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Getting it on with The Great Beyond

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There was a reason that I mentioned sex on the last radio show and not because it sells newspapers (grin). It’s the same reason that I’ve mentioned it several times in tales concerning some of the strange adventures of my recent times and by allusion. All of what I discussed was quite real. I didn’t bring it up to shock people or drive them away, even though it’s not a bad idea to weed the place out on occasion because... all the things the darkside is capable of, came about by theft of the secrets of the light and then a perversion of the light. You might think it silly of me to talk about keeping something secret while talking about it in a public forum. That’s not the point. You can think about what the point is.

The reason that the dark side got a lot of information is through the weakness of those entrusted with certain things. It’s not just weakness, its ignorance too, because... whatever they sold it out for, the light would have given them without the suffering that attended their giving it to those whose intentions were not good. Of course, this is all part of the drama. The divine lets this happen and sometimes encourages it too because it makes for great entertainment. Anyone who thinks the divine is not entertained by our follies has not yet grasped certain fundamental points. I should also add that we are watched the same way people watch a TV show, by all sorts of beings, high and low. As that great teacher, Mikhail Aivanov once said- not verbatim- If people only knew who shows up for lunch while they are having sex they would be more careful about it.

I can only tell you about the things I discovered while involved in all the things I did. Some of them will never find their way into a public forum but that’s just how it goes. Usually, if I am talking about something, it is either based on my own experiences or something I have been told by the divine. Anyone who doesn’t think that the divine speaks directly to those who have put themselves in the position to hear also has not grasped certain fundamental points.

The divine is intimately involved in everything we do. If we are eating; sleeping, walking, talking, thinking, defecating, urinating, dancing, drinking, insufflating or making love, as love, or as a four letter word, the divine is involved. People seeking the divine are okay with portions of this but not with all of it. This is why I have been bringing it up. The times in which we live are drenched with the advertisement of and the suggestions for our appetites. If you are engaging the divine in some of the things you do, that is good. If you are not engaging the divine in everything you do, that is not good; if you are seeking the divine... because... the things you are doing with the divine- attract and the things you are not doing with the divine- repel. So, you are treading water, running in place, wasting time? Go ahead find your own definition for it.

I know that some people think I am off my rocker. Ask me if I care. Do I care about you? Yes I do. It’s why I give myself away pretty much all the time for free. This is not to present myself as an exceptional person or a fool. It is because there really is no other way to celebrate the things I know to be true. It isn’t a matter of it being splendid or foolish to do this. It is a matter of; “why isn’t everyone doing it”? Before you can freely give yourself away, you have to have gone past the place where celebrity and all of the other enticements of the world of personal vanity have been neutralized. This isn’t all that hard to do if you know who you are really performing for. Who are you performing for?

Last week’s radio show generated a couple of complaints from people who, quite frankly, are uptight about certain things and that probably reflects in their performance of them (grin). On the other hand, it generated many more supportive comments in emails and to the radio station. Interestingly, complaints always carry more weight. I know that the majority of you would rather get the essence of what is being communicated, even if it goes through strange landscapes, rather than my skirting these areas out of unnecessary decorum. I think the proper response to that is, “fuck that noise” (grin).

What I discovered in my travels to the presence of the divine was that I was doing some things where my attention was on the divine and some that were not. However it happened, I started engaging the divine in all of them and... good grief, what a difference. This is the essence of Tantra and, I’ll tell you a little secret. All of those complicated breathing rituals and enormously intricate accessories of behavior are unnecessary, unless that’s what is required to show your sincerity and dedication. Otherwise, the divine knows all of that and engineers it without you having to think about it, once you have encountered the divine, one way or another.

Sex (and survival) is our most powerful drive. Fear is our most longstanding atavistic companion. It stands to reason that as soon as you feel sexual in any way; you should direct it to the divine. Since the divine can be either male or female, this grants you comprehensive options. You should remember though that everyone is female to the divine and that that is the key to a remarkable secret that doesn’t need to be a secret but happens to hide in plain sight.

After my Kundalini rose, my hands and arms would move all by themselves and I noticed a current coming from my two middle fingers, which were drawn down toward the palm, and another current coming through the two outside fingers. People get confused about the mudras. They see what looks like the devil’s horns and don’t make the connection that there is only one force, expressed two different ways, for two different types of purpose, generated by two different types of motive. You might call them ‘selfless’ and ‘selfish’. I should point out here that although some degree of the powers of the light have been perverted over the ages by those who were deluded and did not possess a purified will, certain knowledge and powers have never been obtained and perverted and these can neutralize every power below them instantly. If people knew how pervasive and all controlling the divine is they would not spend their time looking for anything else.

One of the key reasons that people do not seek the divine with more fervor is that they think the divine frowns on all these earthly experiences. Think about it. Doesn’t that sound irrational and even ridiculous? This is why I have been stressing certain things about the divine... not because I’m all messed up and off my rocker. Of course I’m off my rocker. You have to be. Putting it more concisely, I am on my rocker but actually rocking.

When my hands and arms moved of their own accord, I saw that there was a particular thing they might do on occasion and it disturbed me at first. My left hand would be drawn down to my genital region and the two inner fingers would direct their current there. As was the case for awhile, discovering these things, I would think I might be possessed, which is just what I thought when the Kundalini rising first happened to me. As it turns out, everything makes sense if you have the courage to go beyond what suppresses your freedom, which is ‘fear’. I found my other hand would go to my heart or higher and that the sexual current would be drawn up into those places; marvelously simple and beautiful, n’est pas?

The Kundalini is a female energy and it is her that dances in the body of the one dancing. One’s mind has to be able to accept certain things or you won’t get very far. This is very scary for people who are not comfortable with their female nature. You’re not going to make much progress toward the alchemical marriage until you do. Now, it’s possible to go in the wrong direction with all of this but that leads to the divine too, depending on what is held in the mind and heart at the time. I’ll stress here that, though relative right and wrong and relative good and evil do have their meanings and applications, up to a certain point, once one has made real contact with the divine, they no longer apply at all, period. And there is no telling what the divine will put you through either.

It’s all about establishing trust which makes the miraculous possible and which is what the divine wants for you. If you can involve the divine in everything you do, as if the divine were doing it (which the divine is), you would find that you are already in that room I was talking about where you do nothing else but call out for the divine. Ah! No kidding? And a lot easier too.

I do regret that I lost some readers on the way and that any number of people who know all about it already and are put off by the fact that my ideas do not match up with their own, have also departed but... that’s show business and it’s all show business, one way or another. It’s not the most comfortable thing to look batshit crazy to people you are trying to communicate with but sometimes there is no other way.

The divine is putting more attention into getting our attention, at all times, than we are. We have got to stop separating our functions from the divine. We have got to engage at all levels at all times. We have got to give our hearts... and our minds... and our ass (grin) to the divine and the divine will illuminate the first two and save the other; in a certain manner of speaking. If parts of you seem bad or evil, it is because you are performing it apart from the divine. If what you actually, naturally desire seems at odds with your spiritual intentions, then what does that mean? It’s the simplest thing and for some reason, one of the most difficult things to get.

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