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Finding the Expert or Being it Instead

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It has occurred to me that in this Origami, I might pull together a few things in consideration of the general discussion of sex and transmutation in a short and simple way according to my experience and to the degree that I have any idea what I am talking about. The problem of anything is always its complexity and usually its complexity has to do with a personal intention to understand something for the purpose of performing or manipulating it to a personal end, even if that end is to achieve union with the divine. The simple way is to find a way to get out of the way of the divine in its performance of it.

I see how people want to raise their Kundalini. I’ve seen people practicing Kundalini Yoga and engaging in practices that promise to accomplish that or eclectic variations of sitting and flailing about wildly for 15 minutes, as if what resulted could be called a Kundalini experience. I’m not in a position to judge the power or importance of anyone’s version of such an event except to say it probably isn’t one. Short bursts of released energy related to minor discharges of this force may or may not activate the main gusher but probably not. Madness of some kind is assured because it wipes out your personal being. There is only a certain type of individual who is prepared for this and they are usually seeking it out in a relentless fashion to begin with but quite often not in traditional ways.

The main purpose of awakening the Kundalini is to accomplish a kind of sexual union with one’s divinity and that involves the loss of the separated self. This is the result of more than one lifetime and though one may be in that lifetime but most likely not, the best intention is to seek the accommodation of the divine in initiating the process.

As I understand it, awakening the Kundalini and performing Tantra are not the same thing. Tantra in the general understanding involves a partner and there are a number of people around who know very little about it who will be willing to teach you all they know for a fee and then you can go out and do the same thing. Except for those who, for whatever reason, encounter a real teacher of Tantra; an extremely rare occurrence, the continued practice of it is going to take you, almost without fail, into the left hand path. You’re dealing with sex and you’re dealing with it in a time period where the astral state of sexual intercourse is in a degenerative and polluted condition.

The best of intentions are likely no match for the larger potency of the mass identification and general level of it. The primary archetype of Tantra is the Shiva/Shakti template with the feminine principle as the active part. This system has counterparts in various religions and the complexity of the possibilities is at the level of absolute insanity. I can’t imagine anyone who has some idea of what is involved actually wanting to go into it. Under the tutelage of a real tantric teacher you could be looking at decades and even more than one lifetime of study. The chances of finding a real tantric teacher are about as good as coaxing a snow leopard into your tent with a handful of beef jerky. It’s much easier to find some overly confident German, (for some reason there seem to be some number of these) a horny Indian actor or western simulation at Goa who might ask you to write your cellphone number on his thigh and learn a few surface tricks so that you can go out and do whatever he has in mind for you to someone else.

The usual result of the study of Tantra is sex magic and that’s an area not unlike the Sunderban or the jungles of Borneo. These are ancient teachings that deal with primitive force up to a certain level and very likely to wake up entities and situations that involve something as tame as a tiger, if you’re lucky, or something else.

Anyone who is serious about this sort of a thing would be most benefited by traveling around and talking to people who have been on the circuit of the ashram and new age sex and serenity tour, composed of trust funders, sleaze monkeys, sanyasin pop up gurus and the plethora of extraordinarily self involved, spiritual dilettantes who travel the world in strange entourages on the never ending dime of sycophancy and titillating promises of some hard to get mystery that they somehow got their hands on. You can ask them how long they’ve been practicing what they have been practicing and whatever was going on before that and see if you want to be what they arrived at.

Another handy teaching device is to go to any ashram or Buddhist retreat and watch the particular pecking order of the political structure that operates it. Once again you might want to know how long they have been at it and what your impression of them tells you.

I know how cynical this sounds but if you think this sounds cynical, wait until you get back from your journey and let’s see what you have to say. Don’t forget to attend a few new age seminars and retreats. There’s a great big one around Rhinebeck, N.Y, and others in various places where you can catch one teacher after another who has taken some system of bodyworking; dance, breath control, mind manipulation or psychological intimacy exchange that looks like an AA meeting without the confidentiality and has given it a new name that will solve not only every problem you have but the problems of everyone you run into if you will only attend for 3 weekends and the final 4 day intensive.

It won’t hurt to hit a few of the bookstores where you can read a couple of pages and then skim the rest and learn that it’s not only incredibly easy but permanent, no matter what it is. This is my problem with people like Eckhart Tolle. It took me about 15 minutes of listening and some short period of reading to find that he did not say a single thing I had not heard someone else say before and I am still impressed that people who should know better tell me that there’s something I’m supposed to get from him. I did notice one advantage and that was the promise of an unavoidable nap if I listened for about 15 minutes, which is what I got for listening for 15 minutes. It’s important to know that that is what you want going in or it could be like taking too much GHB.

If your intention is to discover something on your own then the road to anything begins on the road that awaits you when you step out of your front door. If you are serious about getting the entire package from the only one who completely understands it and who has the awareness of everything about you so that he knows the correct measure of everything in the universe that will benefit you and the best way to experience it, with the quickest and most lasting results, you have to go to the divine. Even if you wanted to open a bicycle shop or an ice cream store that would still be your best bet.

For simple and pedestrian requests all you have to do is ask and be certain it’s on its way. You can ask and then doubt the result and get that too. For the more valuable things like spiritual qualities and changes in awareness, as well as the removal of shortcomings and a personal meeting or the presence of the divine, it stands to reason that you would have to be relentless and sincere. In these cases the best thing to do is to act without fail in every moment as if you possessed these qualities, your awareness was changed, your shortcomings were being removed, you were on your way to see the divine no matter where you were going or that you were in the presence at all times.

Ask yourself what it would take to meet someone who was rich, powerful or famous? Should the divine be easier than that? The degree of intensity speeds up the arrival process and such things as the state of your karma and other things will surely have an effect. Since I accomplished most of these things, except for the removal of the shortcomings, inasmuch as they are necessary to be used as a personal and public service to avoid a particular misidentification and the Tantra spectrum, since I didn’t really want all that formalized approach and preferred the inner route to begin with, I can tell you it’s there to be had if you can make the decision that everything you do is related to the encounter, that you will not quit short of success and that you want it more than anything else. If this is the case it is probably better not to go looking in conventional locations unless it is your destiny to meet a true master and there are some around but not generally in conventional locations. Every one of them is the divine in some form, so that works.

I can tell you that you might not get rich or anything else that comes with having missed it. You might wind up alienated from everything else you were not alienated from before and you might have things thrown in your face constantly about the need to improve and be put in situations that are as far away from what you might have expected as you can imagine. You might find that you have abilities to do things that are astonishing and that it has no impact beyond the effect of the moment and that the very people who see them will forget at some point later on. All the highly paid and amply rewarded states of those pretending to it is where the carnival magics of charisma and spiritual pickpocking grant what one imagines they will get for the benefit of their search and one should never fool themselves into thinking they don’t want something like this. That might be one of the things you don’t forget to ask for on the way; to ask the divine to make sure you understand the value of what you are asking for compared to what the hidden part of your self was planning on.

Self deception is more inventive and calculating than we imagine and the highway to the heavens is littered with the failed ambitions of those who really didn’t want what they were asking for if they weren’t going to get some kind of vague payoff of one sort or another. I’m not saying this very well for a good reason. Of course you can have anything you want and even if you forget all about it, it is going to open like a cornucopia and bury you under more blessings than you will even be able to see or identify but no one gets there who hasn’t wiped out or had wiped out every possibility of enjoyment or pleasure in the things which cosmically forbid the acquisition of the other. Whether this gets restored later in some manner in some time or place is something else.

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