Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Learn to Dance The Tandava in Your Spare Time

Dog Poet Commanding.......

Used to visualize the Warner Brother's cartoon with Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, "bu bu bu bu bu u that's all folks!" dancing The Tandava. Comedy and Reality walk into a bar with this chick Tragedy and....the bartender from Cheers asks me if I'm slumming. I think that is how it starts. Yeah Comedy and Tragedy are divided by a thin line called Reality. Then Reality walks into a bar and the bartender says what happened to you? Interesting.


“I have never seen papers like these in such perfect order, of course you can cross the border as soon as you adopt our customs,” heh heh, okay visible, don’t get carried away until they carry you away and leave you behind. It’s all part of the program which we are now going to resume and join you with... already in progress.

I think I finally get it. Be yourself. I think I get that now. Part of the problem was figuring out who it was and another problem was all the versions in competition for the prize. Looking for yourself is like being lost at Mall of America. The Self has authority. Obama doesn’t have the same authority. Rothschild doesn’t have the same authority. The Queen of England doesn’t have the same authority. Elmer Fudd has about the same authority as the rest of these clowns. Where is Elmer Fudd when we need him? For awhile, Elder God looked like Elmer Fudd.

My Self has the authority to command anything. I figured that out. So I am going to start with some easy stuff. I am commanding Obama to go to Maine. I am commanding the Earth to rotate. I am commanding all heavenly bodies to stay in their courses. Check. Check. Check. Okay. Now, I am going to command that the truth about 9/11 be revealed to the world. I am commanding the greater part of the world to awaken and discover what has been taking place in the world and who is responsible, effective now.

My Self is your Self and the other guy is a projection or a personality. We’re going to use that as a lens. I command that the American people and the people of all other nations awaken to the true character of their leaders and be informed of who they think they work for, which would not be you. I command that each religion be revealed in terms of its character and operations. I command that the medical community be revealed in terms of what they are practicing. I command that the corporations be exposed in terms of what they are up to. I command the law to speak for itself and tell you what happened to it. I command every member to be a member of whatever they are a member of; gotta throw stuff like that in there now and then.

I command that all the representatives in government offices, in the judiciary and wherever they are a functionary, be exposed in terms of whatever they have doing that is not right. I command that the moneylenders and Central Banks be exposed for what they are and their power over money taken away from them. I command that the concept of Zionism be destroyed and the influence of Israel and all those associated with her in any capacity be rendered mute and powerless. I command that British Petroleum be forced to do the right thing and then ruined. I command that people in high positions of power and authority begin to be exposed in clever, startling and humorous ways, starting now. I command that the media and entertainment corporations be taken out of the hands they are in and distributed to those who will operate them fairly and honestly.

By the power of My Self, I command that all of these things begin as soon as someone reads these words. I command that the divine do that Jack in the Box thing in all the courts of power around the world and figuratively pull down the pants of world leaders. I command that the banks and governments involved in drug trafficking and who are permitting sexual enslavement and all manner of oppressions against people, be exposed and that those responsible be taken down to that room in Pulp Fiction below the pawn shop and have a gag reflex red ping pong ball put in their mouth and then they get what they’ve been giving.

I command that humor be ratcheted up in all locations where the false self thinking, high and mighty, abusers and predators, for false self pleasuring and personal gain seeking at the expense of others... I command that a lot of funny and embarrassing things start to happen to you. I command you to do in public what you conceal in private and I command that you get caught at it and let’s see how you like that. I command that that be high end entertainment. I command that all those who seduce humanity into scenarios that strip them of their dignity and honor be publicly posed and run through those very states of experience and being so that they can be informed of its value.

I command that people who love money should start eating money. I command that people who put people at hard labor for little or no reward for their own profit when they could have done it a whole lot of other ways be put at hard labor under their own hand until they beat the living shit out of themselves and realize what they have done. I command that ‘those’ bankers who abuse and use and dishonor humanity (meaning nothing racial, cultural or religious or anything but that it is that they are so disposed, inclined and eager to be this way), be this way in public without the ability to control it and be shown for what they are and develop a Tourettes Syndrome of telling the world all about themselves, right there in real time, while they are trying to do what they have been doing unto others all along.

I command you schemers, liars and all sundry variety of bad intending peoples, going about with the intent to injure or abuse others for one’s own profit to go out into the world, the streets of the cities; churches, supermarkets, parties and galas and proclaim to the world what a poor excuse for a human being you are; rub dogshit on your faces and say, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” with real enthusiasm and showing your ass like a baboon on international TV... being unable to control it, being horrified by it compounded by incontinence and all kinds of special effects, I command it now.

I command fucking Rothschild and the Queen of England and all their gladhanding, backscratching, reach around, hail fellows well met, to go down to No Neck Alabama or... any beach on The Gulf of Mexico where there is tar, oil, dead sea and air creatures and where there will be international media and press and strip off your clothes and roll in it and then get on your knees and beg with all your might that the dolphins and other creatures will forgive you and promise lifetimes upon lifetimes to serve in complete selflessness to make up for this and all the rest and I command that you feel the shame that you should feel concerning all your temporary chintz, bubblegum machine, rhinestone crowns, honors and ornaments that were more important to you than other people’s lives and those they cared for, which you not only casually dismissed but even laughed about having done. I command that you look directly right at that and that you listen to me while I am talking to you!!! You fucking beg those dolphins, whales, pelicans and other creatures and peoples to have mercy on you for that is where your mercy lies; bank on it. I command that you flashback and see yourself laughing at those times when you caused these and similar things. I command that you see the full extent of your failure at being a human being and I command myself to rub your nose in it just like I did mine.

I command that everyone and anyone who can get a clue does get a clue and sets about trying to win the good favor of those they plundered and abused in oh so many ways. I command that all the peoples of the world stop for one moment and experience the certainty that I am on my way. I command that those who actively work to get their shit together and stand up for the love of that incomparable and priceless thing within, that sets them above the angels, and who are doing it or start doing it ‘before’ you see me through your windshield, or rear view mirror, will get the mother of all boy howdy measures of grace, for doing so and you have no idea what that means. I command it.

I command that the sun and moon and all the creatures of the Earth proclaim my arrival so that there is no fucking way you can miss the fact that I might not be imaginary after all. I command that you keep right on doing what you’re doing if it means ‘that much’ to you. I command that time go all funny and that it starts to look like I let Salvador Dali loose for a little while here and there. I command that there be no way that you can miss the fact that something is happening for which you have no explanation. I command that you get a clue if you can. I command it.

Keep right on commanding.......

Visible sings: 911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible♫ Something Good (is Coming Soon) ♫
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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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