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Riding in the Back of the Universe's Long Black Limousine.

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The relentless hammering has backed off a tad and I thought I would share some of the circumstances and- for the moment- solutions. I had tried various chants and other practices, hoping they would counteract the powerful crosswinds that have appeared in my mind. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s been unsettling and even scary at times. I finally had to back off on all chants as they appeared to be stirring up the sediment at the bottom of the pool.

I decided not to do anything for awhile and that’s been working... heh heh. It’s the reverse of what would happen in the past. In the past, practicing certain spiritual disciplines actually provided a vibrational shield. Now, it seems that the only thing that works is a constant emptying out of anything that comes in, combined with a sinking down into being and simply being aware.

As you can see from the course of world events, there are major cracks appearing in the egg of manufactured and enclosed hallucination. The dime store magicians that have been herding humanity into greater fear and uncertainty are losing their power and their grip. Their reaction has been to turn up the force of the chatter and the visuals. In the meantime people are coming awake in their cocoons and some of them are even crawling out of these mummy bags and walking around; albeit a little unsteadily.

Some time ago I was made aware that the Apocalypse is a very real and natural condition that repeats in human affairs at intervals of necessity. I began to mention this phenomenon and now... it’s possible to see it at work in nearly every following day. The awakening is real. What is also real is an opposing current that seems to want to suck the consciousness down into any available drain for the purpose of further encapsulation. Someone is trying to put the sleeping cat back in the bag. It’s not so easy with the cat awake. The cat does not want to stay in the bag.

Speaking for myself, it appears that this opposing current is tailored to find weak spots in the individual psyche. In my own case, it hits on garbage states from the past without trying to attempt anything new. There’s nothing new in the trapdoors and blind alleys. It’s all things I’ve seen and been impaired by before. At the moment, there’s stabilization in place and one hopes that will continue as well as to anchor more firmly.

Very strange things are happening with visitors to these sites as well. People who appeared to be greatly opposed to this writer have done one eighties. Authors from other blogs that are far more virulent and xenophobic have been screeching at me for not operating within parameters more like their own. Smoking Mirrors and, possibly, Petri Dish have been made unavailable for access from certain locations because, allegedly, the blogs violate certain standards. I’m comforted to know this and hope I can continue to violate these standards at every opportunity.

Operating the blogs has become an exercise in patience and ingenuity even to get the information published. You have no idea and there’s no point in listing the workarounds that present themselves every day.

A contributor from the Hare Krishna organization had been posting some wonderful comments at stream-of-consciousness blog at the Hare Krishna poem. I was really enjoying the vignettes and other contributions. Then, last week, he went off on me for publishing a negative comment and said he was leaving and that was that. I’m unaware of what comment he was talking about and I just don’t have the time to monitor and track everything down. I can’t get other important things (well... I think they’re important) done as it is.

This is the second time I’ve had problems with these people. It’s not like I’m a member or we had some kind of understanding. I print negative things about myself too. I can’t make exceptions like this. It looks like people are feeling jumped and getting jazzed at the least provocation. There’s got to be a lot of tension in the air. I’m in the wilderness so I can only speculate what it must be like in more crowded zones.

People, all I can think is that this is meant to toughen- or soften- us. We’re being tempered or tenderized and I don’t know which it is. It seems that the best defense is an increasing objectivity and a willingness not to let the reactive mind run the show. Our reactiveness is what is making us vulnerable to lower emotions and we need to rise above or sink below this. It appears we might be involved in a Space Invaders scenario in our minds. Incoming! (grin) We can’t afford to lose our good nature and our sense of humor.

For myself, I am trying to see these situations as people lashing out due to internal distress. They don’t mean to but the pain and discomfort activates the reactive mind. If there is one consideration I would like to convey here, it is to observe the reactive mind and think of it as a nervous horse; a skittish horse who starts at the slightest sound or appearance. The reins have to be firmly in hand and there has to be a conscious witness who can transmit a soothing temper to the horse.

We see where people and groups are combusting due to intolerable pressure; be it psychic, financial, environmental or any other cause. Whole nations are rising up in a collective anger and rejection at what they have endured for so long and which has been intensifying as well. The white water has increased which means the currents have ramped up and it also makes the rocks harder to see. Time has been speeding up and that makes things looks like they are happening faster too. However, ‘we’ don’t have to happen faster. We can actually slow down if we can get control of the reactive mind.

I see this as the major impairment and difficulty; the reactive mind. The only control we have over the outer world is the control we can exercise on our inner world. That inner world is contained in our minds. In a curious way, the outer world is too. Everything is made out of mind stuff and those who can control the mindstuff can control their situation whatever it may be. Those who are manipulating the mindstuff are some pretty negative beings and they are about to be rendered into the cosmic version of processed cheese. They don’t have to be but they just can’t help themselves. Their acquisitive and controlling nature has got the best of them so they are going to have to ‘be acquired’ and controlled.

It’s not like the cosmos wants to make flaming rat shit out of people. They insist upon it. They insist on their right to screw you over and, following that, themselves as well. They have got it into their heads that they can damn well do anything they want to do because they have the uniforms and the guns and then there are the ones who are too frightened to fight and who have found safety in controlling those with the uniforms and guns.

These people are going increasingly mad and suicidal. Your job is to stay out of their company and their way, until they succeed in destroying themselves, to the benefit of the planet and all life upon it. They’ve tortured, terrorized, imprisoned and murdered for such a long time now that it’s not different than getting up and going to work in the morning. Of course their workplace has been changing without their notice and eventually it’s going to reflect the sort of things they get up to with only them, their associates and a few special guests present.

We have to see them and not see them. We have to have compassion for the state they have put themselves into and what is to become their destiny, courtesy of the cosmic reactive mind known as Karma. I know it’s tough to watch them pave the roads to Hell with bad intentions but it will probably be better for you to spend more time with your Bonsais or tropical fish; whathaveyou. It’s always been going on like this. It just gets more routine or more unpredictable at times. Pull your head back into your shell and just wait by the side of the road until the funeral procession has gone by.

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