Monday, July 05, 2010

No Matter what, it's going to Happen.

Right around every two thousand years things get all fucked up. I struggled to find a better and less offensive word but there isn’t any, especially since the problem has to do with sex anyway. You might wonder about that but that is the primary force of action in the manifest world. The only differences are in its expressions as it moves up the ladder of transformation through fundamental arts into those of inspiration and then to its ultimate expression in the highest forms of love, which mirror the original creative force which made the universe. The divine mind sits in reflection and has a desire to experience itself in a multiplicity of forms. It’s a kind of cosmic hide and seek.

I hear people say there is no God and no intelligent design and all the other excuses they have for making themselves into God which is a pretty dumb thing to do. Or they’re pissed off at religions, as if that had anything to do with it. It doesn’t matter to me, except that I have to live with a majority of people who are motivated by self interest and appetites. This makes most people dull and dangerous but, so it goes.

Every two thousand years or so things get really out of balance and the divine takes a human form to demonstrate how it should be and to explain why people suffer and to show the way. The visit is so impressive that for a little while the whole world knows that there is a single controlling force. Still, after about a hundred years, the memory fades and fellowships are formed to carry the truth in symbols and rituals. A little while later religions emerge and over time it becomes a business enterprise and finally you get to where we are today where they are having sex with children or prostitutes in defiance of the teachings which have to do with suppressing the sexual force.

Along the way they have turned the benevolent divine into a severe and disapproving old man who makes stupid rules and doesn’t believe in having fun, which is the antithesis of what the divine really is; the supreme enjoyer who has created the world for his own pleasure and entertainment. The single self originally divides itself into two polarities of male and female and at different times and in different places, one predominates over the other.

I had been looking for this living consciousness for a long time. I don’t know how long except what it took in this life. For the first seventeen years it pounded me so hard that I had no sense of self. All I knew was that it was terrifying and bad. Little did I know what a good thing it was. Having no sense of self made it possible to accept things that most people can’t.

I could go ahead and lay out what happened along the way to now but I’ve already done that and I talk about some of it in last night’s radio show. I suppose there are all sorts of things to say but I am reminded of how much difference it made to tell people how to find this divine and develop a personal relationship. Since I mentioned how it can be done; go into a room or into nature and do nothing but reach with unflagging intensity for this force within... over the course of some number of days well, since I first said that, several years have passed. I have received a lot of letters from people asking me how to do this or telling me about the trouble they are passing through and not one single person has done what I suggested.

The divine is now here- has always been here- but is now here in human form. It might be more than one this time. I don’t know those details. The good news is that the effort required is less than at any other time. The bad news is that people are less disciplined and there are more distractions than at any other time. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me for people to ask for an answer and not take advantage of it.

I, like others, walk around every day and see the situation and tell people in every way what is going on but, nobody listens. This is why force has to be applied. This is why there are wars and terrible conditions and natural calamities. The worst part of it is that people actually think that temporal force must be feared and obeyed. I’ve seen some of the worst that temporal force can do and it couldn’t do much if you are connected to the supreme force.

I was talking with someone yesterday who was explaining how the world works. I’ve heard a lot of versions. He wasn’t making any sense and I asked him if he ever just banged his head into wall for a long time. He said “no”. I looked at him and said, “Are you sure?” He didn’t get it. Either something works or it doesn’t. Either something is real or it isn’t. There’s no point to anything in anything that people do if they haven’t made contact with what is real.

What I am going to tell you is the unchanging truth. You can look right at it and you can watch yourself reject it and maybe even wonder why. The forces that appear to control the external world run a crooked gaming table. Just about everyone works inside the mechanism. There’s sex and drugs and rock and roll and there is alcohol and guilt. There are all the things people think they want and all the things they have to do in secret because they think they are wrong. There’s all the magic and freedom of love and the confinement that follows when you seek to bind it to yourself. There is disappointment, loss, physical suffering and death. For some it’s a cakewalk of temporary good karma and for some it is Hell on Earth.

The force that seems to run this planet gets all of its force from the primary force. The whole thing is set up to torment you and push your buttons until you are driven to find the one real thing. The one real thing wants to find itself so... that’s just how it goes. If you find the real thing, it gives you all of the things you go through so much trouble to get from the world on your own. You also get the capacity to really enjoy these things in ways that are unknown to most. I know this to be true because I experience it every day.

The divine is not an uptight, high school principle with a bad case of piles. The divine is not a sexless prude. The divine can and does have wild sex, take drugs and smoke cigarettes and dance all night. That is not all it does but just one of the things it can do.

Everyone who encounters the divine experiences it differently. They were created differently for that purpose. It’s not the things you do that are wrong. It’s the way you do them. Guilt over the things you do is one of the things that separate you from the divine. A lot of this is explained in the tale of the Garden of Eden, if people could read what it says as it is meant to be understood.

Most of you are facing a lot of unpleasant things now. You just keep going through it without seeking the author, which is the purpose of all the unpleasant things. It’s got nothing to do with governments or religions or anything else. It’s got to do with you trying to work it out by yourself or making half hearted efforts to contact your maker who is not impressed by that.

I don’t really know how to say it more clearly. Make your entire life about finding the real presence behind the illusion and you will get a big surprise. There’s no point to all these words. There’s no point to all the analysis. There’s no point to anything that doesn’t tell you this clearly and directly. It’s a pretty simple thing. Most people think it’s too hard. I suggest they look at where they wind up or look at where everyone else winds up if they think a little industry and effort on their own behalf is too much to engage in.

I’ve had to deal with various things in this process but I would have to say its all been worth it and there is no alternative. Does it matter what kind of things you get thrown into if the divine is a personal friend of yours? People could have the divine as a friend and a companion. There’s no good and evil there. There is no right and wrong. There’s just you and the divine and whatever you are doing. Is this real? It certainly is.

Since I tend to get things ahead of time, I will have to say that if present time is any indication it is going to get really strange. I suppose it would be okay to just sit here and write about cosmic things and maintain a stable composure but that is just not the way it is. None of this or anything else makes any difference if you haven’t contacted the divine or are not seeking to. Nothing else makes any difference at all.


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