Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It Came from Beneath the Valley of the New Shangri-La

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Finally we are here, not only back at Visible Origami, where we have not been for a little while; stepping outside the routine of things but also on the verge of beginning to think about structures and locations, for the die hard among us, who want that communal living experience and know that it's going to happen; like me (grin)

Of course you can get that communal experience many places; prisons, large urban areas, mental institutions and tent cities but I've been thinking of something a little more under our control; seemingly (cause nothing ever is under our control except our right to make mistakes) ….and a little more (possibly quite a bit more) upscale.

Probably I should say here that I intend for this to happen and it will happen; keeping in mind the 'seemingly' above and the understanding that the divine wants for us what we want for ourselves. Desire is the agent of divine will. Those last two sentences will reward careful thought and- keeping in mind- that all we have to do is 'envision'. That is our end of the equation, along with putting one foot in front of the other and possessing certitude. If you set out for New Orleans, with or with or without Fats Domino, you can be sure you will get there if you can keep going until you do because it is there… already.

If you set out for the New Shangri-La you can also be sure that you will get there if you keep going because it is there already too. Everything and anything that ever materialized did so according to the process of precipitation. There are four planes through which physical objects of any kind arrive here. The first plane is the plane of ideas. This is where you have the strong flash of the thing and/or a location where your idea can come to fruition. The next plane is the creative plane. This is where the blueprints are. This is where the schematic is designed. The next plane is the formative plane. This is where you wield a hammer, an earthmover and so on. It's the plane of action and processes. The final plane is the manifest plane where you see the item itself.

This item exists virtually already, just about everything does. Everything is an idea in the cosmic mind. You can look around you and see blueprints taking shape in the realm of processes and you can see the finished (or ongoing) result in Nature and in cultures everywhere. Pick up anything and hold it in your hand. That was once an idea. Get the concept and realize that the power to make something real is in your hands. It can be effortless. Usually when there is effort you are pushing against the natural direction or insisting that you have located what you have yet to discover. This is an important feature and the cause of much distress so, keep it in mind too.

I am talking about a simple process of profound meaning that is in operation all around you at all times and is in operation within you at all times. The fact is that we are constantly doing this but in many cases we are doing it badly; like sorcerer's apprentices, like clumsy dancers, like bad lovers.

Among many positive opportunities, I hope to see the principles in Michael Astera's book, "The Ideal Soil" given a place to occur. I hope to see the principles of Robert Gray applied as well as elements of Macrobiotics and the Mucusless Healing System, Ayurveda and so many of the brilliant ideas that are suppressed and ridiculed in the present day.

So, I intend to purchase an existing hotel restaurant complex. I have seen some surprising possibilities for as little as half a million and going up to an arbitrary ceiling that I have of four million. I would like it on a body of water and I would like it in Europe, with the idea of satellite locations. I'm flexible. The water could be a few miles away. There are a number of accoutrements that I would appreciate but I am prepared to install them etc; what I am saying is that I am building a comprehensive plan and accounting, ahead of time, for whatever may or may not be resident in any location. It's no different than planning a battle engagement and something that should have been considered, at all levels, well before one considers engaging in battles. I am proceeding as if I am doing this completely alone, in consort with the universe and will remain in that head space until there are others to assume their natural responsibilities. Every one has something of value for everyone and everyone does their share of the shit work by rotation.

Everything that composes this life is either inside or outside. Everything operates on the male female principle that you see in the application of electric plugs. With the addition of a neutral element, you basically have the system, except for resistance, capacitating, transforming, storage and the like. Successful life is basically Tantric and the primary motive force in creation is Love. Ergo… approach everyone as your lover and engage with the primary force. Love knows 'the varieties of penetration'. Love has class. Love is not what most people think Love is and… like electricity, no one understands it but a lot of people can use it in a lot of ways.

In that last paragraph is the key to everything and especially the key to a successful life. If you read Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" you will find pretty much the same thing said another way. If you read Peale's, "The Power of Positive Thinking", you will get pretty much the same thing and if you read Ernest Holmes, "The Science of Mind", you will get the process entire laid out for you. Though he was a Christian and wrote it in the early part of the last century, it is not intrusive in a dogmatic way. The last of these books should be on the bookshelf of every conscious thinker and should be read by the inquisitive and industrious many times until the principles are engraved within. That is a process that I call imprinting. I used to take the Witter Bynner translation of "The Way of Life" and read it over and over through an entire acid trip.

A very annoying and clueless individual was haranguing me recently about seeking money from the same sources that I criticize and being nasty about it at the same time, yadda yadda. I am seeking and going to get the funds from the universe, regardless of the medium and it should be understood that though I have lived, by choice, with very little for long periods of time that I do not question the relevance of money or the coming and going of civilizations. I question motives and methodologies and mostly because they are inefficient, not because they are wrong. Criticism, with the intent of improvement, is a most worthy tool. Criticism for no other purpose than the opportunity to sneer is not useful and should see the light of day, only in those places where this practice is considered entertaining, or whatever the level of appreciation may be, should there be one.

As Omar Khayyam once said, "the dogs bark but the caravan moves on". What kind of a fool jumps out of his caravan to argue with barking dogs? Is there a possibility of resolution here? That's what dogs and a lot of people do as a routine. Often it has nothing to do with you personally. It's how they interact. With dogs it is a natural instinct and the gift they truly believe they are giving us in being watchful. They think of it as their job. With people it's a negative habit that wants to drag you down into the hole they are in a la, "misery loves company".

I am not an astrologer but I comprehend it esoterically and have given it a lot of study. Math aside, I can understand and/or intuit the meaning of transits, aspects and house locations. I have four planets in the eighth house and they are now entering into serious fortunate aspect in a number of ways regarding inheritances and gifts from wherever. They are also very fortunate in other areas as well. I'm not relying on that but I am aware of it and every life receives its bounty for the time and love invested in it. This is a cosmic principle. Another cosmic principle is that if you desire something that causes no injury or loss to another and, furthermore, is intending to benefit others, then… you may have it with all the blessings of the primary motive force.

We question these things because we don't see where we have gotten what we wanted; even when we haven't been consciously practicing them. The problem is 'incomplete visualization' and also not having the correct idea in the first place. A lot of ideas are very similar but not the same and they can widely diverge over time and distance. What shows up in our lives is something we requested in former times but often no longer want. We change as we live and age. This is why one should be seeking archetypal and eternal things because you don't outgrow them. They do grow within you however.

Life is very simple if you keep it so. Complexity usually comes about when you are trying to justify something outside the restrictions of your own professed, personal code or finding an excuse for collateral damage as the price of doing business with the intent (actually a lie) of wider benefit that winds up taking any of various exits into ultimate self-interest and forgets everything it told itself when it was promising to set everything right at the other end.

Our community is already formed. We have near 300 members at the New Shangri-La website. Operating off of the ten percent factor we have 30 people who would gladly sell off everything they have and engage in an adventure that reflects their deepest desires for fellowship and shared industry in common purpose. This is the major thing lacking in contemporary society and that's not going to get fixed. The key is to find a way to have it within it; just as you can be in the world but not of it. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

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