from them. Everyone who argues about it with no more information than what they learned from people with no information has had that argument put into their heads.

We do well to tremble and surrender in all things to the one that is the one. The possibilities of the ways in which our lessons can be learned are infinite. Think for just a moment of all the tales you have read and heard about. Think, if you have experienced it, about all the Sufi tales and Biblical tales, Hindu and Buddhist tales and then consider Shakespeare and all of the other writers and all of the stories they have told. Move along to real life and the records of lives and what the newspapers report and what history has recorded and consider that any one of these end results might be your own. Consider how many of these stories and tales are happy ones.

I look in awe upon all the confident souls who go about their personal business and know so much about everything. They even know all about the things they know nothing about; you have only to ask them. I shudder to see the rich and powerful as they command the world and do the things they do and believe that they are the one who is doing what they are doing and that they are the final judge for the deeds they have done. They scare the shit out of me.

I watch the endless sexual dances, which are the life and death magnets of this magic show in the world of illusion; in this world of dreams, in this world of sleepwalkers writhing in secret fires, whose completion in the act leaves them on glue boards, while regret grows like kudzu in their hearts. I watch the cocky and beautiful turn into the confused and unbeautiful and old and weary and longing for death. It’s a different sexual act that now approaches.

A proper prayer would go something like this; “My Lord... do not give me anything but your company and advice. Whatever else you may give me; let it not come between you and I. Spare me fame and fortune and any position of power unless you are in command. Do not give me passionate love in this world unless it is to teach me what I do not know and do not let the desire linger past the lesson; rather give me friendship and companionship and yours before all others. Keep me from strange attractions.

“Please do not let me come to believe in my own power. Please do not let me act on my own accord. Please remove my shortcomings and grant me your qualities. Protect me from any sense of self importance. Remind me unceasingly of my errors and grant me wisdom and understanding. Lord, let me walk in the kingdom of God while I am walking on this Earth. Let me serve in whatever small way I am capable of. Let me forget myself. Teach me to love without condition and to fear nothing except that I might displease you. Conquer me from within and let me have no freedom but what you celebrate in me. Destroy my false self and break the hinges on the door to my heart. Live your life in me and I will want nothing more”.

This isn’t what people usually ask for, though some do. There are happy and successful lives but we don’t usually hear about them. Those kinds of lives are bad for business.

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