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♫We are the People that Might have Been,

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The strangest feature of these strange times is how ordinary life just goes on while the stage set on which it plays out crumbles from within. Wars that can’t be won continue from day to day as economic enterprises and propaganda stunts. All the industries that profit from war have coffers bursting from swag, while the homeland sinks beneath the weight of manufactured debt. The corporations, in an obscenity of murder for profit and rampaging greed, compete against each other in seeking the limits of unregulated outrage. There seem to be no limits.

The obvious appearances announce themselves with each new day. Behind these appearances are other appearances and behind those are yet more. Finally when the last appearances are stripped away there is nothing. Everything comes out of nothing. We are surrounded by insubstantial ghosts and all of it is part and parcel of a collective dream. The dream changes like the seasons according to an internal clock. The whole length of history is nothing more than the evidence of a series of dreams.

The dreamers are tormented in the midst. They reach out for the objects of desire and in the act of possessing them the value disappears. Now they must protect these things against the hunger of those who do not possess them and have not yet learned the worthlessness of the items. The dreamer’s age and ...their awareness shrinks. It becomes smaller and narrower according to the amount of worthless objects possessed and desired. Along the way the dreamer becomes increasingly more tangled and caught in a web of temporary things which prove to be snares no different than those employed by a woodsman in the wild. Eventually the dreamer is trussed up beyond escape and only death can cut him loose. One does not grow wiser as the result of aging. Generally one grows dimmer.

Nearly all of the world’s inhabitants follow this path into bondage. As the immersion become more and more complete, the finer faculties coarsen. Objective reasoning and divine luminous wisdom seem like something out of myth. The conversations are all about stuff and nonsense. Nearly everyone has agreed that this is what is real and so it seems to become so. It is made seeming real by the collective belief of the deceived. Anyone calling attention to this is made to appear as an enemy of the dream. Waking up is a dangerous game that leads to the madhouses, prisons and gallows. They attract censure and become a pariah This is the usual reward for seeking and speaking the truth or seeking to serve and assist your fellows. It runs contrary to the marketplace and is against the law in a number of ways.

Sooner or later the marketplace determines the nature and application of the laws. At that point humanity goes out the window and become no more than numbers crunching and blood produced from a stone. Politicians say one thing and do another and they do it with a smile. It all appears orderly, in fact, there is too much order. As the system stretches to accommodate practices and principles that have no support mechanism, instability is the constant state and thus requires even more order. When people are left alone they tend to behave in a natural way. The more they are meddled with the more problems appear and the more order is yet again required.

Greater and greater distractions are necessary in order to maintain order with fear and fascination. Those who have fought their way to the top of the anthill have relinquished control over themselves at each stage of their progress. When they get to the top they are completely possessed by the intelligence whose aim is total order and total control externally expressed. This is why they all act the same.

A human being is a vessel and a medium. According to its intentions it becomes a vehicle of light or darkness. As it seeks control over itself, the light advises and guides it. As it seeks control over its fellows, the darkness advises and guides it. The purpose of pressing down on humanity and making life unpleasant is to drive human consciousness into willing servitude under its abuser.

If it were not for the fact that everything is under control, there is no telling how monstrous life might become. It beggars the imagination. Because everything is under control there is a game plan, which includes liberty and freedom as a portion of the end result. It also includes an intricate arrangement of events that brings those who abuse their fellows to the center stage for a cosmic denouement.

The natural course of the evolution of consciousness is a long affair. Unassisted it can take an immense period of time. It is possible to ‘hothouse’ one’s personal evolution of consciousness and succeed at a much more rapid pace. Certain portions of time also contain periods where the opportunity for mass ‘hothousing’ exists. The opportunity has no efficacy or meaning until it is taken advantage of.

When you shoot white light through a prism, you get a series of rays of different colors. Each of these rays is a highway that is traveled by a particular part of humanity. It has characteristics that differ from every other ray. Each ray has a prevailing religious form and is a path that leads to realization of a particular kind. The end result is the same for each ray. The rays are necessary to give life contrast, polarities and variation. It is the mix of the rays that makes life what we see it to be.

There are levels of awareness on each of the rays and distinctive good and bad qualities. At the upper levels of the rays there is a tribalism taking place. Certain people are being drawn to one another. They are here for a purpose although what that is, is not clear.

Studying the appearance and behavior of different generations can grant the observer some interesting and valuable insights. Those who came of age in the 60’s had a lot in common with those who came of age in the 70’s. Every generation is composed of people who were all alive together at a previous time. Those who came of age in the 80’s were radically different. Business and money predominated. In the nineties it was a more shiftless and less capable group. Some of them are still living with their parents. The world is altered by each generation and each generation has its own collective destiny that is different from the others in terms of the experiences and courses taken.

It is of paramount importance to the members of any ray to discover the qualities of that ray in order to take advantage of them. Following the religious/spiritual framework of your ray grants a much higher degree of speed and success than following that of another ray. Engaging in one of the professions of that ray accords the same. It’s a kind of Feng Shui. You might say it is being in the Tao of your nature. You can find out what you need to know by researching those who have discovered the qualities of the rays or you can come upon this information intuitively. Each ray has teachers and guides at all points. The simple act of ‘asking’ can have profound consequence. Most people might think you mad for going into a quiet space and speaking into it with the intention of being heard.

We are befuddled and hindered by the limitations of our bandwidth. We’re certain of what we can perceive within it but uncertain of what lies beyond. It’s good to remember the term, “as above, so below’.

A human birth at this time has the potential to be an extremely fortunate event. This is one of the reasons that so many people are here. Unfortunately, the process of being born and the impact of being in the world have caused most to forget why they came. They are being increasingly reminded with increasing force but the density of the materialism of the time is a difficult hurdle. Those consciously struggling to awaken and to see and who are also serving their fellows as they go are in line for remarkable blessings. It is safe to say they have no idea just how remarkable. There is a phrase in the Bible (I may not get it verbatim) which states. Eye has not seen nor ear heard of the marvels that the Father has stored up for those who seek him.

Even though the road is long and the passage rough; even though you cannot see the gates of the city toward which you are bound you are on your way for so long as your determination and intention hold. These are very much like a car and the petrol which fuels it. There are other desirable qualities as well. Wiser minds are cultivating these things as you read these words. Go and do likewise (grin).

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Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.


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