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Appearances, Fantastic Dreams and the Coming of the One

[I was going to write about psychopaths and their historical track record in respect of the conditions of the moment over at Petri Dish (next in line) but that will have to wait for another day. It probably serves the collective interest better to move into a metaphysical construct more in keeping with the needs of the hour].

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Sometimes when good things are happening you can find yourself in bad situations by not correctly reading what’s going on. One of our greatest failings, generally, is the inability to distinguish the meaning and intention of circumstances. It’s like that first meeting with Strider and the Hobbits at The Prancing Pony. He first seems to be a dark and shadowy form... menacing... ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and so forth and so on. Sometimes appearances are deceiving. One might even venture that they ‘usually’ are.

I had one perspective at Smoking Mirrors most recently and it’s time for the more enduring perspective that operates beyond appearances and is not so impacted on or compressed by the force of time. Time and gravity seem to have a lot in common and the more one is identified with the dreaming body consciousness, the more one is aware of both of them. This is the unfortunate destiny of a great many souls, trapped in the attractions of the material realm. Barring an epiphany or some change of direction, the process just gets denser and hotter.

Well, desire is fire and the material world exists within an endless, turning wheel of fire. There is more or less smoke, depending on the direction and intention of the desire. This is no knock on the material world. It is a necessary part of the whole. It’s like anything. It’s what you do with it. Harm and healing are products of the same power, depending on the intention of the operator. Ironically, regardless of good or bad intentions, one can often achieve an opposite result to what they had in mind. Such is the power of appearances to deceive and to conceal.

History is an example of appearances altered after the fact and hardly ever for the benefit of the people who believe in this fantasy travelogue. Two quotes come to mind; “History is written by the victors” and “History is bunk”. Much of what happens in this world, in the larger sense, is the result of machinations by those who imagine themselves to be in charge and any consideration for the welfare of those below them is usually more a matter of self defense and the protection of their own interests, than it is a result of any real concern for others. However, appearances do not only deceive the minds of those less gifted, or inclined to be aware. This power deceives all the way up. Sooner or later, the force behind all appearances and behind and within everything, decides the way things will work.

I suspect it is much more complicated and simple, at the same time, than what I am presenting here. This is just a brief prodding at the objective reasoning and intuitive state of the reader and the writer.

It is true, as many commentators have pointed out; that what we are seeing is a form of judgment, taking shape in the destinies of those who have operated as predators upon the human race. It has the appearance of making us think these predators are even more powerful than we thought and it has the appearance of convincing them of the same but... it is neither of these. It is more in the form of a sweeping state of change, transformation and judgment, which does not announce its real intent, until the chosen moment. What that is, is beyond the scope of all but a very few ...and they are not motivated to comment on it; usually.

Though we are unable to know the summation of the thing, we can put ourselves into a benevolent and surrendered state of affection and fealty to the master of the waters of all things and all times. We can put the focus upon the shining self within. We can make our faith in it the rock on which our existence rests and we can forget ourselves in a willing service to others that is the natural state of a cleansed, contrite and chastened heart. We can be far better than we are by paying less attention to what we think we are because we don’t know anyway; do we?

Recently I confused something that was already happening with something I was doing. The thing I was doing was an expression of the way my personal self generally chooses to depart from the crushing confusion of an uncomprehended life. What was happening and increasingly so, by the hour and the day, was a ship arriving and bearing more than one might expect in relation to crushing confusions, lack of comprehension and all the other inexplicable problems that confront the separated self. It was not bringing more of the same but quite the opposite and it intended to be loud and demanding of attention. As it so happened, I had my amplifiers all the way up and so it chose to speak to me through them. It might have gone a little easier on me if I had been able to be easier on myself but that has been a lifetime in the learning with precious little progress to date.

Now I find myself some days beyond the condition in which it found me and I find my condition now to be no less startling than it was then. It is much easier to listen and respond to but it’s unlike anything I’ve encountered before and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that that was how is was now.

I have hardly slept for a number of days and don’t really feel the need to sleep. When I do manage for an hour or two, the dreams that come are also well beyond anything I have experienced before. Last night, for the first time in some number of nights I slept for as much as 6 or more hours and, of course, the dreams were non-stop and when I awoke, everything was music, until it turned into the sound that it was; passing airplane, wind rustling, dogs barking and things I couldn’t identify, they all presented themselves as music until I could identify them. That’s still happening. Some times the most wonderful thing that can have happened to you is to have gone mad somewhere in the past. It makes so much possible and much less frightening than it might have been.

There’s a trembling uncertainty at most times, countered by a strong certitude that all is well, despite appearances, which is probably why we’ve been talking about appearances. In one of the dreams, I was with an incredibly beautiful woman who was like my consort; or something to that effect. She had more of the aspect of a goddess about her than a mortal. She took me up on a mountain to an ancient church at which a celebration of darkness was taking place. Individuals and beings appeared that I am unable to accurately describe and a magical war took place between the consort and I and them ...with victory, sometimes in question, being ours at the end. There was something very powerful between us but we didn’t really understand each other, beyond the assurance that we were on the same side. I summoned a small dragon which had the back of a turtle and I flew away. More happened between us later but that’s not to go into now. I tell this story because it is indicative of these dreams in general and also because it appears that the formerly solid walls of supposed reality have been breached and something truly remarkable has come through, though it is difficult to identify at the moment.

It isn’t my intention to make these posts about myself because I recognize that that is not the important feature of the process. However, sometimes my experiences are relevant and helpful to the reader. In fact it seems to be more often than not, so... I present this as my own personal confirmation that things are decidedly not what they were or have been for however long I can remember. This is as if all the real positive results I have garnered from my former days of psychedelic inquiry, have now become the actual state of things; at least for me. This is a partial explanation for my not being around lately.

I wish I could translate this to the greatest, possible reassurance for all but it is beyond my skills to do so. I can only say that what ever may seem to be going on apart from us, is more than matched by what is going on within us and I say with all the conviction I can muster, that victory and blessed union are a fait accompli and always has been for those whose love has found the source of its expression. You can’t do better than that and anything else might result in anything else. We just don’t know. Obviously someone, or something, does and it’s coming into view.

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